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Women who spank their husbands, Their husband who spank to Women

We always read or hear about how men used to put their wives over their knees for a spanking, but did you know that it was also quite common for wives to spank their husbands a hundred years ago?

Women Who Spank Their Husbands

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My wife and I discovered female domination in the early 80s and had to figure it out for ourselves what to do. I had read about razor straps and told my wife about it and she told me to buy one and she would immediately put it to work on my rear end.

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Wiki User. We have only been married 3 yrs. My 1st marriage lasted 25 years.

Spanked husband

She introduced me to spanking soon after we met. I had a bad habit of not picking up after myself. She finally told me one day, next time i was a slob we were done or i would be punished. When it happened, i told her i would accept her punishment, thinking it might be dinner out or a movie with me paying.

She told me to go to the bedroom and wait. When she came in the room she carried a ruler.

After telling me to be quiet until she finished telling me what would happen, i accepted my fate and agreed. This started our spankings. They are always on my bare bottom. Always in our home. They last long enough until she says.

I have had a week of no TV, no fishing and one time. A week of 8 pm bedtime.

If this would have happened in my 1st marriage, I am certain i would still be married to my ex wife anything is possible. My wife has occasionally spanked me for years, but this is our only diversion from a conservative traditional marriage. Our activity isn't a lifestyle and is limited to certain acts of carelessness and undesirable memory lapses.

These spankings are mutually consensual, have their roots in romantic play, but are real birthday suit sizzlers when the occasion is something she is sensitive about. I think this phenomenon is not uncommon, some do it as an erotic activity prior to sexual intercourse. Others actually use severe spanking as a real form of mutually accepted discipline, in which the wife can compensate for her being often smaller and lesser stature by utilizing traditional implements such as paddle and cane on her husband's naked buttocks to remind him that she is his partner and he ignores her wishes at his peril.

It seems that there are far more men who would welcome some level of consensual spanking, but are hesitant to admit this to their wives. There are internet sites which give guidance to help couple adapt to this arrangement such as that of the Disciplinary Wives Club. Imagine me, I've been spanking my husband for years and unaware of this club.

The question above intrigued me since I've never been reticent of disciplining my husband through spankings. He however has always felt felt somewhat alone in his situation. That was until I led him to the DWC site and had him read the material to appreciate the normality of his self declared plight. I was delighted in now having support from this enlightening club. I particularly liked Aunt Kay's reference to using the hairbrush as the best instrument of choice for spanking.

The 'christian movement' that tells husbands to spank their wives 'to correct misbehavior'

I first used a belt when I decided on initiating physical punishment but found it not effective for over the lap spanking. I later located and purchased a large wood hairbrush in a Thrift store and introduced hairbrush spanking. It created a world of difference toward attaining the discipline I required in our home. I'll never forget my husbands forlorn look on first seeing it on my night table. Then learning I did not purchase it for grooming and that there would be no discussion with regard to how I intended to use it.

He found out a few days later after he left the dinner table in disarray. I made sure his first hairbrush spanking would establish its penal effect firm in his mind as well on his buttocks. It has served me well for these years I've employed it. I hate these kind of answers concerning discipline and punishment.

My wife spanks me but it is fun not discipline. We don't have that kind of relationship and wouldn't want one. Log in. See Answer.

Best Answer. I know now what is expected of me, what will happen if i do not follow her rules. If this would have happened in my 1st marriage, I am certain i would still be married to my ex wife anything is possible - Yes they do, but I suspect that each involved couple has their own reasons and approach.

Should christian wives spank their husbands

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Why women should consider a f/m spanking relationship

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