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Robot spanking stories, I spanking story boy that loves robots

Helen Green had been a minister of the Society of the Triple Goddess, the largest religious denomination in the Fempower Republic, for the last twenty-five years. Though she was raised herself in a nonreligious but strictly feminist family, she had always felt a spiritual need.

Robot Spanking Stories

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Javier always spoke Spanish the first few days. You with me, so far?

Name: Elly
Years old: I'm 47 years old
Orientation: I love man
What is the color of my hair: Dark-haired
My favourite drink: Stout
In my spare time I love: Marital arts

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Welcome to Enchester Punishment Centre. Susie Brackenshaw blinked. The woman appeared only a couple of years older than her own nineteen years. Her hair was dark, very straight and neatly cut with a fringe.

The uniform was the modern jump-suit style in a pretty pale blue to distinguish her from the regular police who wore the same style but in very dark midnight blue. I think I have to hand you this? Would you like some refreshments? Susie hesitated, surprised to receive the offer. Milk, no sugar. Thank you.

The idea, I mean, not the coffee. After pressing a few buttons, she handed a steaming plastic cup of coffee to Susie and then made a selection for herself.

But we like it to be welcoming and relaxing. No-one here means you any harm.

Susie smiled weakly. I like mine long. Yes, I noticed it was almost reaching half way down your back. Must take a lot of looking after. Shall we move on?

At the door, Julienne took a small plastic card from her pocket and slid it down the entry lock which caused the door to swing open automatically. Once through the door, they went along a corridor with white painted walls and a of doors on either side. Julienne stopped at the fourth door on the right. In the centre stood a small table with two chairs placed on opposite sides, while a tall cabinet was positioned against the wall on the left. There was another door in the wall opposite to where they had entered the room, and to the right stood a small desk with a computer and a telephone.

While Susie settled into one of the chairs, Julienne went to the computer and tapped away at the keys.

Fascinating future

Naughty girl! Too late to worry about that now. Do you want to cooperate with us regarding your penalty? Come on. As Susie ed her, she opened it and they went through. The next room was completely empty except for a heavy wooden trestle placed in the centre with leather straps attached to the bottom of each of the four legs.

The centre part of the trestle comprised a flat surface measuring about three feet by two which appeared to be covered with thinly padded leather. Or you could even choose to bend over this frame without being strapped to it. Susie felt her face redden, unsure whether it was through being asked to undress in front of this stranger or through the implication she should have known this would be asked of her.

She reached behind her neck and began unfastening the buttons that ran down the back of her dress. As the dress slipped down to the floor, she stepped out of it and then picked it up and handed it to Julienne. I can easily slip those panties down when everything is ready. It will only take a moment. Why would you want to let a little embarrassment interfere with your punishment?

A little friendly presence to make things as easy as we can for you. Built like tanks! Now the moment of reckoning was approaching. Susie felt her heart beating faster as her nervousness increased. Punishment Control?

Vn short story

Room 5 — Susie Brackenshaw. Yes, ready now. Oh right. About ten minutes, they reckon. Nice and thin and whippy. When you say effective, you mean to cause as much pain to my bottom as possible? Like I said, we want to do the best job we can. How did you get to hear about the paddle?

But she lives in Dorminster. I used to work at the Dorminster centre up until a couple of weeks ago. What was her name?

But, yes, we used a solid rubber paddle there. Susie was about to reply when the door burst open and a short stocky woman wearing the dark blue uniform jump-suit of the regular police service entered the room. She wore the three stripes above her right breast pocket denoting her rank as sergeant, and carried a thin length of straight yellow rattan cane about three feet in length.

Girls pantsing and stripping board

Here we are. Let me introduce you. Sergeant Harrison, this is Susie.

Come along and bend nicely over the table for us. Susie would have made a comment, had she been able to think of something sarcastic enough and if she had not wanted to incur the wrath of the fearsome-looking Sergeant Harrison. She moved to the nearest side of the small table that did not have a chair facing it, all the time keeping a watch on the activities of Sergeant Harrison.

Before Susie could finish the sentence, Julienne pushed her firmly down across the table and then quickly snatched the white brief knickers with the red polka dots down to her ankles. With the palms of her hands flat on the table, Susie was about to push herself back up and protest.

I get the message.

You can let go now. At that moment, Susie looked round to see what Sergeant Harrison was doing, and saw the stocky female moving round behind her.

Frightened and embarrassed, Susie looked up at Julienne. Stay put and let Sergeant Harrison give your bottom the good hiding it deserves. Susie merely grunted in response, just before Sergeant Harrison swept the cane sharply down across her naked bottom. Relentlessly, Sergeant Harrison continued the caning with another stroke aimed low down which stung even more noticeably. She decided high up could use some attention.

Swinging the cane back, she hesitated for just a moment and then whipped it down again. Unbeknown to Susie, Sergeant Harrison eyes remained focused on the very centre of her bottom. Susie ignored her totally. That was very well executed.

Would you like to thank the Sergeant, Susie? Just as Susie began to rise from the table, Sergeant Harrison swept past and left the room without saying another word. Susie dipped down to reach the white panties with the red polka dots that were bunched around her ankles and pulled them up, her face grimacing at the soreness making the move so uncomfortable. By the time, she had eased the underwear back into place around her hips and swollen bottom, Julienne had taken her dress from the cabinet and was crouching down, holding it ready for her to step into.

All done.

Diapers and a.i. don’t mix

Susie pulled the sheet of paper from a pocket in her dress and handed it over. Julienne took it to the computer desk, tapped away at the keyboard and then took a rubber stamp from a drawer which she banged down on the paper. After adding her ature, she handed it back to Susie. Would you like a cup of coffee before you leave? As Susie left the building, she vowed never to do anything that would mean a return.