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Sexy Senior Swingers

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Some older people like going on cruises. Others hightail it to early-bird specials.

Then there are the ones who use their golden years to experiment sexually outside their relationship. Meet two such senior swingers, Mark and Deanna. Mark and Deanna, both in their mid-fifties, got married 5 years ago. Neither has children from any prior relationships.

They live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they enjoy walking their dogs, doing puzzles, and seeing new movies on date nights. They also like going to places like The Green Door, a nearby night club that hosts various swingers' parties.

To this couple, casual sex with strangers is a recreational activity just like any other. It was Mark's idea to swing. He and Deanna had been married for 3 years, and while he was nervous to voice this desire, he thought it would be a good way to break up the monotony of marriage.

He first suggested it in the midst of an intimate, candlelit dinner, but even in that setting, Deanna didn't exactly jump at the proposal. I'm an open person, so for him I was willing to give it a shot because it's what made him happy. It took nearly six months after Deanna agreed to prepare and find a suitable event for them. Mark looked online for the right venue, and both were required to get STD testing in advance — along with bringing protection, a clean bill of health was a requirement from the party organizers. With the legwork done, Mark and Deanna headed to their first swingers' party.

The mid-sized club they chose was set up like a standard cocktail party, but both were struck by the surprisingly homey vibe. Not surprisingly, however, both were still anxious. I don't drink, so for me it took a bit longer to open up and talk to people. After surveying the scene, each zeroed in on potential partners and struck up casual conversations. Normally when people first meet, discussions cover basics such as what you do and where you live. That's easy: sex.

Why do seniors start swinging?

After exchanging a few pleasantries about their likes and dislikes with these new friends, Mark and Deanna headed to separate rooms for the main event. Within a few months, the couple had created a pattern.

They go to a swingers' event every few weeks, which is frequently enough that they can now spot the "regulars," but not so frequently that they consider themselves part of that group. They're allowed to sleep with anyone they choose and don't approve of each other's partners — but they do always talk about their experiences afterward.

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They attend a variety of parties. Some are limited to middle-aged people or seniors only, while others include people of a variety of ages. Deanna prefers a variety of ages, even though she's not looking to be a cougar. In contrast, Mark prefers the seniors-only soiree.

How do couples find swinger parties?

They always leave together and — most importantly — they never interact with any of these sex partners outside of the club. They claim this rule keeps the experience from "seeping in" to their relationship at home.

So far, their crowded sex life hasn't impacted their union negatively. If anything, "It's better," Mark says. By not having such strict boundaries, we've opened up more to each other. If there are other couples out there who want to give swinging a whirl, the pair has some advice. Product Reviews.

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Getty Images. How It Began It was Mark's idea to swing. Settling Into a Routine Within a few months, the couple had created a pattern. How Swinging Helped Their Marriage So far, their crowded sex life hasn't impacted their union negatively.

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