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The self-narrated episode features her doing private sessions, along with real-time sessions and even on the iWantClips and iWantCustomClips websites. Both sites are prominently featured in the episode.

True Life Findom

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True Life. Watch Episodes. I Didn't Know I'm a Dad. Potential jail time threatens Coltyn's effort to establish a relationship with his son, and Charlie worries the of a paternity test could end his current relationship.

Name: Cecilla
My age: 21
Nationality: Bulgarian
Languages: English
Body type: My body type is overweight
What is my favourite drink: Brandy
Music: Electronic

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True Life. Jasmine earns her money by treating men like submissives, and Ozzy has a career as a "alpha fin-dom cash master" who consensually dominates other men. I Hate My Butt.

Brittany, Derec and Ashley are dismayed by their derrieres and look for ways to gain control over their physical insecurities. I'm Having Second Thoughts.

Dominic attempts to segue from teaching to becoming a stuntman, and Vernon is pushed by his father to find a job in real estate. Save My Teen Marriage. Two young couples who married as teens undergo a novel counseling program to figure out if their romances will survive or crack under pressure.

I'm a Cyborg. Three self-proclaimed cyborg biohackers attempt their own bold new medical procedures to insert technology into their bodies.

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My Parents Are in Porn. Talia's father encourages her to explore employment opportunities in the adult film industry, and Chandler's meddling parents test his tolerance. I'm Married to a Stranger. Gina's marriage to Christian becomes difficult as their uncertainty about their future grows, and Shane struggles to reconcile online and real chemistry with Liza. I'm a Witch. Apollo meets another witch on social media and wants to explore their potential, and Aracelie is conflicted about accepting a spot on the Vampire Court of Austin.

True life: i'm a financial dominatrix

I'm on Smart Drugs. Cassox experiments with "smart drugs" nootropics that he claims will boost memory in humans, and Topher studies to become a member of an elite intelligence society.

Jaci is living with a substance use disorder and wants to go to rehab, and Claudia's pregnancy amplifies her anxiety disorder. I Have a Feeding Fetish.

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Mandi aims to gain pounds, and Betty tries to get her fetish website off the ground in a new city. I'm a Financial Dom. My Parent's Addicted to Opioids.

Katelynn tries to achieve independence while providing support for her mother, and Zoe attempts to cope with the emotional scars of her father's substance use disorder. I've Been Shot.

Jamarrius tries to recover from the physical toll of multiple gunshot wounds, and Maggie's PTSD from a shooting affects her career path. I'm an Adult Baby. I Can't Have an Orgasm.

From a financial dominatrix who keeps a slave in his own cage to a plus-size fetish model who farts for admirers on camera, meet the bizarre new stars of mtv's quirky true life documentary

David wonders if he's asexual or if he needs testosterone injections, and Aiden's ADHD prescription affects his ability to orgasm, putting a strain on his marriage. I Need Danger Sex. Adult film star Cici seeks sex in increasingly dangerous locations, and Levon's love of rough sex might push his partner Imani to her breaking point. I'm a Go-Go God.

Vinny wants to transition from go-go dancer to photographer, and Sam hopes he can make it big in New York City by leveraging his social media presence. I'm in a Fight Church.

Samantha faces a debilitating shoulder injury that could keep her from a big MMA fight, and Magdiel is struggling to lose weight during a financially stressful time. We Are Transitioning. Gender transitioning is a physical and emotional journey, but Megan and Alex face the added challenge of navigating relationships with their respective cisgender partners.

I Have Misophonia.

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Lindsey and Analeida struggle not to let misophonia -- a condition in which "normal" sounds cause a strong emotional reaction -- inhibit their lives and relationships. I'm Tripping on Ayahuasca. Insecure Jess takes off for a Peruvian retreat, and family-oriented Kyle travels to Mexico, both hoping to achieve spiritual enlightenment by consuming ayahuasca.

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