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Wife has black baby, Erotik baby hunting for Wife for has

A month ago, my wife gave birth to a black baby girl. We're both white, so she was forced to admit that the child was a result of a one night stand last year. I've started divorce proceedings, although we're still living together for now.

Wife Has Black Baby

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This past Sunday, my gorgeous wife — a white evangelical, like me — gave birth to our beautiful African-American triplet daughters whom we adopted as embryos. These sweet girls will hopefully soon be coming home to meet their 3-year-old African-American brother and 2-year-old biracial sister, both of whom we adopted as infants. The normalcy of this paragraph is something I have come to take for granted. Yet what seems to us to be the logical outcome of being pro-life is still something that to others often needs much explaining. I grew up as of evangelical missionaries in Honduras, very aware of racial diversity because I was the blue-eyed, cotton-topped white kid who stuck out like a sore thumb, but all the while felt deeply connected to the people there, even though we looked very different.

Name: Anissa
How old am I: 53
What is my ethnicity: Malaysian
Figure type: My body type is athletic

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Infidelity is a marriage deal-breaker for many couples. But when there are children involved, things can be a bit more complicated.

A man who discovered his wife cheated on him—after the birth of he thought was his—now wonders how to handle the end of his marriage and the future relationship between the newborn child and his two older sons. Redditor ThrowRAkidilemma posted :. We're both White, so she was forced to admit that the child was a result of a one night stand last year.

They're too young to really understand what's happening now, but I'm worried that as they grow to understand the situation that they might grow to resent their half-sister for 'breaking up their parents marriage'. It probably doesn't help that we live in a suburb with very few Black people and their half-sister is really the only Black person my children know.

They have family Christmases with just the mothers and kids, they go on vacations together, one of the moms is very well off so she pays tuition for her son's half-sibling. It's a really beautiful thing.

It's certainly difficult and it takes serious emotional maturity, but in the end it will be worth it for your children. Her ex had two kids when they got married and had their three.

Last birthday party I went to, all six kids were there, along with the oldests' mom and her youngest from another relationship and my BFF's boyfriend's. The kids' moms all get along, except for the ex's newest wife but she's young and has time to come around. The OP returned with an update. I'm particularly thankful for those who've lived through a similar situation or have family and friends who've done so and sent me advice on how this affected them and how to navigate the situation.

Also that I need to be more active in confronting the bigoted and ignorant nonsense I've been hearing, and teach my sons to do the same to protect their sister. Even if I didn't consider the cheating unforgivable, I just don't feel any love for her any more, other then a platonic affection for her as the mother of my children.

The 2 year old is thankfully too young to comprehend what's going on, but has definitely picked up on how withdrawn his mother has become.

She was depressed even before the birth, and now with everything—our divorce, her infidelity being revealed and the backlash from family and friends, PPD, and the exhaustion from raising an infant—she's barely functional. She's in no shape to be taking care of three kids without someone else around to support her, and I'm not willing to deprive her of her sons by seeking sole custody.

Since I've been helping care for her, I've bonded with her and I've discussed the possibility of adopting her with my wife. And given our coparenting situation it feels like adopting her as my daughter would be the best outcome for all involved. If the father or one of his relatives has also taken the test, we may be able to find him through their DNA match database. Plus we live in Seattle and she met him in Philadelphia, so god knows how they'd even make it work if he wanted to be the kid's father.

I've read a few s by children raised by non-biological parents and a common thread is their desire to meet their lost biological parent, so thats that. Most Read. Trending Topics. Thiago Cerqueira on Unsplash.