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The blanket by floyd dell answer key, Filipina key dell The to blanket

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The Blanket By Floyd Dell Answer Key

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The important questions of the lesson No. These are English book 1 questions answers notes for kpk board and federal board.

You can learn the questions below. These are exercise questions and extra questions but the questions answers are important from the examination point of view. Book 1 The blanket Questions answers kpk board.

You may like to see: class 11 English paper pattern for federal board class 11 English guess paper for federal board Questions answers of The blanket by Floyd Dell Q. What do Peter and Granddad talk about when the story begins?

Ans: When the story begins, Peter and Granddad talk about the blanket Peter's father had brought for the Grandad as a going-away gift.

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Granddad praised the blanket and also praised Peter's father who had given him such a nice gift. Peter knows that Granddad is just making is easier to leave. Who is giving the blanket as a gift to whom? Why is the blanket called a going-away gift? Ans: Peter's father is giving the blanket as a going-away gift to Peter's granddad. Peter's granddad is going away from home to live at an old home. As the blanket is a gift Peter's dad giving to his granddad on his going away, that's why the blanket is called a going away gift.

Book 1 the blanket questions answers kpk board

Why is Peter's dad sending Granddad away and where to? Ans: Peter's dad is sick of keeping his granddad at home listening about his backaches and pains. Moreover, Peter's dad is going to marry a young beautiful girl. Moreover, granddad is ready to leave the house for the pleasure of Peter's father.

Why does Peter's dad get angry with the girl he is going to marry? Ans: Peter's father wants to give his dad the best going-away gift. So he gives him a nice double blanket. When the girl comes to know about this costly double blanket.

She objects on giving such an expensive thing to the Granddad. Peter's father does not like her attitude and gets angry. Why does Peter ask his father to cut the blanket in two? Ans: Peter does not like sending his Granddad going away. He asks his father to cut the blanket in two as a single blanket will be enough for an old man. He wants to keep the other half to give to his father when he will be sending him away when he becomes old. Why do all three - Peter, dad, and granddad - cry at the end of the story?

Ans: All cry at the end of the story because Peter makes his father realize his bad act of sending the Granddad away.

His granddad cries because he even did not want to leave. Peter sheds the tears of happiness because his granddad was not going away. Ans: The story gives us a message as you sow, so shall you reap.

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If Peter's father sends his granddad away, Peter will send his father away when he old. The story tells that we should take care of our elders. We should not let them be on the mercy of others.

What sort of boy is Peter? OR write a note on Peter. Ans: Pete is a sensitive boy of 11 years. Relationships mean to him a lot.

He had an attachment to his granddad. He Becomes very sad when he comes to know that his father is sending away his granddad.

He finally saves a family from breaking with his wisdom. What sort of Person is peter's father? Ans: Peter's father is a selfish man.

He is ready to send his father away just for the sake of his girlfriend. At the same time, he has a good man in his inner. He dislikes his new wife's attitude towards his father. He does not stop the leaving girl. September the first day of school questions answers its country for me questions answers Our environment questions answers tears of nature questions answers The way it was and is questions answers The scholarship jacket questions answers A Long walk home questions answers 1st year book 1 Questions answers note kpk board Class 11 English notes for federal board PDF Notes for class 11 for federal board.

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