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In the more than 40 years since Rod Carew debuted in the big leagues, he's watched thousands of great and not-so-great hitters while discerning the fundamentals of success at the plate. Countless hours spent experimenting, watching video, and refining his own techniques have helped transform Carew from one of the game's best hitters to one of its most revered teachers.

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Ok, what was the pinball machine with the music counting to 12 from? It's driving me crazy. Eleven, Twelve.

That's what I remember it from. I didn't even see it, and I got it right. That piece made the show for me. The pinball machine was my favorite Sesame Street thing ever, outside of Grover that is.

Urban thesaurus

I thought it was from there or some other educational show. I loved that short. George W. That threw me into a massive childhood flashback. It was a little scary actually. I wonder if they hired a Pop Culture Expert to cram the last three or four episodes chock-full of old TV show references. Especially when you realize how strange and psychedelic it was.

Chad curtis

I recall another one of those shorts with a ball going into somebody's mouth too, and then their eyes lit up. I'm going to need you sit at the kids table, that'd be great When Fonzie knocked Howard's wanker, I laughed my arse off. I set my DVR to record 2. When I saw Da Pres. Yeah, Lundbergh made this episode for me.

I was never that much into Sesame Street. The oddest thing about that Sesame Street pinball short was that they encountered an obstacle for each from one to twelve, but they weren't encountered in numerical order. It's a special feature on one of my sons' Elmo DVDs, but they just try to look the other way when I play it.

Watch his hand gestures. I am pretty sure he's fighting it through the speech, but it appears that he involuntary repeats the sock puppet movements used to prep him for the speech a few times. I must say, this was barnone the funniest episode of the year.

Painting Stewie's bubble black was just flat out awesome. I'm totally clueless what sexual act a Rod Carew is.

I thought The Simpsons was pretty damn good too. Gotta love the urban dictionary I squealed at the pinball machine.

That was my favorite part of Sesame Street, forgotten until Family Guy reminded me of it. It really kind of freaked me out, actually.

Thankfully, I was home and watching live when Monkey Boy started flingin poo. I tuned in periodically to see when he was done and then added the shows following the primetime block to compensate. Reference in Tonight's Family Guy. Posted: Sun Dec 18, pm.

Reference in tonight's family guy

Tribus: When you gonna wake up and fight for yourself? Northern VA. Sesame Street? Comp Guru. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. Yep, Sesame Street.

I remember it well. Posted: Mon Dec 19, am.

Rod carew's hit to win: batting tips and techniques from a baseball hall of famer

Sagan :]. Originally posted by Comp Guru: George W. The Blue Rider. Originally posted by Unrated: That threw me into a massive childhood flashback.

I cracked up when they brought in Lumbergh. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

Posted: Mon Dec 19, pm. Da Fish.

Semi On. XxOmegaxX "Wolf? Commodore75 Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Tribus: gothenburg.