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Trey songz fanfiction stories, I fanfiction found story songz loves trey

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Trey Songz Fanfiction Stories

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If you write a Trey Songz fanfic of any kind and do not find your story below feel free to message me or add it yourself. Each piece is like a chapter of my diary. Delusion: [noun.

Name: Lilly
Years: 40
My Zodiac sign: Aquarius
I prefer to drink: Absinthe
Music: Rock
Hobbies: Yoga

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Your info will not be visible on the site. After logging in for the first time you'll be able to choose your display name. Harry's POV I inhaled the smoke once more, letting it calm my body.

My hands were folded on the bannister of the patio. I glanced behind me as I felt Vanessa's arms, wrap around my stomach and she lay her head on my back. I pushed her away from me, and crashed my lips onto hers. As I held my finger under her chin, she slipped the cigarette out of my hand. She pushed my body away from her and brought the cigarette up to her lips, with a smirk planted on her face.

As she exhaled the smoke, she blew it in my face. She wasn't in nothing, only naked.

But we were at the top floor so no one could see her. As she shook her body infront of me, I aggressively took her arm, pulling her body to me. I glanced back at him as he grabbed the bottle of Pepsi from the fridge. I looked up at him and did a small chuckle, thinking of what to say. He sipped the cup and furrowed his eyebrows.

I nodded my head slowly, afraid of his answer. Your not old enough to drink legally yet and two. When I drink, I go out. We both stood their staring at each other silently until Zack messily, ruffled my hair with his hands. It's five in the morning. One Direction Fanfiction Tumblr. One Direction FanFiction. Home Stories News Members Forums. Mibba Your info will not be visible on the site. People honked their horns at me today which creeped me out because that never happen before.

As I walked into the club, the girls were already on stage. Candy was yelling at someone. The dj was holding the ear phone to his ear as he glanced at me then looked away. I strolled over to the bar, ignoring the whispering and stares from everyone.

Even candy and the dj. I laid my bag on the bar and sat down, making it seem like I wasn't lonely.

I looked up and saw Lisa leaning on the bar, licking a lollipop. I hopped off the chair and walked to her, letting a small giggle slip.

Out of nowhere, she hopped over the bar and stood next to me. She held my wrist in her grip as she looked me up and down. She twirled me around slowly and I tripped of the heel, cursing under my breath. I slid my hands across my body not trying to let anyone see this dress. But she instantly, shooed my hands back to my sides.

You look hot! Too much?

Dreame-editor's pick

She chuckled and hopped on the counter, taking a bottle of liquor from the bar and taking some of it to the head. You must not have lived if you think that dress is Too much. I looked down and slightly smiled. I nodded my head and bit on my bottom lip. In a blink of an eye she ran back over to me and slapped me, hard.

And out of nowhere. You do not call me Lisa. Right now, my names Diamond. The men here are nasty, perverted men and we strippers don't need them having anything on us.

Even our first name. I grew small and frightened as I held my hand up to my cheek. I rapidly shook my was up and down. She smiled and pulled me into a hug.

Just last time someone said my real name, a police officer was here and he got a hold of who I was and some other shit. Long story short, I ended up behind bars that night.

I stared at her as she raised her hand to me. I began to flinch making her chuckle. I'm not gonna hit you.

Instead of hitting me, she reached her hand before my head and yanked out my scrunchie. She pushed my hair all different ways as she laid It messily around my face. Once she was done fixing my hair, she pulled out a small mirror from her purse. I looked at myself in awe. I never had my hair out so messy before and never looked like this before.

But damn, I looked good. I handed the man the drink and he smirked, folding up a hundred dollar bill and putting it in my hand.

I looked down at the money in my hand. I really just made a hundred dollars by making handing a guy a beer.

Maybe your appearance does change things. A lot. Don't you see everyone! Don't stare at the fucking money, put it in de pocket and keep it moving!

In my side vision, I noticed about four girls walked on stage. Everyone turned to and looked to the stage.

We don't usually so this but tonight's your lucky nights fellas. Whatever four guys gives the most money to Candy, Diamond, Ginger, and Carmel will get the best lap dance you will ever have. Nows the time to get those big bills out fellas. The song On Top by Trey Songz started to play. Each girl chose a guy from the audience and stuck the money they gave them, in their bra or panties before grinding their half naked bodies on them.

Caramel Ginger Candy Diamond It's crazy how being naked could get you so much male attention. Or just attention in general.