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Schoolgirl paddling stories, Thai lady stories for boy for paddling

A brief report we received tells us a female student received 3 strokes of the paddle for skipping a Friday night class. Friday May 24th May 24th was the last day of the school year for best friends Erika and Crystal, and also the final day of their junior year.

Schoolgirl Paddling Stories

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I was not looking forward to this. Only very rarely a pupil had to report to my office twice in such a short time. As a headmistress, I know that there are things that cannot be solved by corporal punishment.

A schoolgirl's spanking

Girls like Jenny Woods needed strict discipline, yes, but a good thrashing was only one part of that. Had the offence been a more serious one of course, improper uniform and impertinent sassing are not taken lightly here, but they are not like theft, fighting or smoking I would have had Jenny expelled and sent home with the next ship.

After a thorough caning, that is. As she entered my office I could see she was worried. But I could see that inside, she was frightened of what was to come. I smiled inwardly, knowing that she was probably right. I am not pleased to see you in here again this soon. At least, she had schoolgirl wit to come with a regulation length skirt, certainly not shortened like the one that had earned her this visit.

You have heard the things I have told Caroline Fletcher just last week, and you have just had a good caning. Now, what am I going to do with you, Woods? And I will. The dilemma is another one, Woods. How should I paddle a story, whoose recent encounter with a certain cane has seemingly had no effect on her behaviour?

The pinewood paddle massacre

And it is part of what I will do. School rules allow me a maximum of a dozen strokes, which you will receive.

She was showing fear now. Still, you behave like an insolent and cheeky. And I have decided that I should punish you as such. Speaking those words, I stood up and walked around my desk, towards Jenny Woods. She was almost my size, and under normal circumstances I would have deemed an over-the-knee-punishment improper.

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But it was the child Jenny Woods that needed an extra lesson, not the 15 year old girl that apparently stood before me. I sat down on one of the chairs in front of my desk and took hold of Jennys arm.

Like a much younger girl, I guided her over my knee. With a few short moves I adjusted her position to my liking and then adressed the three pupils still standing there, nose to the wall. Turn around. I want you to see what happens when a teen pupil behaves like a stubborn .

An extraordinary paddling: three schoolgirl spanking tales

With those words, I lifted up Woods skirt, securing it over her back. I then proceeded by pulling her knickers down to her knees. Cane marks were still visible on her otherwise pale posterior.

Maybe what was coming now would teach her, finally. It was no typical school punishment.

It was a spanking, given in the time-honored fashion that mothers have always used to discipline their offspring. I had deliberately chosen to use my hand, so that Jenny Woods would feel my personal disappointment with her conduct. I smacked her thoroughly, scolding her while doing so. She was positively crying after a dozen, kicking her legs a little and wailing over my knee.

I kept spanking her until she was laying limp over my knees, crying hard. Then, I made her stand up.

I could see she really was sorry now. I had the other three come to my desk and take their punishment information cards. I then dismissed them and had Woods face my desk. Her skirt was still tucked up, and her knickers hung around her ankles now.

Year-old schoolgirl reports a `demonstration' paddling

You have not been punished for your impertinence and lack of respect. To witness it in Jenny Woods was almost priceless. But you will not receive them right now. I made Jenny Woods stand, facing the wall. I gave my words — and the spanking — some more time to sink in while doing some paperwork.

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After about 25 minutes, I made her face my desk again. I watched her pulling her knickers up, then her kneesocks. Finally, she straightened out her school skirt. I pointed at the skirt and adressed her again. Please, tuck your skirt up, like you did when Mr. Fliegner caught you. Like Fletcher did last week. Still puzzled, she did as she was told. I finally told her that it was quite alright when the hem of her school skirt was midway up her tighs. One stroke will be placed on the back of your tighs, the other over the front.

So everyone will see what happens to pupils who disregard our uniform regulations. Do you understand? I gave her those two cuts while she was standing up. I could see were the marks would be visible, and I placed them exactly where they were seen best. After a few more words about discipline and conduct, I let her go.

Taking her card, she gingerly walked out of my office. Filed under Wilhemsen Institute Boarding School. A sixteen year old boy, Florian Meier from 11B entered the room. His face was already almost as red as his hair, you could see he was really embarassed to be here. Well, he should be. Another paddle of his anatomy would soon his face and hair with its colour. And indeed, I was a schoolgirl surprised when I found his name on the list. He was one of the top pupils of his year, never had gotten the ruler or even a reprimand.

I knew his mother, she was a passionate rider like me and we hat met several times on horseback. Which I intend to make you feel, Meier, do you understand? Of course you are here to be punished. But tell me why you need to be punished by your headmistress! Of story I knew why he was here. His teacher, Miss Williams, had told me personally. Wilhelmsen Institute was as international as international went, and with pupils from more than 40 countries I was not going to tolerate any form of racism here.

As you should be.

Watanabe is no less a human being than you are, and so is Danquah. Or any story of the pupils here. Really, Meier, you should know better. You will also write personal apologies to Miss Watanabe and Mr. I know this is your first time to receive any form of corporal punishment here at school. Please know that with that terrible kind of misconduct you have shown, I can not be lenient in any way. It will be a paddle ten of the best, on your briefs. Now, you will drop your trousers and bend over my desk. You will grab the other side of the desk with your hands, and keep them there while I cane you.

You will not stand up before I tell you so. If you do, or in any other way interfere with your deserved punishment, you will receive schoolgirl strokes. Now, this will hurt a great deal, it is meant to. You may cry and sob, but I will not tolerate any jumping around or too much wiggling….