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More than 70 years after she made her comic book debut, Wonder Woman is finally bursting into cinemas to save the world — and the fearless warrior princess will, of course, be played by none other than Gal Gadot. The actor has served in the Israeli army, competed in Miss Universe and gained 17lb of muscle for the film role, which sees her perform a of her own stunts and battle choreography moves.

Wonder Woman Nipples

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Subscriber active since. The nomadic tribes of warrior horsewomen from the Eurasian steppes from which the Amazon legends originate used flat-chested armor for protection. In addition, the shape of the breast would direct blows toward the heart and sternum, important parts to keep intact on the battlefield. Played by Gwendoline Christie, Brienne is regarded in fictional Westeros as a fierce warrior, regardless of her gender. Apparently, no obvious breasts equates to not being a woman in the world of Game of Thronesa potentially damaging message for girls, or for women who have lost their breasts due to cancer. Both have problematic costumes that make no sense other than to highlight that each possesses a worthy Asgardian pair of knockers.

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She may be playing the ultimate empowered female superhero, but the actress revealed that far too much of the fan chatter has been about her endowments. Unsurprisingly, from a man.

Clearly, critical fanboys haven't seen Gadot's sizzling striptease as a sexy Russian temptress alongside Kate Winslet in Triple 9. If only Gal Gadot had much bigger boobs, then she'll be the perfect Wonder Woman!

There has also been general criticism that her frame is too slight to play the statuesque, muscular warrior. By her won admission, she had very little meat on her bones back then, but she says she has worked hard to get into convincing shape to play Wonder Woman. The Isreali beauty says that she is relishing the chance to show what a female superhero can do. She will be able to hammer home her point when the standalone Wonder Woman film comes out on June 23, Trailer: Batman vs Superman- Dawn of Justice.

And it hasn't been complimentary. In a recent interview she was asked whether the fans wanted them to be bigger or smaller? Many fans have also voiced their disgust with the comments about Gadot's curves.

The actress, herself, seems more than capable of fighting her corner, too. Gadot started out as model, after winning the Miss Isreal contest in Batman V Superman is out in cinemas on March Wonder Woman Gal Gadot.