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Pup band tattoo, South band seeking Pup for tattoo

This funeral dirge This endless night But every time I try and think of a de I cant think of any imagery from the song that translates to a tattoo. Capo: 1st fret. We've had some dark days We're wasting away Oh it was cold but it wasn't cold enough.

Pup Band Tattoo

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I'm looking for some inspiration for a pup tattoo. I was diagnosed with cancer in Decemeber, now in remission after a pretty shitty 6 months. I have my last Chemo session in a few days. Every time I hear the track Dark Days the lyrics just seemed to fit the situation so perfectly and always managed to make me feel better and a bit more human again.

Name: Ealasaid
What is my age: I'm 20 years old
Tint of my eyes: Cold gray-blue eyes
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Leo
What I like to drink: Absinthe
Smoker: No

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If a musician can get to their third album, it will be their best.

Pup the band

The second album is a disappointment in comparison: a failed promise of potential, unused or unsure. But failure is unavoidable if you want to get anywhere worth going. Birth, death, rebirth. It was good, I thought, but not great, or particularly meaningful to me. They reminded me of a Canadian Blink for millennial bros: a little too overproduced, a little too clever. I thought their album covers and merchandise were gauche and garish.

Definitely not for me, a punk snob proudly perched on her high horse. My partner and I broke up two months later, on the first day of July. It was a difficult but necessary split.

I moved back in with my mom, in Ottawa, Ontario. I said yes, just grateful for the invitation.

Tattoos in the community

Walking into the festival, I saw hordes of teenagers moshing in a field to the band screaming and shredding, still full daylight outside. Something began to click in my brain about the band. I danced to the music, too-quiet on the festival speakers, sang what lyrics I knew, and felt part of me returning to myself. I listened to the album almost every day after that; its jangly riffs opposed with lyrics describing a terrible, all-encompassing malaise.

It was comforting to hear, right after I woke up in the shower, or in the middle of the day walking around the suburbs, or late at night on the bus ride home. I texted lyrics from it to friends at random, as a way of keeping in touch.

I felt like I had already grieved him so much: when he was diagnosed, when he became unable to carry on a conversation, when he had to move out of our family home and into a long-term care facility. Grief is not a linear process, and neither is healing. But this loss, anger and fear is expressed most strongly on Morbid Stuff. My favourite song on the album changes depending on the mood I am in and the weather outside.

♥️- pup the band

More than anything, grief feels like disbelief, aimlessness, a forced re-routing. You do not get better through consuming art about mood disorders alone. When I saw PUP for the second time this year in October, I was comforted by the fact that the day before I had gone to therapy, for the first time in years.

The day after, I finally asked my doctor about trying antidepressants. Therapy has been amazing for me; antidepressants were a total bust.


But I am trying things that have worked for other people. I have shed the idea that I am above known solutions.

I no longer think that I must fix myself by myself. In interviews, PUP have made it clear that by writing about mental illness, they are not seeking to fetishize it. These days, however, I am more interested in self-preservation and sincerity. As alluring as destruction and nihilism are, they not only hurt you, but everyone around you.

Artists are still sold the myth that the only way to make great art is through suffering, a pain that is the key to their genius that must be maximized and exploited. It is a foundational myth of art, and rock music in particular. It is a lie that needs to be unmasked immediately. Or will it?


Third albums are both preceded and followed by a body of work. The most important thing, for artists and non-artists alike, is simple: keep going. Alanna Why is a writer, musician and avid library-patron based in Ottawa.

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