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Crowley forces Dean and Sam to bring him an alpha monster. They go after a skinwalker, who plans to infiltrate his people into homes disguised as dogs and then have them all bite and transfo Read all Crowley forces Dean and Sam to bring him an alpha monster.

Supernatural Alpha Werewolf

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Alphas are the progenitors or sources of a certain line of supernatural beingsaka "the original monster s. According to Crowley and Dean in 7. With the death of the Alpha Vampire in In Alphas are more resilient to pain than the average monster. They appear to carry little to no weaknesses to weapons that can normally kill their "children.

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Home romance love Him. I let out a strained laugh; word gets around fast in this town. I suppose I am still getting used to the small town ways. She chuckles and walks over to a stack of books to organize before they get shelved as I placed stickers on a new shipment of books.

I know she's my boss, but, oddly enough, it doesn't feel awkward talking to her about it. She smiles at me knowingly. I've lived in this town for fifty-five years, since the day I was born. Every time I thought about leaving, I'd feel the pull to stay all over again. I can feel, though very faint, the same pull to stay she was describing. While it frightens me, it feels like home here. Maggie nods before grabbing some books to shelve on the other side of the wall.

I move my stack of stickers and books to follow her. There I go again, I sigh to myself. Curiosity killed the cat. Maggie fails to make eye contact with me, very unlike her, but she continues talking. He mentioned his dad had passed away but not anything else. Cats don't really have nine lives after all.

Maggie scoffs, and her normal demeanor is back on her face. Do you know where you're going? That sounds like fun - do you have any ideas of where he might take you? I laugh and shake my head. I don't think he can handle another big loss right now, and I've heard how Todd talks about you two.

He is already smitten. I feel like I am on a boat in the middle of the ocean, rocking back and forth.

All dogs go to heaven

It doesn't take too long for us to finish, maybe just shy of an hour, and Maggie quickly says her goodbyes, leaving me to my own devices until I close the shop. I walk around the store, looking for something to entertain me as we're up to werewolf on almost everything at this point, and I come across the same black leather book with gold script on the side. Not having anything else better to do, I pick it up and bring it up to the front of the store, so I can read it but still be ready if anyone comes into the store. Opening up the book, I start back where I left off. The original werewolves, those created by Zeus, did not have soulmates.

After all, turning into a wolf was supposed to be a punishment after Lycaon fed his own child to the almighty Zeus himself. However, not too many generations after their creation, their s dwindled, and they became almost extinct. Other alpha species, like the fae, vampires, and witches, were all at war, and, due to the more animalistic nature of the species, werewolves had a hard time finding someone to continue their line with. As a result, the goddess Artemis pitied them and, with the help of Aphrodite, schemed against their father to give the werewolves supernatural respite.

Zeus was not pleased with their actions, but it was irreversible. They split the werewolves' souls into two pieces.

Him. {alpha werewolf/supernatural}

Once they found each other again, their skin would spark, almost like electricity between them, and when they stared into each other's eyes for the first time, it would be like nothing else mattered because they knew they had found their other half. Once a pair meets, the mating process begins. The mating process consists of a bite mark on the neck of both parties then a final act of mating. After one full moon's time, both partners go through an intense heat period.


Similar to that of wolves, they experience an intense need to finish the mating process. The females experience a pain that can only be sated by their mate, while the males experience an intense werewolf for their other half. Any unmated wolves in their vicinity are also attracted to them, emphasizing the necessity that this process is completed in a timely fashion. Generally, this cycle is not necessary as most alphas are mated with another wolf and both recognize the sacredness of their bond. However, some wolves are mated to other species, the fae, vampires, witches, humans, etc.

As such, heat acts as a failsafe mechanism to ensure the continuation of the werewolf species as it is the dominant gene. There is a danger to resisting heat: with each coming heat, the pain intensifies as the bond yearns to be completed.

Most can only withstand three cycles, the fourth normally being too much for the body to bear. Suddenly, my alarm rings, pulling me out of my reading stupor. I check my phone, seeing that it is ten minutes to closing, and that I should get my things together so I can leave on time.

I put the book down, chuckling at the seriousness of the tone. It is written as if it is an instructional book. Before putting it supernatural on the shelf, I hesitate for a moment.

I do get a free book every two weeks. Without another thought, I place the book by my wallet and start cleaning up. After putting books back in the right place, the carts back at the front, and cleaning up around the register, it is time to go. I grab my phone, wallet, and the book and quickly make the short walk back to my place. What am I going to wear?

I think to myself, flipping through my fairly thin closet. Finally, I settle on mid length, polka-dotted pale green dress.

I pair it with my work shoes, a pair of simple black slip-ons. Looking in the mirror, I sigh, knowing that this was what I wear to practically everything fancier than work. Smoothing down the sides of my dress, I try to stop my hands from sweating, but it doesn't help too much.

The doorbell ringing helps break me away from my anxious thoughts, and I quickly make my way to the door. Why am I breathless? I think to myself; it's not like I ran to the door or anything. He's dressed nicely in a pair of dark blue trousers and white button down with the top buttons undone. He holds out a bouquet of wild flowers in his hand that he gestures toward me. He follows me as I walk into the kitchen, grabbing a vase from one of the bottom cabinets and filling it with water.

I place the freshly cut flowers in the vase of water and push it near the window before turning around.

It's quite entertaining the way it's written, almost as if it was supposed to be instructional. It's been getting me through my work days recently, so I decided to bring it home. He flashes a smile at me, leaning onto the door frame.