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Wife loves mfm, Thai lady mfm men especially for wives

Retro part 2 11 min.

Wife Loves Mfm

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Name: Daphne
How old am I: 23
Who do I prefer: Kind gentleman

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I fantasize about having a 3some with my wife. Strictly just for her pleasure. I have shared this with her and she likes the fantasy but says it would complicate things if we did it. I know she would do it and love it if she knew I was totally ok with it.

Maybe one day I'll lose my jealousy? My wife and are thinking about it. I just want to watch. She is also 50 and I do not want to participate just watch 1 hour and he can do anything to her.

Is that normal. I get where you are coming from but in your wife would love you to. I totally relate. I started by watching MFM videos with my wife. I then introduced toys to stimulate her while watching the videos. She once remarked the a guy in the video resembled her boss. If you wife will go for it do it. It is one of the most erotic things I have seen when another guy enters your wife.

After my wife and I first time she couldn't wait for the next time. We picked one guy and it is now a regular thing. Your post says it all. The new one has simulated dp and has expressed intrest in the real thing.

Tell me if you think my wife wants a mfm threesome ?

Taking things slow. In such a marriage everyone has to respect this wife, and especially her husband. I'm not fruitful, so this helped us to get children also. I loved it and want more.

That would be the one you would like. We also had fffm too. I would love seeing her get pounded by another man.

For : wife wants a mfm threesome compilation

Love to eat her out while other guy blows me. Im married now. We have this fantasy also. Not sure if I would ever go through with it. Vise versa in wmw. I do like the thought of her being completely satisfied. To the poster below.

Do you have encounters with strangers or people you mutually know? I had mfm before and other gb. I love seeing the girl satisfied. Suprisingly I didnt even mind my dic k touching the other guy while dping the girl. Lets be real. Crossing words will happen.

‘mfm’ stories

Im not attracted to guys at all. We only played with friends we knew for a period of time, mfm any strangers that was only for fantasy between the 2 of us. It was never without each other. The 1 guy was only 1 time and I'll give it to you in another post. I would love other stories from a couple that seem in tune and in love. A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you. If you do not receive your shortly, please wife your spam folder. Confess Something. Random Confession.

Like us? My husband has told me he would like me My mother and I have been doing webcam My husband has had bisexual fantasies I found out my sister is a stripper and I think my TA is really cute and I want I feel lazy, I do not feel like doing I want some have a threeway with my I have a kink that could be called My wife and I were at a hot tub party I am 40 years old and have been married I am only 13 but like most girls these I seduced my uncle when I was About ones a month my wife and I get really drunk by playing card games, the Cancel Post.

Is that love Aug 16, Lick it, Stick it, Lick it again.

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