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The world is filled with magic, reflected back to us through the cycles of nature, if we can just slow down and learn how to channel it. This book is a journey through the year, exploring its tides, seasons, and festivals. It provides practical advice for celebrating the whole cycle--not just the eight sabbats--with rituals, meditations, projects, and invocations to help you discover the magical rhythms of the natural world.

What Is A Hearth Witch

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You are warm and sheltered. You are completely at one in the house of your own longing and belonging. While the Hearth Witch is in tune with nature, it is the Green Witch who wants to make her home in nature.

Name: Kay
Years old: 37
Ethnicity: Norwegian
Sexual identity: Male
Sex: I am woman
Hair: I've got thick hair
I prefer to drink: Champagne
Tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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I have more than one label in my Paganism, but I have probably already discussed the hows and whys of Hellenism and Hekateanism a fair bit already. So, here is why I am a Hearth Witch. We should probably begin with this most obvious of questions — what is Hearth Witchery? The hearth being, once upon a time, the centre of the home, makes Hearth Witchery the witchcraft that revolves around the home. It is very similar, and in some cases identical to, Kitchen Witchery or Domestic Witchcraft. A lot of it is seemingly incidental and, on the surface, extraordinarily mundane. Although I had never heard of Hearth witchery when I was child, if I had, I could have told you straight up that I could and would never be such a thing.

As and early teen I went through a long stage of rampant derision for female stereotypes. I was adamant I would never cook or clean or have children or wear dresses or any of that because that is what stereotypes expect of women. As a teen witch my interest was far darker and much less mundane than it currently is though I still tend towards the darkness.

Back then I was perhaps closer to a Hedge Witch, more into crossing and pushing boundaries, contacting the other side, and mixing up poisons and potions okay mixing those is also Hearth Witchery. I was also a healer. But sweep a floor? Obviously something changed in me and I did have when I was 21 years old. Cooking and cleaning, changing nappies diaperstalking in non-existent baby languages became central to my existence.

Then I had another kid and it got worse.

Then I started homeschooling those kids, and then had another kid and…. Back when I had my eldest I was in that stage where I refused to use the witch label at all. Instead I was a Pagan, an Eclectic Pagan actually.

At some point after having my son I began to label myself an Eclectic Domestic Pagan. Essentially I used my domestic roles within my religious practice, I used my house as a sacred area and my domestic tools were my religious tools. My role as a Pagan but never a witch! I was resistant though, as I had trouble letting go of my spite for the witch label.

But researching the label lead to me to the realisation that my Domestic Paganism was nothing more or less than Witchcraft. Sure it might also be Paganism, but it was most definitely Witchcraft no matter how I tried to avoid the word. I also realised how stupid I was being, I knew that witchcraft and Wicca were not the same thing, and the Wiccanate Witchcraft annoyed many other Pagans as well, so the grudge I was holding was just a wilful hindrance.

I could deny the witch label all I wanted and still it is what I was and am. So the why is simple, I am a Hearth Witch because that is simply what I am. Get newsletters and updates Close. Also, send me the Pagan Newsletter and special offers.

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What is a hearth witch?

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Why i am a hearth witch and what is hearth witchery anyway?

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The hearth witch

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What is a hearth witch

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