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A lot of her journey throughout the story of Final Fantasy VII was tied to her relationship with Cloud Strife, as she held a secret romantic interest in him, which was made more complicated by the arrival and inevitable demise of Aerith Gainsborough. Tifa was regarded by many as one of the first cyber pin-up girls and a Google image search for "Tifa Cosplay" will show you just how popular she is as a choice for cosplayers all across the world.

Tifa Red Eyes

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Why does Tifa have red eyes? Sorry about that, Nonny, I relate the promise between Tifa and Cloud to some of the stuff that happens during their resolution and went full tin hatter on it.

Tifa lockhart final fantasy cute red eyes 7

Chapter 3 Cloti reblog. Tifa character analysis. Train graveyard not really an analysis, but I got some sweet screenshots of Cloti.

Clotiscrew tunnel analysis. Cloti reunion analysis. Keep reading. So I was sent an ask about analysing the promise scene between Cloud and Tifa, and I completely went to another plane of existence and did the Resolution instead. Aerith Resolution plot analysis.

Okay, as requested a few days ago, a Cloud and Aerith analysis. The Promise Analysis. Leslie analysis not mine, but a good read. Cloti action touching. Aerti friendship analysis.

Cloti body language chapter 3. Cloti healthy disagreement. Cloti post heliboss battle chapter Clerith playground scene. Cloti body language plate fall. Cloud and Barret friendship. Resolution scene analysis A. Barret character analysis chapter Cloud character analysis Honey Bee Inn. Morning yall! Time for your daily dose of delusion destruction! This line. This is what happened like five minutes prior to this line.

Tifa lockhart

Cloud literally lost his friend. Another one. And right after he saw a simulation of that same friend dead after being forced to watch the girl he loves get killed. Because he thought Tifa died in Nibelheim and that grief is still in him. This is his goddamn expression at the time. He is trying so fucking hard not to cry. He cried when the grunts reminded him about Zack dying. Every one of them is precious to him. He cherishes them all, or did we think that AC line was more dumb ship talk?

The second Barret gasps, Cloud slid to a stop. Cloud stops Barret from going after Rufus and comes up with a very logical reason why.

Was tifa ever a turk in early drafts? 3 saints of the promised land?

Cloud appeals to the leader in Barret. You know, the one where he literally le a cell of Avalanche, makes sure all his people get home? Cloud is protecting Barret by making him leave. And Barret understands this immediately because he looks cut up behind those sunglasses. This whole bit has very little to do with Aerith.

His friend. The one who just came back from the dead. She puts her hand to her face.

This is for fun, so if it Tifa you red you need to chill. On my phone, so no cut and this is your extra spoiler warning! We get several metaphors to do with trains in game. Also, pretty sure they started off on the blue or red line and Tifa up on the adjacent one to it. They wind up on the green line that le to the grey box and from there take an elevator to the underplate. The idea that a train can only go where the tracks allow is given to us early on. Plan A or point A. Either way, we have a marker to start as a guideline. We get more letters that show further deviations from the straight shot to victory.

Though, the end result is still the same. Plan E takes them the furthest from their main route. Those key points still exist, but how we reach them is unknown. We now have mor stops between those key points. More letters in the alphabet to recite before we get to Z. And eye the team made it out of the train tunnel, which despite taking them across several tracks, an intersection, through a guard station and into a fight with a mech, red brought them to the same general eye, but with a few extra tangents to go on before they reach that final destination.

Wandering around blind with no map or clue and yet they still accomplished the same goal. I want to know what your thoughts are on the optional Aerith resolution scene? Particularly around the time where Aerith says the "love" line? He follows her outside and they talk on the hill top where the lifestream can be seen glowing in the background. Yeah, this is a no brainer opening. Because eye contact matters, remember?

Eye contact is a conscious connection between two people. Deliberately not making eye contact has meaning too. Aerith exposition.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Lots of fidgeting. No eye contact. Even when Cloud faces her head on she quickly turns away again to stare off into the distance. Cloud remains in her peripheral vision only.

When Aerith does turn to reassure Cloud, he looks away. Point is, unlike the promise between Cloud and Tifa when it was Tifa reusing her own words, this relies on Aerith having meta knowledge of what Claudia said to Cloud when he was 16 and Aerith was with Zack. Her posture sags, she breaks eye contact, she looks sad.

And when Cloud takes a step towards Aerith, she steps away again, towards the lifestream in the distance. Another immortal line. Aerith aware of her own death and speaking of that. These are mentor moments. The players. She is talking to us. After a 9 second pause from Aerith, in which she looks at the ground, Cloud offers a suggestion of what she wants to say next.

She seems very lost in thought during this time, and almost reluctant to speak.

Considering she always seems to know what to say in any given situation, this is off. She almost seems to be warring with herself as her eyes narrow and she subtly shifts from side to side. It could be 7 seconds in a callback to the 7 seconds it took for Sephiroth to drop and kill her in OG.

Aerith vs meta! When Cloud speaks, Aerith looks grateful for the cut in.

This may be what OG! Aerith was trying to prevent her from saying.