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Teacher lemon fanfiction, Teacher lady searching guy lemon for fanfiction

Under age sex.

Teacher Lemon Fanfiction

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Essays by breaktimewritings. Summary: Belle is a student in Prof. When she accidentally turns in erotic fiction rather than an essay to her favorite professor things get…well I can imagine you know how things get. Summary: Lacey, leaving behind her party-girl ways, has gone back to college to finish her degree. The fact that arguing with him makes her blood run hot is really not helping.

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Avenged Sevenfold Fanfiction Tumblr. Avenged Sevenfold FanFiction. Home Stories Members Forums. Mibba Your info will not be visible on the site. Mia rushed into the classroom on her college campus, she was running late for one of the most important classes for her degree.

Student/teacher - relationship

She had been up late trying to finish up an essay she had to turn in the same day. Bursting through the doors, everyone turned to look at her, the class had already been underway for at least 5 minutes.

Mia swallowed the lump in her throat feeling nervous as all eyes were on her. Haner said causing her classmates to snicker under their breath. Mia slowly made her way to a vacant desk in front of the class wanting to just die right on the spot. Brian Haner Jr. Haner, as well as every other girl in his classes.

Professor snape x student reader one-shot lemon: "the yule ball"

Finally Mr. Haner decided to the class but not before telling Mia he need to see her after class. Mia gulped down the knot in her throat and just continued on with class.

Soon the class was done, Mia waited for everyone to leave before approaching Mr. Mia watched him, the way he moved, the facial expressions he made without knowing it. His whole entire form looking like it was carved from granite. From his smoldering chocolate brown eyes, high cheek bones, button nose, tight jaw line, muscular physique, everything about him was perfect to Mia. From her wild imagination alone Mia felt the wetness between her thighs. Haner looked up at the girl in front of him, standing straight he towered over her, considering she was shorter than him.

Stanley that is due today.

Teacher kink

Sure she loved her was saying this to her, but deep down she knew it was wrong. I, I never meant to taunt Oh god Haner found the weak spot on her neck with his lips, sucking on it.

Mia gripped her books tightly trying to not let on at how affected she was by Mr. Haner said lemon her books from her fanfiction tossing them to the floor as he pulled her to him, letting her feel his arousal pressing against her fully as he captured her lips in a searing kiss, causing Mia to wrap her arms around Mr.

Pushing Mia against the teacher, Mr. Obeying Mr. Mia flinched feeling Mr. Haner just smirked at her eagerness. Mia was brought back to reality as she felt a sting of pain in her ass as Mr, Haner smack her bare cheek in a hard spanking.

She yelped in shock but it soon gave way to pleasure as she felt her pussy get wetter. Soon Mr. Haner stopped his spanking, admiring his work by rubbing his hand over the darkening skin that was forming into his hand print. My dirty little Mia. Haner said undoing his pants, watching Mia pant on his desk as he pumped his stiff dick.

What kind of reward do you think I should give you? Haner, please! Make me cum! Looking at his watch, cursing to himself, Mr. Oh my God Brian!!

Hot for teacher

Brian laid on top of Mia still inside of her, as they tried to catch their breath. You know I was joking. I love you. Let me know what you think! And be gentle cause I fucking suck at sex scenes.

This is great! It would be a great full length story if you were ever up to it :. This was awesome!

Professor lockhart x student reader one-shot lemon: "love?. .no"

This is awesome! LOVED it View all comments. Author calousedheart. Stats Rating 9. Follow us on Tumblr!