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Pornhub Prop 60

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An initiative on the California ballot this election could have profound effects on your porn consumption.

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San Francisco is a notoriously kinky town. A group of adult performers, public health advocates, and elected officials plan to forces today in front of the San Francisco Women's Building in opposition to Proposition The ballot measure, which.

When news arrived yesterday that Twitter intended to shutter the video looping service Vine, the internet loudly lamented the impending loss. The 6-second repeating videos have become a pop-culture staple since the company.

Depending on who you ask, the Prop. One interpretation of last.

The era of immersive, degree simulated sex on your smartphone has finally arrived. Other than the occasional nude march and rally, most San Franciscans have settled into Supervisor Scott Wiener's three-year-old ban on exposed flesh without too much grumbling, but now a location scout who's worked. A huge turnout of.

A measure that would mandate all pornographic film performers in California wear condoms during shoots will be on the ballot next November. The Secretary of State yesterday announced that the measure had. Target shopper Gina Young was with her twins in the chain's Campbell, California store Wednesday when someone began playing the audio from a porno over the store's PA system.

Prop 60 filmy porno

She recorded it for. Most pornographic films do not have glamorous red carpet theatrical premiere events.

The former Mission News is now. You knew this day was coming: virtual reality porn will soon be available on your Oculus Rift.

It's understandable if you expect the second line of the below video to be "we're not porn stars any more" I certainly didbut you'd be mistaken. These women are all still porn. In advance of the potential passage of a state law that would require condoms on all pornography sets in California, Kink.

An open call to pornhub: help spread the no on prop 60 message

PornHub has been crunching a lot of s lately on their Insights blog, figuring out what users search for most, and just how many red states have a hankering for gay porn Hint:. It's the work of the Antichrist!

Please enjoy these edits of some churchy teaching videos for teen boys about battling the temptation to watch porn by our friends at Deeper Understanding. Hours after software developer MiKandi released an pornographic app for Glass called "Tits and Glass," Google banned porn from its glassware products.

Julia ann: porn law california proposition 60 is 'deceptive,' election vote win will give free reign for lawsuits against pornhub, sex stars who don't use condoms

They added the anti-porn section to their Glass developer policy last. James Franco has had his hands in a lot of pots and has been attending a lot of schools in the last few years.

Well, while he was in S. A man who used to work for a noted San Francisco adult film studio is now suing the porn purveyor's company for emotional distress and related health problems after pricking himself while injecting. Stay up to date!