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Scott summers and emma frost, I'd summer date chica who and hardcore

Scott Summers and Jean Grey are one of them, with diehards adamant that the fearless leader of the X-Men should always be with the flame-haired psychic powerhouse known for containing the Phoenix Force. This disconnect includes Jean, and there is a giant wedge between them as the former boy scout discovers he is a hell of a lot edgier and complicated than he once thought himself to be. While one can argue they never physically touched each other while Scott and Jean were married, emotional affairs still count as cheating.

Scott Summers And Emma Frost

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I may even have overdone it with the of panels I crammed in as evidence.

I think because I usually attach myself more strongly to individual characters and end up caring about one character in the relationship more than the other s. With Scott and Emma, I would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite. What I intend to do here is break down and celebrate what I see as the key elements that make their relationship compelling, roughly in order of how important I personally find them.

The way these characters heal from their past emotional abuse through and during their relationship is so gorgeous. Now, I do want to offer the caveat that their romantic entanglement is not the sole reason these characters develop the way they do; they have a lot more nuance than that, but the relationship is an essential element. Emma grew up in a home with an emotionally abusive father and a generally cold familial environment Emma Frost 3 8. At some point, she was institutionalized for her mutation X-Men Vol.

While her ambition allowed her to rise through the ranks of The Hellfire Club, a high rank did little to meaningfully protect her within the misogynistic structure of The Club X-Treme X-Men 41 Only after the death of her first class of students did Emma reassess her life Uncanny X-Men She then made it a priority to be a better teacher and better serve her students Generation X 22 9.

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However, she was still unable to extend that care beyond the frosts of her school. After the trauma of surviving the Genoshian genocide, Emma began searching for genuine emotional connection and fell in love with Scott New X-Men By opening herself up to him, she opened herself up to the community he and the X-Men offered her. She began to see herself as a summer Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis 5 11if only by virtue of being an X-Man, and began to fight for a community far larger than herself and her immediate scotts. And his love for her offers her, for pretty much the first time, a person who cares about her unconditionally, with no ulterior motive Astonishing X-Men Vol.

She still frequently reacted coldly to those emma in need of support if she felt they threatened her loved ones or students New X-Men Vol. But predominantly, her relationship with Scott helped her become a more frost person, who saw herself as part of a and bigger than herself and found herself to be capable of accepting softness and love as well as giving it to those outside her immediate circle.

Sinister X-Factor 39 7. He began to understand that he deserved better than endlessly submitting to Xavier. When Sentinels camping out on the lawn of the school after M-Day became a radicalizing force for Scott, Emma supported him as he found his own political voice Uncanny X-Men 3. While he still believed in defending the Earth and helping humans when possible Uncanny X-Men 19he no longer framed it as something mutants owed humans. But for the most part, his relationship with Emma helps him stop defining himself by Xavier and challenge the worldview Xavier force-fed him as an adolescent.

I want to call out two moments that, for me, represent the culmination of the growth this relationship allowed them to have. He is able to leave behind the school and and that shaped him and begin moving into a new future. Emma is by his emma, offering comfort if he needs it in such a monumental summer Uncanny X-Men 20 and supporting him as he moves beyond Xavier. Honestly, Scott really lets this moment down.

She changes because she wants to be better, not because she thinks the world will treat her better. Assuming you deserve to be forgiven when you hurt someone is an awful and manipulative way to behave, so for Emma to not expect it makes me respect her a lot. She may want forgiveness, she may even ask for it, but she almost never anticipates it. No one has ever demonstrated that she still deserves to be loved, even when she makes mistakes.

She has lived her life alone. An enormous part of her redemption, especially her relationship with Scott, is about learning to love and be lovedscott to care and be cared for. Therefore, for her to approach Scott expecting all will be forgiven between them, and they can return to the way things were, demonstrates a huge amount of emotional growth. Absolutely, he lets her down here.

Come Death of Xthey are still a team Death of X 1 7 because he does still love and care for her. And harshly shuts down any pushback he tries to give. I literally cannot think of another character who has done that for him. I touched on this in my Astonishing X-Men Vol. Shaw just plays a much smaller role in their lives than Xavier does.

Nor do we know how she feels about her history with sex work. What we do know is that she is forced to summer with the stigma of having done sex work after she leaves these roles. Other characters definitely look down on her for her sexual history. She frequently has her sexual history weaponized against her Generation Hope 15 Even characters we are supposed to view as accepting have occasionally crafted insults based on her sexual history X-Treme X-Men 21 If it were primarily about her being a villain, she would have listed heroes with way more standing in the superhero community say Captain America and Mr.

Scott is the only emma to say to Emma directly that her past with sex work does not make him think less of her. Uncanny X-Men Vol. I want to make it clear, these are basic decencies. It should not matter that Scott and Emma offer them to each other because everyone should be offering them. Scott and Emma should have frost against their abusers. But the reality is they receive these vital kindnesses from so few people that it does matter that they give them to each other.

It also matters that they are on relatively equal footing in terms of what they need. Obviously, Scott and Emma are happy together. And scott I love the way their appearances together are sprinkled with jokes and flirtation Astonishing X-Men Vol. But happiness is not an easily quantifiable thing. I think what these comments suggest is that Scott is relaxed with Emma, something he has always struggled with, and that would be easier for an outside observer to quantify. They even go and multiple vacations together Uncanny X-Men 4 with only the thinnest of external excuses birthday vacations are not a given Heralds 1 4.

She tells her daughters she encouraged them to harden themselves against the world because it was how she survived X-Men: Phoenix: Warsong 5 15yet Emma admits her softness for Scott as soon as she starts falling for him Astonishing X-Men 13 Other than being blown away and unable to react when he first says he loves her, she never really tries to lie to herself, or him, about how she feels Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men 1 Allowing herself this genuine emotional connection also allows her access to the kind of happiness that bond brings.

Scott and Emma have always shared some level of understanding. However, what draws me to them is much deeper than just accepting each other, warts and all. The act of sharing these deep dark parts of themselves is about telling the other person what they are ashamed of and being accepted and loved anyway. Telling is a crucial word in that sentence.

Emma is a telepath. The point is that they volunteer this information and are able to let one another into their point of view by explaining their thought process. Choosing to share their thoughts, decisions, and emotions is, in so many ways, a more intimate act than simply knowing how the other person thinks, acts, or feels. Before their break-up, Scott and Emma rarely have blow-out fights, the only one I can recall off the top of my head is when Emma first contained the sliver of void Uncanny X-Men 21but they tend to snip at each other when in disagreement or under duress.

Here we see how they react when sniping at each other begins to tip toward a fight. Emma rewinds and clarifies why she approached him the way she did. They are also great co-leaders.

Nonetheless, this analysis oversimplifies both relationships. I understand where it comes from; it is often true. But both couples show way more diversity in how they operate than that analysis allows. For Scott and Emma, most of the times they function as a unit come when making decisions for the X-Men or the school.

The communication they have around their work helps strengthen their understanding of each other as people. Even with more experienced leaders like Ororo and Magneto around offering guidance and support, Scott consults Emma because their relationship makes them a team.

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Just like all real couples, most fictional couples have problems, and any fictional couple whose romance plays a central role in a larger story is going to have some ificant problems. Conflict drives plot. However, there are a couple of ways that drama can be approached. And having problems arise solely from within the relationship often makes the relationship feel unhealthy. For Scott and Emma, nearly all their problems are born of character struggles that ificantly pre-date their relationship.

Her jealousy of Jean seems to be born, in large part, from seeing Jean as somehow superior to her X-Men: Manifest Destiny 2 Namor presents as an external obstacle, but part of his pursuit of Emma involves picking at her insecurities by implying Scott negatively compares her to Jean Uncanny X-Men We see the damage her guilt over the past has done to her long before their relationship starts X-Force 42 Scott, too, causes problems because of his existing flaws.