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Root and shaw sex fanfiction, And root fanfiction who sex hostess

Person of Interest is a crime drama with science fiction elements, specifically the existence of an Artificial Intelligence. It is set in post-September 11,New York City, with current action airing in real time an episode that airs in also takes place inand flashbacks going back in time as far back as the terrorist attacks in

Root And Shaw Sex Fanfiction

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AN: Happy Birthday to Jimcaviezelbiggestfan's bff : She asked for a story for you with some smut, so I hope you enjoy some Careese fluff and smut.

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Don't be like that. Shaw gave the other woman a look, "Root, we're talking about you fucking me in the ass here. I'm talking about holding my hand in public.

Going on public dates. Introducing me as your girlfriend. And I'm talking about cuddling. Sameen, I'm talking about you being the little spoon. There was another long pause as Shaw glared at Root, then she simply shrugged, "You can fantasise about what it could mean all you want, it's not going to happen. I've always loved that about you sweetie. And now it's finally mine. Root didn't have to look away from that gloriously rounded rump to know that Shaw was rolling her eyes.

It was the expression she was used too, and always delighted in receiving from the other deadly woman that after so long she finally got to call her girlfriend. Her girlfriend! The thought still made Root's heart flutter even six months after they had officially got together, which might as well be a lifetime in their line of work. The point was that after finally defeating Samaritan life had been perfect, except for one thing. Because Root was greedy. She had more than she ever thought with Shaw, but she wanted every single part of her, especially this part.

Arguably it was the best part of Shaw's body. Sure, her entire body was pretty much perfection, but she had the kind of booty that could even match Beyonce's. Maybe all those stakes went straight to her ass? Whatever the case Root planned on taking full advantage now she had the opportunity.

Which meant while she really wanted to get straight to the violation Root instead took her time, slowly stripping the grumbling Shaw, tying her up in place and sliding her hands all over that ass. Of course Shaw could have escaped at any time, but she wouldn't.

She had promised to stay in place if she lost the bet, which she did, and now here she was, tied up and at Root's mercy, just like when they met. With that Root delivered a hard strike to Shaw's bare ass, causing the other woman to let out a little cry which made the taller girl grin and even chuckle with delight.

Root then repeated the process with the other cheek, although unsurprisingly this time there was no cry. This time Shaw was expecting it, and given their track record she was certainly expecting more, so it would be difficult to get another cry out that pretty mouth of hers. Which didn't stop Root from trying.

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Although at first it wasn't about making Shaw cry out. No, it was about the sheer joy of spanking her girlfriend, and making those meaty cheeks jiggle for her with every blow. Of course it wasn't long before Shaw grumbled, "What is this, preschool?

Put some fucking effort into it. It was tempting to at least try, as there was nothing in this world Root loved more than teasing her beloved Shaw. Although spanking her big booty hard and rough, damn, that came pretty close to being better, at the very least it was on equal footing with the teasing. Of course, Root didn't get there right away, but she knew it would be enough of a tease for Shaw, confirmation of which came in the form of a heavy sigh from her lover.

So it was a win-win, especially as she got to watch those cheeks slowly turn bright pink, and then eventually an angry red while they still jiggled for her, Root making the most of this just in case Shaw didn't let her do this again. Shaw was annoyed. Which was her normal state of mind around Root, and admittedly she didn't really want to kill her so this wasn't as annoyed as she'd ever been with this woman, but it was pretty close. She'd only agreed to this possibility to shut Root up.

[p-8] coffee and handcuffs

And now she had what she wanted Root was still teasing her. God, it was so infuriating.

Shaw should just break out of these handcuffs and teach the annoying bitch some manners. Or at least how to give a proper spanking. But then she would be back to square one, and this would have been all for nothing. So Shaw had endured the taunting, manhandling, and weak ass spanking for as long as she could cope for before speaking out.

Which turned out to be a good thing because Root finally began giving her a half decent spanking to the point where Shaw even cried out a little, mostly in joy.

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But there was genuinely some pain, and Shaw liked that. It wasn't a fraction of what she could cause if the roles were reversed, or the pain that Shaw would gleefully give to Root when she was back on top where she belonged, and it wasn't even the worst pain that Root had ever caused her, but it was okay. Passable, even. Not that she'd ever admit that to Root. Then Root had to ruin it by stopping the spanking just when it was getting good, causing Shaw to growl in disapproval, which only made Root chuckle in delight.

Further annoying her Root got up and walked away, causing Shaw to glare, awkwardly glance over her shoulder at her girlfriend, and seriously consider breaking these cuffs.

Then it was her turn to smile wickedly as Root pulled out a riding crop and tested it before returning to her position. Of course then annoyingly she slid it over Shaw's naked ass, teasing her even more for a few long seconds, but then finally Root started giving her a decent amount of pain, even starting out rough and then only getting harder. She even concentrated on one spot at a time, maximising the amount of pain Shaw was feeling, and no doubt leaving a mark.

Person of interest

Of course while it was good, it was just good for Root, and more importantly it didn't prove anything. Root was still the bottom, and Shaw was still the top, and there was nothing that anyone could do to change that. Besides, even if Root ended up giving her more pain than Shaw was expecting, it wasn't like Root was really trying. Or at least, she wasn't bringing out the big guns. Because Shaw knew better than anyone what Root was capable of when it came to torture, and at a certain point Shaw missed the iron she had threatened her with when they first met.

Maybe even part of her was hoping it would make an appearance. Alas, it was not to be. Root actually considered it, but while under the right circumstances she enjoyed causing pain, this definitely wasn't the right circumstances.

Person of interest

Besides, if she had her way Shaw would push Root into seriously injuring her, just to avoid the humiliation of getting her ass fucked. But no, Root had won their bet fair and square, despite what Shaw might claim, and she fully intended on collecting in full. Especially when it came to Shaw's anal cherry.

In the meantime, if the love of her life wanted pain so badly, she would give it to her, and more importantly prove Shaw wrong.

That she could top her, even if she enjoyed bottoming most of the time. While that might be true Root would happily give up bottoming and become a full-time top if it meant she could spank Sameen Shaw's big beautiful booty every single day just like this.

Well, truth be told Root definitely preferred the intimacy of working with her hands, especially as they caused those meaty cheeks to jiggle far more than the crop, but she could definitely get used to this given the happy cries she forced out of her precious Sameen.

That was why she pushed herself to do this longer than she originally intended. Well, that and the fact that Shaw's fat ass became so becomingly battered and bruised that really appealed to the most sadistic part of Root, who had a wicked grin on her face almost the entire time she was spanking her girl. Eventually though Root stopped completely, and then when she put away the riding crop Shaw called out, "No, don't stop! Besides, we've done the whole torture thing, and while it was fun, I'm really not in the mood to hurt you.

At least not badly. No, I just want to make you feel good in away you've never felt before. Before Shaw could argue otherwise Root spat on her ass hole then dived her head down to start licking that saliva into Shaw's back door. This got a delightfully loud moan out of Shaw, one she quickly tried to stifle, but it was too late. Root had heard it, and of course it caused her to chuckle with wicked delight as it was further proof that she was right, that Shaw would enjoy a little butt sex if she would only try it. And how could she not with an ass this fuck-able.