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Read interracial romance books online free, Interracial Read romance online free books

Rock Hard Alpha Male is a super hot republish of a sweet and steamy interracial romance. This book is a bit slower burn but when it gets hot it gets HOT.

Read Interracial Romance Books Online Free

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I suppose that the best time to leave was when we did it, anyways. I suppose that at night, that would be when Ryan would know the right people to talk to. He'd know where to go, how to get there. I'm in the passenger seat. I'm not sure if that's totally wise, honestly, but it really doesn't matter all that much in the end.

Name: Sioux
Age: 23
Tint of my eyes: Green eyes
Languages: Italian
In my spare time I love: Singing

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Bwwm secret a billionai. Maybe I never really have. Tonight I almost got even for you, Papa.

Tonight I almost killed As we get nearer the lighthouse, the whiny drone of rotor blades drills through the sky overhead. The stranger lets go of my hips, and I hear the click of a weapon. He grips my waist with one hand instead, and in the rear-view mirror I can see his gun arm outstretched, pointing behind us.

Well, at least not yet. There are sharp rocks on either side. The cove is secluded, with a sheer, craggy cliff on either side.

A forest of acacias rings a house partway up the hillside. This place has been well thought-out, by someone who celebrates his privacy.

A night with a billionaire: an interracial billionaire romance

Just lie low till I get back. Only you got to him first. I folded my arms instead; stand as tall and straight as I can on one leg.

Trust me. Owe you? Lady, I just saved your idiot life.

But your way—he just dropped. What did you think was gonna happen?

You mean, in that dress? Damn, you are a peach and a half, sweetheart. For Christ's sakes, do that one thing for me. And bring me a bite to eat as well. Published: