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The Librarians Lamia

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Eve slowly wakes up and raises a blood covered hand. She seems quite happy to see it. And Flynn has ed them as well.

“the second coming,” by william butler yeats

As they return to the Annex Flynn explains he thinks pyramids can create a doorway to the void where the Library disappeared to and Cassandra has a migraine maths nosebleed moment. To get everything done though he needs a series of impossible objects…. Objects that the librarians have been acquiring all season.

Nice Jenkins rather awesomely avoids any conversation about Morgan Le Fay. Yes, in comes Dulaque and Lamia in a wave of toxic smoke. He has another world shattering plan — but to get more power he says he needs blood sacrifice. Lamia turns to sacrifice Flynn — and Dulaque stabs her. Why even do that? Why kill a minion when you have 6 helpless enemies right there?

His excuse is that her loving him was required. Dulaque opens the door and Eve and Flynn chase after him.

So, remember lamia’s tattoo?

They arrive at a river — the River of Time — and a Loom of Fate with Dulaque preparing to cut the cloth that was woven where he thinks it all went wrong. He cuts the cloth to a blinding flash of light and a shockwave.

He says that history now ends there. More shaking and Eve and Flynn land near some standing stones. Their clothes have changed — and a man holds them both at gunpoint. Jake to be precise, who also greets Eve with a kiss. Jake has been Librarian for a year and he is convinced he saw Eve die; turns out in this reality Flynn never showed up to the Library job interview.


Eve tries to explain things to them and Jake is all confused and hurt — because she was his Guardian, 10 years ago. Professor Flynn also has some useful knowledge and observations and Jake uses some magic stones to send them to another alternate world. This world is overcome by ghosts because the evil house kind of went all wrong.

Yes, thank you for expositioning the bleeding obvious. Flynn points out that if they reset the world these Three Librarians will cease to exist — and they accept it. To the loom and weaving — and a The younger Dulaque, Dulaque in his prime when Camelot was still strong. He stabs Eve as she stands between him and Flynn and she collapses — holding up her bloody hand. And Jenkins parries his next strike. Or Galahad as Dulaque calls him. Flynn weaves the loom while Jenkins and Dulaque fight, Dulaque trying to convince Jenkins how much better Camelot was Jenkins is far less convinced by mad librarians all powerful kings etc — Jenkins is not in favour of all powerful lamias.

Dulaque ages and disappears as the cloth is repaired. Flynn becomes the Librarian again. But Eve is dying — Jenkins declares it her fate but Flynn never accepts fate. Back to the Annex they finish their plan and again access to the Library — the actual Library. The three Libarians hold Eve as she dies while Flynn grabs a potion from the shelves and returns — Eve is healed.


The Library is back. The whole mission of the series is done — and Flynn prepares graduation prizes for the librarians: graduation books, smaller versions of the Clippings books, each with its own mysteries.

And yes, one each. Jake and Ezekiel both want to take a break before rampaging around — but Cassie wants to try a case. She sets off alone — and Ezekiel and Jake follow her. Jenkins and Flynn both pretend they remember nothing of what happened at the Loom of Fate. Both are clearly lying. Also the reason why Eve remembered jumping between times was because she already did it with Santa Claus.


And Flynn decides to take Eve on a date — fighting evil monsters. They do have chemistry. That was FUN. I loved it — a really fun ending to a really fun season. And yes, it was fun. And the season also made a point of developing the characters.

The series had a moderate gender balance — we had 2 women making up half the main team and Eve leading the team but the two secondary characters were also male. In terms of POC, we had a limited few throughout the series — but not that many. Ezekiel is the obvious recurring POC. Do we know his family? His history? Does he have any kind of issues to work through or personal growth?

Lamia is also very underused, a briefly appearing recurring bit part who they still made time to kill off rather pointlessly. This works because Flynn is, largely, a very distant uber figure in this mythos. He is The Librarian — and involved in other things which stops him jumping all over the narrative and reducing everyone else to side kicks and backing team.

As a constant presence, he would rapidly become tiresome and far far far too Gary Stuish to be tolerable.

I loved that, in the end, the three remained a team even while clearly expected to go their own ways they were even perturbed about getting three books — rather than one that would force them to work together. I liked that reinforcement of the team.

So, remember lamia’s tattoo?

Too much Flynn would be a disaster — but I think the Librarians team worked well with Eve as well. Labels: 4 Fangsarthurian legendsmagicseason finaletelevisionThe Librarianstnt. Newer Post Older Post Home.