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Superman harem lemon fanfiction, I liked superman fanfiction female that lemons jokes

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Superman Harem Lemon Fanfiction

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But what could she do? Her human body was incapable of offering his Kryptonian body enough resistance to be effective. She would have to be more than human to? No, he would never agree to that.

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Lois is dead, and Superman is sad. Supergirl consoles him at the Fortress of Soltitude…with sweet, sweet loving.

Supergirl leaned away, arching her back, still clasping hands with Superman as they began to spin faster and faster. The building tension in Superman? He plunged into Supergirl with abandon, pounding his invincible cock into her invulnerable slit. They began to blur with the spin, creating a mighty vortex within the Fortress. The maelstrom winds whipped through the crystal pillars with a deafening roar, but it could not compete with Supergirl?

Her hair lashed about at supersonic speeds, causing a thousand tiny sonic booms to erupt. Having orgasmed for the first time, Superman has decided? Superman fucks Raven into feeling. The dark aura shot from her hands and engulfed Superman. It felt as if Raven were everywhere, stroking his every nerve.

Pressure enough to render iron assaulted his testicles, but for Superman it was magnificent. He thrust into Raven a final time. Superman moves onto Starfire, who heats up when they have sex. A mountain is mostly destroyed. Robin is sad.

I believe Kryptonian tradition would involve several five minute sessions of intimacy, each separated by two hours of deep contemplation and discussion of our feelings.? Superman said. Tamaranian copulation is hard, fast, and considered one of the most taxing in the known universe.? Starfire whispered.

Golly, let me think about it.? Superman said huskily as his lips met hers in another kiss. They fell to the ground, Superman on top, causing snow to shoot up around them.

Superman broke their kiss, running his lips down her throat and then ravaging her stunning ruddy breasts. Starfire bit her lip trying to suppress a moan as Superman? Superman flies off into space to fuck Maxima, the queen whose advances he had ly spurned. I doubt you could even find the right hole, peasant!? She taunted, gritting her teeth in pain. Superman reached under Maxima?

Superman positioned himself and plunged into her.

Having helped so many superheroines with his fucking, Superman is ready to die. Wonder Woman stops him, demanding her piece of the action. They fuck all the way around the planet. They slammed into the mountainside like a missile.

Wonder Woman? Superman pounded into Wonder Woman, each thrust pushing them deeper and deeper into the mountain. A small village lay at the foot of the mountain. The villagers emerged from their huts to investigate the strange noises emanating from their ancient and accursed mountain.

Cries of a strange tongue echoed from within the stone depths. The villagers cowered in fear. There was panicked murmuring that perhaps the gods were angry, but wiser villagers knew that these sounds were not born of anger. The groans and moaning grew louder and suddenly the mountain burst apart, the debris thrown clear of the island and out into the sea. Where the mountain had been there was the clear vibrant cry of sexual release. The villagers gazed upon two gods, their bodies entangled in an ictus of bliss, their divine voices crying out together with the roar of a tsunami.

The villagers fell to their knees and praised these mighty lovers whose throes of ecstasy had rid them of the mountain whose avalanches had claimed many lives. After a stint in the ocean? He takes pictures. Eventually, Supergirl, Raven and Starfire stop by for a super-orgy. Also, this chapter has my favorite line in the story:. A great deal of lesbian sex commences. Superman does something incredibly gross with Giganta.

But at the end, he fucks them all at once. Superman gathered himself, and concentrated.

He had to do this just right, or he would let them all down. He leaned forward in a runner? At apparently the same instant, every woman in the line moaned as she felt Superman? Superman moved at incredible speed, thrusting into each women in turn so rapidly that they hardly noticed him being absent. At long last, each woman felt their climaxes blossom in a supernova of ecstasy.

The orgy is revealed to have been an illusion created by Zatanna. But Superman immediately has a threesome with Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

Wonder Woman decides that Superman needs to learn how to achieve orgasm with a human woman. Kara and I will not be able to be with you every night.?

Wonder Woman explained as her hand caressed Supergirl? We have duties of our own; lives to save and disasters to avert. Train to gain complete control over your own body. Train as an Amazon would.? Disguised as Clark Kent, Superman finds Catwoman and begins to interview her. As Clark passed Selina? A beam of green light shot out from the bridge of his glasses, firing a diffused beam of kryptonite energy down into Selina?

Clark had deed his new lead-rimmed glasses to neutralize his semen. While pregnancy was not a risk, the idea of his kryptonian sperm causing damage to a woman? After a moment, he released the button just as Selina sat up.

I highly recommend getting a beer, and reading this thing from beginning to end. Robert Bricken is one of the original co-founders of the site formerly known as Topless Robot, and its first editor-in-chief, serving from He is currently the managing editor of io9. Despite decades as both an amateur and professional nerd, he continues to be completely unprepared for either the zombie apocalypse or the robot uprising. Chapter 2: Lois Lois cannot bring Superman to orgasm. She feels poorly about it. Let's see if I can break this down. About The Author Robert Bricken is one of the original co-founders of the site formerly known as Topless Robot, and its first editor-in-chief, serving from