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Pregnant masturbation stories, I would like story for masturbation who pregnant twister

My name is Maggie. I am 40 years old.

Pregnant Masturbation Stories

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Name: Lotte
My age: 24
My sex: I am fem
What is my hobbies: Doing puzzles

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This story from Babybaby has been read 3 9 4 9 8 times. Pregnant and horny Written by Babybabyongenre group sex Twenty two years old: my whole life ahead of me, and I get fucking pregnant by some coward who runs the other way when he finds out. I don't blame him. It's all my fault, really. Or at least I take responsibility for being so careless.

But now it's Saturday night and I'm out of my mind with wanton lust. I'm weeks away from giving birth.

I don't know if my hormones are all whacked out, or if I'm just a slut, like my father is always quick to point out. But I'm desperate for some sort of release: and the nastier the better. I take a long shower and shave everything I can reach.

I consider my options as I put on my face and dress in the slinkiest undergarments I own. I top off my outfit with my black overcoat and head out to some kind of unknown adventure. My fingers slip under my coat and gently caress the silky material that barely covers my aching cunt. I drive around thinking of all the places I'd been with my no good perverted boyfriend.

You know; the one who disappeared when I told him I was pregnant. I decided against the seedy bars.

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Too many people knew me there, and I was looking for story more anonymous, and maybe more public. I ruled out the usual adult video places with their sleazy back rooms, and I didn't feel comfortable going to an adult theater by myself. But there was one place that might satisfy my itch. I turned off the main highway and traveled down a quiet two lane road that led to a rather obscure park that was mostly wooded and off the beaten path.

He had taken me there a few times, but back then I was pretty wasted by the time we pulled into the dark parking lot. He would offer me around to perfect masturbations and then video tape the action. I didn't really remember what all I had done, but the next day he would generously show me the videos he had taken. I guess we both got off watching them, because we would fuck each other's brains out after we watched them.

I pulled into the parking lot just after dusk and parked in the back under a big oak tree. The place was mostly empty still. I knew it would get more pregnant as soon as it got darker, so I entertained myself with my fingers and a few toys I had brought along. I was a pro at masturbation myself aroused. I loved to masturbate, and I could bring myself to story with ease.

But now that I was bursting out in front, it added to my excitement. I slouched down and put my seatback flat. I was now out of view and I wasted no time opening my top coat and teasing my pregnant. I slid my baby blue negligee up over my distended belly and gently ran my fingers over it while I fingered my soaked vagina with my other hand.

I closed my eyes and fantasized that I was being gangbanged by several strangers who weren't exactly gentle. I shamelessly came several times before I opened my eyes again.

It had turned dark by then. I brought my seatback up halfway and looked around. I could make out several cars in the lot, but no one was out moving around. It was as if everyone was waiting for someone else to make the first move.

I remembered the code that my ex had shown me, and I blinked the inside light in my SUV on and off twice. I heard a couple of car doors open and close quietly. And then I waited, but not for long. I wanted to make sure that whoever walked up and peered inside knew that I was very pregnant, and almost to the bursting point.

I pretended not to pay any attention to the few curious men who ventured over, but I did notice that a couple of them just shook their he and walked away. Others seemed fascinated to witness a young woman shamelessly displaying her condition for all to see.

It made me even hornier, knowing that men were gathering around, looking hungrily into the windows and stroking their cocks as they watched me slip my engorged tits out of the top of my sheer nightie and begin to play with my nipples. I made sure my legs were pulled back and spread open so that they could see my pregnant thong parting my juicy cunt lips. The strangers seemed to be a mannerly bunch, as no one made any moves for several minutes. But when I dropped one of my hands between my legs and began rubbing my crotch, I heard a couple of faint taps on my window; then a few more on the other side of the car as well.

The natives were getting restless, apparently. I loved teasing them and acting like I didn't notice they even existed. Finally, I pushed the button, and my driver side window opened. Immediately, there masturbation stiff cocks poking through the window, ready and available for my pleasure. I kept running my finger up and down my pussy as I brought my audience to frenzy. I delighted in watching their eyes glued to my womanhood as they increased their pumping action.

Almost immediately, I could story the hot spurts of cum shoot all over my belly. It was exhilarating, and I knew I was close to cumming as well.

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One guy leaned in through the window and began to lick me clean. His tongue felt so warm and soft on my sensitive skin that it brought me over the edge, and I squirmed around on the seat, not bothering to hide my orgasmic twitches. Other players gathered pregnant and thrusted their throbbing members through the window. I took turns touching and squeezing each one while the groans became more frequent. I heard one man whisper: "Suck it! I was dying to feel an engorged cock push against the back of my throat, but I acted nonchalant and disinterested for as long as I could. I leaned forward, squeezing my engorged tits, and pretended to take someone in my mouth, but turned away at the last second.

I did the same thing several more times with a different cock each time, thinking they would enjoy my teasing, but I seriously miscalculated. I was surrounded by willing, twitching cocks; too many to count. I was so aroused, realizing that my fantasy was coming story before my very eyes: a hard cock found my mouth, as several hands reached under my torso and squeezed my milk-filled tits. They deftly manipulated my breasts, both massaging them and pinching my protruding nipples; it made me masturbation and tingle, even as I could sense action happening behind my protruding bottom.

Several hands rubbed my ass and others fondled my steaming hot pussy. As I vigorously sucked on the cock that was trying to push into my throat, I caught a glimpse of a shiny blade glistening in the moonlight. Oh my god, I took things too far this time, I admonished myself.

I would have screamed and cried out at that moment, but I was struggling not to gag on the fat cock that occupied my throat. I thought the worst, and I panicked for myself and for my unborn baby.

We were both goners, I just knew it, and it was all my fault! I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable: only what happened next brought tears of joy to my eyes instead. I felt my thong being stretched and pulled up away from my body, and I heard the knife slice through it. The man cut the back string and both sides, thereby liberating my ass and pussy. He ripped the ruined thong away from my body to enthusiastic cheers.


The cock in my mouth exploded at the same time, and I swallowed what I could as a broad grin appeared on my face. Instantly, I felt a bunch of hands groping my various body parts. I was getting the full treatment: hands rubbing my ass and belly, squeezing my tits and fingers probing my private entrances, along with a new cock to suck.

It was obvious to them that I was really aroused, and they didn't hold back.