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Wife going topless, Filipina going Wife up friend especially for life


Wife Going Topless

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Just out of curiosity, do most women go topless in PDC because they want the "freedom" or because they are doing it for their husbands or boyfriends. My wife is planning on doing it when we go later this month. If I were a man. I would rather have men oggling at my wifes legs, ankles or wrists When we went, we only saw 1 woman walking the beach topless.

Name: Edithe
What is my age: 18
What is my ethnicity: I'm portuguese
Eyes: I’ve got soft blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My hair: Dark-haired
Sign of the zodiac: I'm Sagittarius
Favourite drink: Vodka
My piercing: Oral piercing
Body tattoos: Yes

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Posted Aug 4, by anonymous views 26 comments. My wife is 41 years old and blessed with huge 38DD tits. Early this summer she started suntanning topless by our pool which has a privacy fence around it.

She got pretty comfortable being topless and just started staying topless around the house, not that I minded LOL. I was a little surprised the first time someone came to the house and she stayed topless. It was heavy so I helped him carry it into our livingroom. There sat my wife, watching TV topless topless. His eyes nearly fell out, she just smiled and said hello and kept watching TV. I asked her about it and she just shrugged it off and said she was so comfortable being wife that she didn't mind people seeing.

Sincet hen she has been topless around everyone that has come to the house. Neighbors, friends, family, the pizza delivery guy I have even had a few of my friends and coworkers tell me they heard my wife likes to go topless and pop by for a visit. We knew which ones we could be nude in front of and which would be offended. Most of them that would be offended knew to call before they visited.

My wife also would be nude in front of the UPS delivery girl, who, by the way, also started coming by on the weekends with her hubby and they would also get nude with us. The most fun we had with clothed people was when the Jehovah Witnesses would come by and we'd answer the door together, both of us nude. She would watch me while mom worked.

By age 12 my cock started getting hard watching her nice firm tits jiggle as she walked. I turned 18 and my uncle kicked her out of the house, she came to stay with us for a while. She was depressed and started drinking hard. Thats when i started fucking her and a lot. She and i were upstairs and we put p on the floor to keep the beds from making sounds waking the house. She has some amazing pussy, and those tits jiggled as she rode my cock. Older sister went topless, or robe open, all the time, both at home and in her apartment. Was, and is, very free with her body, proud of her marvelous 38D's, and smart enough to know that men look at them and want to see anyway.

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May as well be comfortable and save them the trouble. One of her old downstairs neighbors, a singe guy, little creepy, was famous for popping in on her at all hours just to talk, offer help with anything. And basically get his free, daily show. My own friends loved visiting her, with or without me. Anything bigger than DD's is a waste and just too much floppy skin.

I don't know if I could go nude or not. I don't mind being naked when it's just me and the wife, but don't know how I would feel about being naked in front of people. The Jehovah's Witnesses thing is topless. The only person my wife puts a top on around is my mom who is religious as hell. She stays topless around my dad when he comes by alone tho LOL. My cousin lives a few wife from me and he comes by every single day and even admits he is just there to see my wife's big tits and jokes he going a "big titty fix" because his wife is flat-chested.

Hey you stupid OP. Why don't you walk around topless in the gay bar. You would love your shithole fucked by big hard tough black cock. Piss off shithead.

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I fucked my mom in law because of her huge tits. She loved it. My mother would quite often run around topless or naked. Several years after getting married my wife, three kids, and I had to live with her a few months while we house shopped topless I got a job near her. She stayed topless most of the time and though my wife wouldn't be topless my mother bought her very sheer lace gowns to wear so that's how my wife dressed for a while.

For years my mom wore night gowns around the house that was see through in bright light. My wife is big breasted 40 triple D huge heavy and of a decent firmness for their size and her age. Most times if she is home she is going. Our children have seen her nude a few of our friends and a few of our children's friends have also seen her nude. We married just after high school and a year later was expecting our first child he is 29 now and married he stopped off to visit one evening and of course to borrow money.

My son and I was sitting in the family room talking when my wife come home from work and immediately announced she had a hard day at work and stipped naked and sat on the sofa. We have a younger son who's 19 I have seen her go in his room nude and pick up his laundry or clean even just to talk with him. Our daughter is 23 and a college student she makes comments to her about how she needs to put on wife. Being nude seems to be natural and easy for my wife. I have no problems with her being nude with anyone else around. I find nothing wrong being topless indoor. In summer I move around nude and I do enjoy it.

In your case - 41 yo wife - being topless in front of visitors implies something more. It may be exhibitionism or her eroticism or to going her sexuality since you might not doing enough to satisfy her urges. If you enjoy her being topless indoor, enjoy the view by touching, hugging, kissing her various body parts occasionally.

You both will enjoy!! I'm always topless at home no matter who is visiting.

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My husband loves it when his friends or coworkers are over. Lately I've been topless or naked at his poker parties and his winnings are great. Should always be nakid to. Mailman now brings mail to my door all the time. My wife and are nude at home at all times. We don't dress for anybody family ,friendsdelivery ,our kids friends nobody. Let her enjoy her freedom.

Tell her she should just become a nudist. Mom goes nude at home all the time. I have been nude with her to. She likes to watch my dick swing around.

Being a nudist isn't about sex it's about freedom and comfort and self-confidence. My wife has small tits and does not go around topples, but she will go without a bra and her long hard nipples really poke through her t-shirts and she is blessed with a big fat ass and wears yoga pants around the house. We all go naked at home here mom me and my dad. Since I am always naked for my husband's friends, family and coworkers I am going to ask him to be naked for my friends, family and coworkers.

Do you think he will? Raise nude at home by mom.

Both of us do everything naked at home, there is no shame here about anything. Ich glaube, sie hat nie einen BH getragen und wenn sie bei uns Zuhause war, hat sie auch ihr Oberteil ausgezogen. Einmal, nachdem ich wohl schon den ganzen Tag mit einem steifen Glied herumgelaufen bin, rief sie mich zu sich.

Auch wenn da bei mir noch nichts kam.

Sie hat das dann fast jeden Tag gemacht. Add comment as: Anonymous RawConfessions user required. If you are in need of help please contact people who care and please remember suicide is never the answer. International Suicide Helplines. Is My Fetish Porn Induced? Rebooting Basics: Start Here.