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He grounded his hips against yours and kissed your neck.

Walk In On Sex Tumblr

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Originally posted by gemmusings.

Name: Gilly
How old am I: I am 23
What is my hair: Blond
I understand: French
Body type: My body type is quite skinny
I prefer to drink: White wine
Smoker: Yes

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The door opens suddenly and Anne walks in, a smile on her face. I guess Harry already left for the studio, do you want to go out for breakfast?

She smiles, pats what she thinks is your leg before walking out the door, shutting it behind her. Liam: Liam pushes your legs upwards, higher up his back as he thrusts into you harder.

You gasp, digging your nails into his back while nipping at the skin of his shoulder while your stomach clenches. The door clicks, opening and Geoff steps into the hotel room.

Warnings: major warning for smut, swearing/curing, lying, cheating, shouting, breakup, angst and other bad things related to this subject

The door opens, light streaming into the dark room and Greg chokes behind you. Louis: The two of you were visiting his family for the weekend and you had noticed him getting a little touchy during dinner.

Knowing what he was going to try once the sun went down, you did nothing to protest. It was well past one in the morning and the two of you were going after it hot and heavy when the door creaked open.

Your eyes shoot open as you roll off of him as inconspicuously as possible allowing him to answer his sister. Zayn: She hadn't knocked when she walked in the room and now Doniya was standing in the doorway with the most shocked expression you had ever seen.