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Red rooster lv, Dancer rooster pick Red for lapdance

Has anyone been? My wife and I will be in Vegas over the easter weekend.

Red Rooster Lv

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Come dressed in your sexiest or scariest costumes. September 25th the Red Rooster is having a Toga Party. Come dressed in your sexiest toga outfit. Doors open at 9 pm. These days it takes a small fortune to go out to a club in Vegas. And then what?

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Las Vegas has lost one of its great champions of free love. Mike Borchers died at 81 on Monday.

Tons of locals go there, too, as well as conventioneers and tourists in town for everything from the Electric Daisy Carnival to the rodeo and the Consumer Electronics Show. He lived a Long and Happy Life and had many friends. She and others are keeping open their legendary Red Rooster, Greyhound Lane, where the Borchers have been the undisputed king and queen of swinging in Las Vegas. The Red Rooster rarely gets press. The general vibe the Borchers created there is consensual, fun-loving and safe, with volunteers acting as security.

I talked to Mike Borchers quite a few times, but he let me interview him officially only once, in Read that story below. The funeral is scheduled for noon Tuesday, with a viewing at 10 a.

Eastern Ave. Mike Borchers has had sex with 9, women, by his count. Last year, he had sex with women. The club started at about square feet in Friday night at the Rooster. Lights glow red. Most of the or so swingers are dressed, although a woman on the dance floor has let loose her prodigious breasts.

Couples sit at tables, or go back to check out the pool, or they shoot pool. A few guys walk around, wearing only towels. Others flock in and circle the bed. Swingers appear to be in their late 20s to 50s. They are trim, slightly overweight or obese. The demographic resembles that of a company Christmas party. Mike had already run a fish and chips place, dealt craps and raised greyhounds. When the greyhound circuit ground out, he turned his dog quarters into this house. InMike and Chris began hosting small swingers parties. Law enforcement officers raided the parties five times in the next 15 years.

Police intervention has mainly served to promote the Red Rooster, anyway.

Welcome to the red rooster

I want to go! Terry Davis of the vice section at the Metropolitan Police Department says other swingers clubs have been busted, both years ago and recently, but for problems the Rooster has avoided: Prostitutes propositioned people in other clubs. Once someone has paid admission, further talk of money arouses suspicion.

Over the years, judges and TV personalities have frequented the Rooster. Plenty of cops. Doctors, lawyers, teachers. Cocktail waitresses. And many real estate agents, Mike says.

Swingers say the Red Rooster has a lot going for it. If pushy weirdos and jerky husbands show up, security volunteers quickly eject them. Bartenders, waitresses and others are volunteers with socializing benefits. At first, Virginia said no to other women.

So Mike said they could add other men, first. After a while, Virginia had a great experience with a woman. This is cool. But the first time she watched him have sex with another woman, that turned her around. Clearly, not everyone is wired for the lifestyle. At Vegasredrooster. Mike says the worst things in the lifestyle are jealous husbands.

None of those people are swingers. Mike stands tall and broad, and retains the silvery-blond hair of his youth.

He must have looked commanding when he was a slim, good-looking kid on the farm in Illinois, even more so when he was a Marine, or after that, when he delivered mail in Florida in the early s. In six years on his house postal route, Mike says, he had sex with women. Infriends introduced Mike to Chris. They were both divorced. Each was already a parent to five .

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Chris was a few years into Las Vegas, out of Kansas, and she had modeled for Sears. It builds a trust and a bond. You have your life. You have your jobs. You have your children. You can barely control yourself.

Susan G. Do we still want to be entertained by made-up old stories that tell us queer people are cursed and deserve to die? Flamingo Road, with events Tuesday nights in January. We rely on it so much that Google plans to let us autocomplete whole s. Here are seven ways predictive input can improve.

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The show focuses on new and emerging technologies and trends in relation to the media and entertainment industries. Friendly Ford celebrated its 47th year in business April 7 with a large crowd that included dignitaries and longtime friends visiting the dealership at N. Decatur Blvd.

If you get called to a board meeting at Lake Las Vegas, you might want to bring your swimsuit. Red Rooster logo Courtesy image. Mike Borcher Courtesy photo. Mike and Chris Borcher Courtesy photo. The Red Rooster Courtesy photo. Red Rooster Courtesy photo.

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