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What is mind break, I am break guy that mind gypsy

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What Is Mind Break

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It is an ability that damages one target's MP by a ificant amount or lowers the target's Magic Powersimilar to the ability Magic Break. Barret fires a blue ball of energy at a single enemy, completely depleting its MP. The ability is treated as a Gravity-elemental attack. Mind Break is an enemy ability that reduces the maximum MP of all targets in a cone area of effect in sight. It is used by the Ahriman family. Rend Mind is an enemy ability that lowers one target's Mind stat.

Name: Katleen
What is my age: I am 24
What is my ethnicity: Mexican
Body type: I'm quite slender
What is my favourite drink: Cider
What is my favourite music: Opera
Smoker: No

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Can I send PM to you please?

If we're having the porn talk, one thing i tend to notice in a lot of hentai doujins sue me. My fetish tastes don't match my worldly beliefs on gender roles and it doesn't bother me a whit is that men tend to be "objectified" more often, as in literally made into interchangeable objects.

The woman is the focus of the story, even if the story is of her being badly raped in most cases. It's an interesting reversal almost. Kind of Crosses the Line Twice. Which sue would you like? Mary Sue? Suetiful All Along? Sorry, couldn't resist. Them being interchangable objects is sometimes similar to how harem protagonists are often so bland, as a viewpoint character.

I'm not sure the "being badly raped" part is true in most cases aside from how I think "badly" is either redundant or inaccuratebut it depends on what kind of hentai you're looking at. It's not rare, at any rate. I also wonder if it's more common in Japanese porn than Western, which I believe it is.

That could have something to do with tentacle porn, which is pretty much always of that kind, and it's said that developed because of censorship laws. From what I've been able to uncover in research, rape seems to be common in Japanese media even non-hentai works often have fear of rape or threat of rape as a theme at some point for a few reasons:.

Japan and other Neo-Confucian societies places a lot of emphasis on women being "pure". Being raped is a way for a female character to have sex while still remaining as "pure" as possible. In feudal Japan, war rape was seen as an inevitability, and in many cases a right of the victorious army. The definition of "rape" has been extremely narrow for a long time, with spousal rape and other forms of it not considered rape at all.

I've even heard of some modern cases of this happening. Theory I've noticed that "Mind Break" seems to be a popular train of thought. For those who don't know, "Mind Break" is a hentai trope whereby a raped woman has her spirit broken and stops resisting, and may even become addicted to rape. Yes, I know However, Japanese media not just hentai uses it ALL. I recently read something that briefly said that there was an ancient Japanese proverb about it being "dishonorable" for a man to refuse a woman's seduction, for any reason.

I haven't what the proverb yet haven't looked that hard to be honest but it seems to be worth mentioning. I don't think depictions of women being all "lolwut, ur a virgin? Keeping your mind and body pure of any negative influences, like bad actions, bad karma or even bad thoughts, was considered essential to living a good and virtuous life.

Even to this day, it's still an important element to their social mores. While women may not necessarily be saving themselves for marriage or emphasizing extreme virtue, there's a reason that the Yamato Nadeshiko trope is considered a "romantic throwback" to the Japanese female ideal. Either she as little sexual ambition as possible, or she's a borderline nymphomaniac. Now I'm wondering mind the entity known as "Purity" in Kill la Kill break out to be an evil alien parasite has anything to do with this.

I think this is related to general "hospitality" rules. Do not refuse something offered by your host. If they offer you a meal, refusing to eat it means you don't trust them, etc. This applies to sex because of the inherently misogynistic mind that sex is something a woman "gives away", unlike a man.

That makes a lot of sense. Reading what the Asian concept of "Face" also kind of made me think the same thing. Decided to visit this topic again against my better break, and I was right. King Zeal's post made my head hurt. First and foremost, those are very nit-picky points. You'd have to be very narrowminded to even come to those points, or have a very narrow research field as well. Many of those points are completely in the viewpoint of the rich strata and, as we all know, back then society was divided into several stratas: peasants, merchants, noblemen. Second, brothels existed in Japan as well, you know, just like in other ancient civilizations.

Sexism in anime

And Mind Break is just a porn thing, get over it. Its just as much as a porn trope as the "I'm cumming! And the addicted to rape thing; that's another trope most commonly referred to as "Corruption". Netorare, Netori; learn your tropes. Using the past as a basis to make wide-ranging judgement on the present people; that's just ridiculous.

And I speak from a personal viewpoint because whenever people look at me, they see my Chinese features and use history to judge me.

I have nothing in common with the past or present China, so stop that! You didn't say anything I didn't already know about, nor anything that actually refutes anything I said. I know porn and hentai.

Urban thesaurus

I wrote porn. For a living. And I was good enough to still receive fan mail for it even now, three years afterward. But this isn't about me, so I would appreciate not getting up in my face with the hostility when you don't know the first damn thing about me. Also, learning the past is necessary to learning about the present. For example, the panty fetsh and how it started because of Western culture reaching Japan.

If you think thousands of years of history don't have an impact on the present, then I don't know what to tell you. Current discussion reminded me of the Shingeki poly-lingual mind, whom I think is Japanese, who recently ranted again about having to deal with foreign fans who think that adults fucking 14 years old and below "kids" is not just legal in Japan but commonly accepted. That was my assumption too, until December Anyway, this is a very good example for how stuff in media affects real life. Apparently, real Japanese people are tired of foreigners thinking that they're perverts.

They're perverts as much as Americans are. It just seems that the more forwardly-conservative your country is, the greater quantity and weirder porn you produce. Japan, break all its cultural focus on face-saving and keeping your "inner" self distinct from your "social" self, just unleashes a lot of that repression underground.

Fun fact: there's a whole shelf of porn manga for sale right out in the open in their s, something that would really never fly here although male interest-zines really took a huge hit in America, Japan is still much what literate both in porn and not.

All countries make porn. This is my problem. This is my entire problem.

It's a stereotype that isn't helped by stuff like this. Or this. There are serious problems with the sexualization of minors in Japan. I think you're doing the right thing by arguing that it's not a nation of pedophiles Your post reminds me one of several tumblr thre where White people go on nonsensical rants about Black hairstyles particularly Afroshow they can't wrap their he around why people have that sort of hairstyle, and end up making up all sorts of reasons why a status quo against whites, rebelling against whites, reminding whites of their sin, etc and completely missing the fact that that's just how their hair works.

Basically, you don't understand or can't wrap your head around it, so instead you make all sorts of theories why this exists, nitpick so many nonsensical trivia from Japanese history, and generally done everything other than actually going to Japan and asking them in person. Which I might add is actually the best way of solving your question, rather than staying on your computer and asking the question to random people on the internet who may come from what minds of life from different corners of the world and will have wildly different opinions to the ones you've formed.

Incidentally, what skin color are you? Because it'll help for future conversations. Which is usually the best way to find WHY. Black hairstyles do not affect the well-being or break of other people, or objectify others. African-Americans should be allowed to wear any hairstyle they want that's functional and doesn't get in others' way. Little girls selling their panties in shops to make money?

Sexism in anime

Or being paid by clients to sniff them? Yeah, no. Not the same. Also, "just how their hair works"? Not all black peoples' hair works the same, nor are all hairstyles dependent upon this.