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Reddit bust petite, I would bust petite friend that Reddit flirts

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Reddit Bust Petite

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Name: Bethany
Years: 34
What is my Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
I like to listen: Opera
Tattoo: None

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Busty petite reddit

Who would expect a girl to be a busty petite? Apparently, Reddit has a nose for all these girls on the internet. You know they have squeezed all that lack of height into their front bumpers.

Their weight seems to grow in all the right places. You ought to stare and wonder how they were able to do it. Call it blessings for both ends as we get to talk all about these busty petites today. Are you ready? We sometimes question how the hell is it even possible but apparently, nature has ways of playing with the human body. If there are chubby girls with tiny titsthere definitely is an opposite too with a busty petite.

Reddit nsfw

Maybe we are all created with such weird proportions to teach people to appreciate themselves first. Well, since I have a ton of experience with petite girlsit is expected that some of them are busty. You can only imagine how much fun it is whenever you get to ragdoll a five-feet girl with boobs for a six-feet girl.

I just want to break you in first into this awesome subreddit. This actually happened just a week ago.

You know how us attractive guys get away with being naughty all the time without being called a pervert, so I struck. I cut through all the intros and asked her what she was doing after the gym. She told me she just had a dance rehearsal then go out with friends in the club.


She was sort of the Dana Brooke-ish type so that meant her boobs were always bouncing and her bones were also meaty. Still, I managed to ragdoll this sweet strong princess as we had the best sex we had in a while. I know she enjoyed it because we immediately followed it up with another hookup the next night.

But that was a week ago. Do you know what confirms how good the sex is? Obviously, because they are small in height but big in boobs. If a fat girl with big boobs is considered a default, then where does it put a petite girl with big boobs?

Busty petite

Like I said, the human anatomy is very weird. Maybe a little bit of pre-conditioning practice as too. Asians are known to be the petite race. Still, there are the exceptionally-gifted ones that we wish we were hooking up with.

Reddit nsfw

I travel to Asia often because the currency multiplies in such a way that I suddenly become the richest man in Asia. That meant hot Asian chicks throwing themselves at me just to sleep in my penthouse suite in a five-star hotel. That also meant me hitting on mostly locals. I love it when I get to chill with a surfer girl.

Busty latina petite busty petite latina busty petite latina busty petite latina busty petite

Usually, surfer girls wear binders to avoid their boobs slamming on the surfboard as they paddle. This is the time where busty petite Asians come in handy as they may have a conservative face but have an untapped inner wild side. What happened next is a lot of bow chicka wow wow after she scored some weed from a local. How does this story end?

Top + busty petite pics on reddit

Well, I was the first one she looked for when she went to America. We met in Tampa and picked up where we left off from Bali.

What else will you ask for when you have a busty petite girlfriend? All is fair for as long as you find them hot. These girls know how to carry themselves and the big boobs just seem like a bonus to a confident and secure personality.


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