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Sissy submission stories, I am sissy friend that submissions bbbw

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Sissy Submission Stories

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Name: Faina
How old am I: 29
Who do I prefer: Guy
My hobbies: Roller-skating
Smoker: No

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A collection of sissy humiliation stories I've read and liked, with strong emphasis on dominant males and submissive boys or sissies. Before you get any ideas of what you might do, listen. Heather has your wallet, your keys, and I am going to drive your car away tonight. So, what are you going to do tomorrow? You will practice walking on the high heels and practice with the dildo so you can properly deep throat me.

Sissy bundle: 4 erotic stories of crossdresser transformation, submission, feminization, and humiliation

Finally, you will practice inserting the plug up your cute little backside, and work on keeping it there for at least 2 hours. When I get here tomorrow night, I will let myself in, and you will be waiting for me on the sofa, wearing the teddy, with the white socks, white shoes, and peignoir.

Your finger and toe nails will be shaped and painted pink, and they had better look nice! No stubble anywhere. Your crotch, your ass, your under arms, legs, etc. I also want that poor excuse for a mustache gone. You will use the enema, and then bathe and wash your hair, brushing it out real nice for me. Use the shampoo and stuff I brought. I expect all of these instructions to be carried out to the letter, or those pictures will be out within minutes, and your life will be over. I have always been straight, even though I had never had too much luck with the women.

‘sissy submission’ stories

I have dated several young ladies, but not with the sort of regularity that I wished for. Never the less, I never, ever thought about men in anything close to a sexual way. At least until last year, that is. I have green eyes covered by long lashes that my sister also thinks I stole from her.

At least she used to say that when we still talked to each other. Now, on with the story. I had just started dating Heather, a young lady that I met at the library just the week before. I know, I know, the library, how old fashioned! She was a beautiful, delicate thing, with long blonde hair, hazel eyes, turned-up little nose, small but perky breasts, and only sixteen years old.

Yeah, you read that right, sixteen. At the time, though, I was blissfully unaware of that little nugget of information.

‘sissy submission’ stories

From the way she dressed and acted, I really thought she was older. And of course, she never told me any different.

This was the genesis of my future. We had engaged in some heavy necking and petting on our last date, and I was looking forward to the next evening together as I really thought there was a very good chance of something more. There was more in store, but not what I had in mind! But you should also know, I, well, er, she, I mean… Crap! She was dressed in a short black pleated skirt, and what looked like an ivory colored satin blouse and very nice high heels.

Sissy stories

As she sashayed up the short walk, her hips swinging temptingly, I story she looked good enough to eat! Once in the submission we went into a liplock that would have taken a tow truck to pull apart, both of us trying to give the other a tonsillectomy with our tongues. She took off her coat, and excused herself to the sissy for a moment. When she returned, we snuggled together, and drank some wine.

I noticed that the top two buttons on her blouse were undone, and I know only one was open when she walked in. I decided that if two buttons were good, three were better, and four, well, you get my drift. Soon the movie was forgotten, and I was kissing her beautiful breasts through the satin of her bra. My hand had moved up under her skirt and was caressing her delicious bottom through her panties.

Sissy bundle: 4 erotic stories of crossdresser transformation, submission, feminization, and humiliation

In no more time than it takes to write this sentence, she hiked up her hips, and I slid the panties from her body. I took just a glance, but saw they were pale blue silk or satin, with lace panels, and felt and looked expensive.

As I removed her blouse, and undid her bra, I noticed it matched, and made some comment as to how much I loved lingerie, and that some day she would have to model the bra and panties for me. With a finger in her warm moist slit, and my lips wrapped around her nipple, my world went from heaven to hell in a single breath. A hand clamped down on my arm, hauling me up, and a deep voice started yelling at Heather to get the hell out of this house and to get home, and then I felt myself being thrown to the floor.

I hit my head on the coffee table, and must have blacked out for a moment or so. When I came to, I was sitting slumped against the sofa, with a body builder sitting on my easy chair.

Heather was nowhere to be seen. I said a few slurred syllables, and the hunk in my chair told me to shut up. My vocal abilities came back a bit, and I told him that I had no idea what he was talking about. I looked at this muscle bound man and realized that a beating could land me in the hospital, or worse, so with a quiet voice I asked what the alternative was. His answer floored me. I just sat there, staring at him, my mind refusing to understand those simple words.

M/m sissy feminization stories

Now, which is it going to be? In a small, weak voice I told him that I would perform oral sex on him.

He walked in a moment later with something in his hands and an evil grin on his face. You told Heather that you loved lingerie, and wanted her to model them for you. Now you can model them for me! Without a word, he just reached out, grabbed the neck of the shirt, and ripped it down the front, and then barked at me to get the rest of my damn clothes off in 3 seconds, or face a pounding and then the cops.

I could even smell her musky scent. He yelled at me to quit staring into space, and get the damn panties on.

I pulled them up my legs, reveling in their silky smooth softness, even as I was horrified at what I was doing. Once they were settled into place, he handed me the bra, and instructed me to put it on backwards, and then spin it around, and put my arms through the straps. He had a cock that was at least 8 inches long, thick, and appeared to be as hard as a rock. He pushed me to my knees on the carpet, and told me to get busy, but if I hurt him, he was going to hurt me more than I could imagine.

At that point, I could imagine a submission. I made several tentative starts, finally licking the head to moisten it, and then placing just the head in my mouth. Moving my head, I began to slide my lips down his shaft, sucking on his cock, and using my tongue. I have had a few blowjobs in the past, and sort of knew what felt good. I hoped that if I made this gorilla feel good, he would leave, and leave me alone. I sucked and licked, and tried to take the whole thing in my mouth, but I began to gag.

I used my hand on the base of his shaft, like I had seen in a movie, and was just developing a rhythm, when I was blinded by the flash, flash, flash of a digital camera. Startled, and story his cock still in my mouth, I looked to my left, and saw Heather, her braless nipples poking through her blouse, taking picture after picture of my predicament. I started to pull back to protest and story, but had my head grabbed, and that cock was forced back between my lips. I had no choice but to keep going, while all the time Heather circled me like a vulture, continuing to takes pictures.

He held my head, and began to fuck my mouth, telling me to keep sucking, or I would be sucking my meals through a straw for a year. I did as I was told, and felt him stiffen, felt his legs shake, and then he pulled back, and shot a huge sissy of cum all over my face. I was ordered to use my submission to lick it off, and then use my fingers to gather the rest, and put it in my mouth. Again I complied, and again, the picture sissy never stopped.