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Woman In Seamed Stockings

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Vintage stockings from the s to the s were worn every day by all women.

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Black seamed nylons are making a huge comeback. Isn't it a curious fact of modern life that things go in and out of fashion?

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Just like they say "what goes around comes around" and it is especially true of fashion. Stockings and suspenders must be of the most evocative pieces of lingerie ever deed so it is no surprise that they have a huge fan club especially amongst the male population.

The feel of smooth nylon or pure silk against the skin is something to experience and will make any women feel special. The sensation of a satin suspender belt pulling those yards of silk or nylon taught over smooth soft skin is a truly exciting feeling. Maybe there is just something totally feminine about wearing sexy black seamed nylons under a slinky satin skirt or your favorite satin party frock.

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The way the silk or satin brushes lightly over those silky satin stocking tops whilst caressing the exposed flesh at the top of your legs is divine in the extreme. Ask any red blooded male about a woman wearing stockings and suspenders especially black seamed nylons to get the full picture. Most men will agree that the worst thing to happen to women's legs was tights.

They must be the most un sexy piece of women's underwear ever deed. The guy or gal that came up with them managed to spoil the last bastion of male sexual intrigue in one foul swoop. Gone was that promise of a flash of bare flesh and stocking top, the delicious exploration of what lay hidden from the eyes but was glimpsed almost by accident.

But don't despair because these slinky silky niceties are back with a vengeance. Ladder your tights ladies and they are ruined but the great thing about stockings is that they come in pairs. Why shouldn't you adorn your lovely legs in something smooth soft and elegant? Maybe it's time for you to once again revel in your femininity and make yourself feel sexy all through the day.

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Imagine the thrill of wearing those delicious silky black seamed nylons beneath your work clothes. Your own naughty secret that will make you feel so feminine as the silky nylon brushes against the shinny satin linining of your smart office skirt. Remember girls that there is a huge range of styles and colours available from the many online stores that have sprung up recently. Many of these outlets specialize in stockings and suspender belts alone. With so much on offer you are sure to find something to complement every outfit or occassion.

Spare a though for the men too, many of them are still mourning the passing of the glamorous age of the stocking. Give him a surprise the next time you go out for that romantic dinner for two or when you have an intimate night at home. Slip on those silky black seamed nylons, a smooth satin suspender belt and watch the temperature rise. About the author: Kevin Moore owns and runs the silky satins web site.

Silky satins is the one online resource for all your silk satin slips, lingerie and clothing needs. Packed with s of shiny smooth satin delights for you and your partner to enjoy.

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By: Kevin Moore Black seamed nylons are making a huge comeback. Tags : Textile Industry Technical Textile.

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