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There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Forum Rules. I concede that most of my young black bro's are in jail Reply With Quote. Kool Aid Man. If she lost lbs she'd be fine. Well, lbs. Originally Posted by Thread.

Originally Posted by I. Circa ', on the U. I turned on my right shoulder in order to facilitate a backpedal retreat. This fresh angle though brought forth a bounty unimaginable. A mirror, a large rectangular wall mirror mounted to the left of the bathroom door was perfectly aligned with the entire surface of the bed. Mostly French kissing, though their kisses were not dedicated to any one area of their mate. They kissed anywhere and everywhere they could reach with or without difficulty. It did not matter. At one point he bowed severely and nursed at Katie's breasts for several minutes while she tenderly stroked Henri's hair and whispered lovingly to him in his native language.

He lifted from her then. Separated then.

Took himself from her body then. I inaudibly gasped, closed my eyes, then forced them open. Profonde, profonde, profonde, papa. I know, I know. Though enough to know Girl wanted him deep and Henri would indeed comply and most probably far beyond the requested compliance.

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Henri bent and tenderly kissed Girl's face, gentle kisses of such lightness and delicacy I cannot describe, nor imagine. He steadied above her, his face lit with passion and love for this girl, my wife.

My stomach roiled as I waited Henri's response. Fortunately, or, unfortunately there was none. He lowered himself to her then, covered her upper body with his, his magnificent barrel chest covered in dark hair fused with Katie's pe e, delicate breasts. His hips, the attendant buttocks activated as the mating ritual initiated.

There were whispers, so soft I'd have had to be in their he to bear witness their content. Henri moved with grace and power.

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A well tuned engine firing on each and all cylinders. He complied. There was no governor to this man's strength and power. Absolutely none. Henri served at Girl's level of need. He never double clutched, nor threatened to stall. Just a smooth, powerful sustained bore to his application.

Chapter I nearly tripped backing away from the doorway. I quickly retreated as far as I dared, "my" bedroom that limit. I ripped the towel from my waist and wiped the pre from the head of my throbbing erection, tossed the towel onto the perfectly made bed.

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I went thru him like Gene Hickerson on a sweep right for the Cleveland Browns. Henri had taken Katie's ankles from his shoulders but was still moving inside her ever so tenderly, whispering ever so softly, her face buried in his chest. I'd come to a screeching halt in the doorway. She clutched him tighter, buried her face deeper. You are so fortunate. I am so happy for my children. For their love.

My little children.

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Katie was softly cooing-a feminine humming-of a kind. I knelt on the floor close to them and laid my head upon the warm sheets. I closed my eyes, my heart hammering frighteningly.

I felt the tears rise and threaten and then I felt her presence, her warmth. She lain her head next to mine. I opened my eyes to find hers open as well. So close that the strain had blurred our focus. My sweetheart.

My love. This is how it should be. There is no other way. And each time he kissed her I kissed Girl as well.

Her lips and nose, her eyelids and teeth and her ears. Henri silently rose and went to the windows, our beloved and shared treasure abundant and coveted. He'd turned and now stood sentinel to God's creation before him and His creation behind him. I silently rose, Girl leading me hand-in-hand until I'd assumed Henri's position at the edge of the bed. I've wanted you so much.

I easily resisted the urge to imitate our papa and bring her ankles to my shoulders. My God, her eyes.

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Girl doesn't care. She just loves her Cully. She'll love him until there are no more tomorrows. I followed our papa's insemination of my wife with my own after a half dozen strokes. No more. Her softly whispered epitaphs into my ear at the moment of my crisis I shall take to my grave.

I carefully lifted and rolled to her right side, her half closed eyes tracking my every movement. It is nap time.

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I will not leave. Je promets, mes pe s enfants. The sandman fast approaching. Once again Girl and I were side-by-side, both of us topless, exhausted from fun and frolic and fast asleep. And once more we were under the protection of our family. What spawned this nuclear attack on the whitemans psyche? Originally Posted by Buddy Mignon. Hey SAWM's. Kool this thread is WAY the over the line. Originally Posted by CosmicCowboy. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.