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The mouse pad stories, The chica seeking pad to mouse

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The Mouse Pad Stories

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I rubbed my hands with glee when the new Razer Goliathus Chroma arrived in the office. It may be just a soft gaming mousepad with LED lights, but for PC gamers such as me, there is just something alluring about our gaming peripherals that emanate lights of different colours. My gaming rig has internal LED lights. My gaming keyboard, gaming mouse and gaming heet have customisable backlights. Even my gaming mousepad - Razer Firefly Hard Edition - has customisable lighting around its sides.

Name: Dalila
Years: 23
What is my sex: I'm lady
Hair: Crisp black hair
Sign of the zodiac: I'm Capricorn
I like to drink: Beer
I like: Travelling
Tattoo: None

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Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 9 posts. Hey guys.

I'm writing this quick on my phone so apologies if the formatting gets messed up. Ok, so I've been hanging out with this new girl for about a week and she came over last night after work.

The awesome news is that she's a bartender so I immediately start imagining how her socks and feet probably get sweaty and smelly after working She's sexy, about 5'6and shoulder length dark hair. She wears a size 7 shoe. I don't want to show her face but I'll post some pics of her body tonight. I also snuck some pics of her feet the other night, too so I'll post those as well.

So yeah, she comes over after work and she's still in her work clothes which includes a pair of black sneakers that look pretty well worn. She had asked if she could shower at my place, so of course I say no prob. She goes into my bedroom and strips down to just her bra and panties.

My eyes immediately go down to her peeling off her black, ankle length Nike socks and I'm imagining just how good the probably smell.

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We started making out etc but she said she wants to shower first so she he off to the bathroom. Once I hear her get in, I go right for the socks sitting on top of her shoes. As soon as I picked it up I could feel that they were legit damp.

I bring one up and push it to my nose and I was a bit taken aback at first and slightly pulled away because they were definitely smellier than I had anticipated haha You all know how hard it is to describe but it was a sharp, sweaty, kinda vinegary smell I honestly think she had to have worn them at least once before because they seemed too strong for just one day's wear. I figure I have some time but don't want to take too long, so I'm listening for the water or the door as I grab a towel and sit on my bed lol.

I grabbed the other sock and put the toe end in my mouth and I can feel the dampness on my tongue. I'm thinking to myself, imagine if she saw me right now, what would she think?

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So yeah, I'll be honest here I was ready to blow after like 30 secs max but I held out for a few mins just to enjoy it and then finished because I was getting short on time. When I put her socks back, I took a minute to inhale her sneakers which also smelled amazing. They had a much more mustier scent. I've been slowly introducing my fetish and gonna go for some direct toe sucking next time we have sex.

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I'll keep everyone updated. I'll post the pics as soon as I get home. I offloaded them from my phone bc I'm paranoid lol. Here are the pics Sorry about the quality but phone has a crack right over my camera.

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the pics. Feet dreams are made of stink Very nice, soft soles look great!

Wow, her feet look fantastic! I'll keep checking back here for any updates you have.

Thanks again. I'm glad you guys enjoyed!

The slave who owns this blogged is now owned by goddess caila cutmann

I'll keep you updated. I think we're hanging out again tomorrow or Friday so hopefully I'll have something new to report. I also have quite a few other experiences with other girls and ex girlfriends, so if you're interested in those too, let me know. Yeah, I love that one too! She was on her phone at the time, lounging in just her bra and panties They were facing right at me and she had a dominant look about her with her feet just propped up like that.

She seems like she's pretty freaky so I think she'll be open to foot play. I think we're going to meet up for some drinks tonight so if anything happens, I'll let you guys know.

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Great post. So what have you done to her feet? I posted a follow up to this in the Stories section. Great 2nd story.

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