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Sex Stories Hucow

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Come be his milkmaid and receive riches and rewards beyond measure. Three young women quiver with excitement as the warlock's plan unfolds and they get to intimately know just what is expected of a milkmaid. They all hope to be bursting with milk, but which big busted woman will fill up her pail first?

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Molly had celebrated her sixteenth birthday at a wild lesbian party on Valentine's Day; Rachael was three months older, but really submissive, always preferring to be tied up during childhood rough and tumble games. Sex Education in this Erotic Literature Fantasy Land is highly problematic for teachers and students alike. As the High School Human Biology Teacher, Ms Lizzy Jones has to ensure that only the sixteen-year-olds are allowed to talk about human reproduction and sexuality, promulgating the myth that all students remain virgins until that magic birthday.

The school's policy included a complete ban on discussing puberty, self-exploration, masturbation, fornication, pregnancy, LGBTQ issues, pornography, sex outside of marriage, consent, or sexual orientation with any student below the age of sixteen.

Unsurprisingly this led to a huge incidence of teenage pregnancy, STIs, and sexual exploitation in the real world.

Hucow stories

Lizzy's own daughter Lisa was now on her third pregnancy since puberty, still not officially knowing what caused it, and so was expelled from school again. Ms Jones, the Human Biology and Sex Ed teacher, had already exhausted all the legal material for her class, attended by sixteen-year-olds Molly and Rachael. The exams were nearly over and most students would be leaving soon for the long summer holiday and then start at sixth form college. Ms Jones planned one last day for her class to remember - a trip to the slightly obscure Mothers Milk farm.

It had no web-site and no need for any advertising, but was very well known by the local maternity units and a large of satisfied private clients. Ms Jones collected the expectant group of students from the gates in the School Minibus and drove out into the Hampshire countryside.

Almost as soon as they had started, Rachael whipped out her smartphone and continued watching her favourite dark lesbian bondage video, sharing an earpiece with Molly. All of the other girls on the minibus took this as a to strip off and start making out with the boy or girl in the next seat - very soon a line of bras and panties were hanging from the overhead luggage rack and the randiest sixteen-year-olds sucking and fucking before Ms Jones driving had a chance to stop them.

Turning off the main road into a narrow wooded lane, they passed several traditional dairy farms and cottages before arriving at a gorgeous brand new oak-framed dormer bungalow. Once through the automatic front gate, Ms Jones parked the minibus discreetly beside one of the many outbuildings and climbed down, leaving the students to get dressed.

A pretty young girl rushed out, throwing her arms around the teacher's neck. You know I look dreadful in this skimpy shift dress we're all required to wear. It is true - the short white see-through dress did little to hide her engorged dark nipples or enormous pregnancy bump, but Lisa introduced herself to the class anyway.

Lisa led the way, the boys ogling her petite teenage bottom, while the stories wondered about her prominent steel bracelet bearing the 3. Inside the Sex new bungalow, it was clear why the huge windows were silvered; so that the occupants could see out, but nobody outside could watch the antics of the mostly-naked teenagers inside. Some of the girls voluntarily wore steel collars instead of the ID bracelets, leaving their wrists free for fisting.

Ms Jones explained that she had set up the centre initially just to provide a home for pregnant teens whose families wouldn't allow them a termination, but we're still too young to properly look after a baby. Her daughter, Lisa was their first entrant, giving birth three months later. It was while hucow midwife was helping Lisa deal with her overflowing supply, breast-feeding her baby before giving him up for adoption, that the idea of supplying the surplus milk to other mothers arose.

Lisa experimented with various boys to father her next child and was pregnant again within a month, so her milk supply kept flowing.

Visit to the farm – female hucow slut - sex stories

Once the establishment was home to ten girls, Ms Jones and her regular midwife helper trialed the first milking parlour. Unlike most dairy farms, once the Human Cows had been successfully serviced by the DNA-tested 'bulls', they were free to come and go as they pleased. Many were allowed home at the weekends for family visits, but always returned, often slightly more pregnant, desperate for milking.

There's no set times for milking, we just get up and go whenever the tits are getting a bit uncomfortable.

Lisa pressed her identity bracelet to the door sensor, which swished open to reveal a spotless, bright room with a curious stainless steel machine in the centre. Lisa shrugged out of her dress, hanging it on a hook; now utterly naked she placed her feet in the raised foot-rests. The milking machine adjusted the padded bar to the right height to support Lisa's bump as she leant forward to drop her swollen breasts into the automatic vacuum pumps.

Forced hucow stories

The curly pipes pulsated as the milk was sucked from her overflowing breasts, ran it through a chiller and gradually filled a glass flask. Everyone's attention was on Lisa's blissful expression, until Molly noticed the lubricated dildo entering her other end as the fucking machine sprang into life. Lisa adjusted the speed and depth of the thrusts, timing her climax to coincide with the completion of milk extraction.

As she panted towards her orgasm, Ms Jones suggested they give her some privacy and they left the room, returning to the main lounge. Recovering slowly from watching the blatant sexuality of human milk production, Rachael thought she was on safer ground asking about how distribution was handled.

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Lisa had reed the school party, pulling on a pair of leggings, but leaving her breasts bare to cool off she said. Ms Jones explained that they employed a team of motorcycle couriers to deliver the fresh milk to the local maternity units and private clients. The all-male riders were only paid expenses, but often collected tips for extra personal services from grateful ladies after delivery. Their other duties included ensuring that Lisa and the other girls remained pregnant throughout the year; fucking each one Sex week, whether they needed it or not.

Lisa's bracelet confirmed this was her third pregnancy and she was now producing enough milk to start her own yoghurt brand. Needless to say, hucow profitable revenue stream was the Pregnant Lesbian Sex and Milking webcam sessions for a very discerning mostly male clientele. Since falling for Mikey, I've been straight as a die, hardly noticing the hot stories of my own age in school.

Years ago I'd had a fling with a girl from the swimming club, when the slap and tickle in the changing rooms got a bit out of hand. We had kissed and finger fucked that very first time, but the passion only lasted for a month or so before we both discovered boys. But now, with the room reeking of female hormones, my panties were feeling rather damp. Suddenly, Ms Jones looked so desirable, playing with her daughter Lisa, stroking anti-stretch cream onto her breasts and bump.

They dabbed cream onto each other's noses, laughing and joking on the sofa. I couldn't help ing in, leaning over the back, kissing the side of Ms Jones neck.

‘hucow’ stories

Thinking of the age difference between Molly and her lover Emma, I had to ask, "How can you still be so young, Ms Jones, and have a daughter my age? I dissolved into her arms, her mouth devouring mine as her mum lowered my jeans and cupped my bottom. Lizzy dragged Lisa and me off to the Play Room, shedding our few remaining clothes along the way. All four walls of the Play Room were mirrored, floor to ceiling; the padded vinyl floor provided the perfect surface for tribbing, which Lizzy pulled me into. Oh she was good - grinding her pussy into mine, grabbing my tits, making me so wet that I barely noticed the blinking red LEDs on the numerous cameras mounted on the ceiling.

There was no sound, but she was clearly enjoying her first taste of straight sex for some time. Below the monitor was a row of Sybian story machines, with single or double dildos. Some of which appear to have been replaced by Kegel electro-stimulation Vaginal Probes for toning up pussy muscles after birthing.

Lisa straddled one of these, sinking her lubricated cunt onto the probe and setting the Sybian to a slow rotation speed; she looked blissfully happy. Molly removed her black skirt, white blouse, and black tights. She kept on her sheer black bra and matching damp panties, figuring that the boys might appreciate them. Straddling the Fucking Bench, Molly now had the two couriers, Dave and Pete, out of their leather trousers and their stories in her hands.

Her Mum Lizzy was so controlling - she insisted on using AI to get her pregnant back then. She milked us and squirted it up her precious daughter when she was - you know - ovulating. Then they swapped over, finally double penetrating the babe, with tears streaming down her face and cum seeping from her well-fucked pussy. Hucow looked confused, until Pete produced a purple feeldoe, gesturing for her to insert it into his backside. The communal bedroom, for sleeping and occasional mating, was upstairs, next to the en-suite bathroom for bathing, toilet-sex and private masturbation.

A Doctor called in every day on her way to the Health Centre to check that all their medical needs were fully addressed. The boys in the class were mesmerized by the lesbian porn compilations playing on monitors in every room. Today this was showing Squirtingfeaturing Eliza Jane and Riley Reid, carefully synchronised so that they could continue watching the hot babes fingering as they walked from room to room.

The tour Sex with a visit to the bottling room, where the milk was tested, carefully packed in glass jars and labelled with hucow topless photo of the donor for full traceability. Molly would love to have stayed on longer, getting to know her two couriers after fucking their brains out, but was off on holiday to Fuerteventura tomorrow with mum Justine and needed to pack one or two bikinis and sex toys.

Lizzy Jones gave Rachael her phone as she drove the Sex back to school, just in case she fancied any more lesbian tuition over the long summer break while Mikey was at work.

for Free! Score 4. Published 6 months ago. Author's Notes "Red-headed Molly and brunette Rachael are real year-olds, having been friends since junior school, all other characters and events in this story set in May are fictional.

My slave, my hucow

Births were handled by a visiting midwife and the babies put up for adoption after a week or so. Rachael Since falling for Mikey, I've been straight as a die, hardly noticing the hot girls of my own age in school. Could you put them back on? Most of the resident's educational needs were met by Ms Jones and the internet. College Sex hucow teen pregnant.