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Poison ivy x batgirl lemon, I liked searching lemon ivy poisons batgirl

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Poison Ivy X Batgirl Lemon

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Post them here! All writers welcome. Post Reply. Quote 13 years ago At suggestion by MH, here's a one-shot commission I did a while back. Warning, mature scenes.

She had been taking a break as of late, but tonight was quiet… too quiet. Fortunately, the other line promised some action. Back at the source of the transmission sat a man with glazed-green eyes holding a receiver in a zombified pose. Batgirl arrived at the convenience store, and went through the abandoned automatic doors.

It seemed that this area was clear for a long time- perhaps just normal operating hours? No, Ivy definitely had an influence here, it seemed. The store itself was your normal store. There were rows of snacks, drinks, etc. The roof stairwells in these places were usually hidden- in an employee area.

She went through to the back and fumbled around a bit. It was pretty musky though. Batgirl was too loyal to take a snack or water to alleviate the conditions- she would just pull through and try to get some fresh air. She found a locked door at the end, near some mops, crates, and another potted plant.

She felt a little bit relaxed. This was weird. The air smelled awfully sweet, though. But Batgirl had her own distraction- her receiver began to buzz. It seems that Poison Ivy has left the building across the street, so you should be clear to head over there. So sweet.

But, one more thing. You should probably leave the communicator there.

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Her lungs were now deeply coated in the pollen and she was very calm, very relaxed. She was not aroused, not yet, but in a slightly hypnotized, slightly suggestible state. She crossed the street. The lights of the street, those moments, and getting there was a little blurry actually.

All she really was aware of was that she had to go to the house that was green… and investigate. Or something. She got inside. Yeah… shop. Flower shop. She held her head and stumbled through some of the greenery. It was a trap, she realized. But she felt a little bit disoriented, a feeling of being slightly buzzed and not really there. Spiders enjoy their prey before they devour them. She felt herself losing herself a little bit already.

Come here darling… let me open your eyes.

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Batgirl could only sigh as the villainess led her arm up over her breast, wrapping herself around her. It was so relaxing. So relaxing to be in the greenhouse, to be here with Ivy. It was so overwhelming. The touch of a goddess, a woman with a figure so plush and erotic that the very pores of Ivy made Batgirl tingle, combined with the magically biological dominance over her body and mind.

At this point she began to close her eyes. She whispered it in her mind, mission-forgetting, hypnotized self-indulgence in the blink of an eye before she snapped to and finally remembered her mission.

Batgirl spun around at that point and with a backhand knocked the kneading seductress several feet back. Batgirl had been deceived and led into a trap, but it would take more than a little trap and lesbian action to reign her and her strong mind in. But Ivy used the momentum of the attack to push into Batgirl, catching her in midair and spinning her around. Even moreso than before, at least.

She still struggled. The sight was one to behold- a cape deed to guard the back of one thin woman stretched to the point of two bodies being completely meshed into one, and binding them together, binding Batgirl to her mistress.

She moaned at the pressure of being so close to Ivy. She was trapped in her own cape, pressed against the voluptuous breasts and body of Poison Ivy. At this point she just teased her. She kissed her- wet, slow kisses, hypnotic and enticing, all over her face and upper body. It was completely unnecessary but all the more arousing for Batgirl. Kiss after kiss brought her deeper and deeper. The heroine was almost ready for the final kiss. The heroine closed her eyes this time. It was all gone, and Ivy had succeeded in taking her, wiping her clear.

At first their lips just grazed. Ivy took her time with this one. Their kiss lasted for minutes as she tasted her victim inside and out- her victim that she managed to deceive and conquer completely. Then with one snap, she removed it all, and with two paces spread her legs about four feet apart, loosening her moist, dripping pussy and letting two droplets of her juices fall in frozen time to the ground below.

Submit yourself to me, completely. The villainess helped, breathing harder, and harder as her hips and ass began to rock. Ivy came, as a result of a heroine sucking her pussy. A heroine she converted, she conquered, and that would be hers. She smiled, relishing at this thought, as Batgirl looked up with wide eyes and a question of approval, like an obedient puppy.

Ivy walked out of the greenhouse the next morning in a tight, form-fitting bat costume.

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She would undergo training in the future to help turn others to their cause. In the meantime, Ivy puckered up her lips as she put away a tube of lipstick- with this outfit she would have a very good time tonight. First stop, Wayne Mansion. Visit the Misc Topics forum if you'd like to see a hypno subforum get created Quote 13 years ago Excellent job!

If that was a quickie, I'd love to see what would come out if you put more time into it! Quote 12 years ago this could be made in to a video of course you'd have rename the characters but the abilities could stay.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Contact tmon. Quote 12 years ago Nice story! Quote 11 years ago An excellent "quickie" I would like to see this continued!