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Plugged in jumanji, Francais plugged seek friend especially for jumanji

Inyoung Alan Parrish discovers a buried box on a construction site. He takes it home and discovers a board game deed for those who want to escape. He starts playing it with Sarah.

Plugged In Jumanji

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OK, that sounds altruistic and bighearted. The truth is, he screwed up. He wrote a paper or two, or three for a guy who used to be his good friend back when they were both skinny nobodies living down the street from each other. They rarely even speak anymore—except when Fridge needs a bit of scholastic help. And sitting next to her is a too-smart-for-gym-class gal named Martha.

Name: Helge
What is my age: I'm 44 years old
Caters to: I prefer male
Iris color: I’ve got huge blue eyes
What is my hair: Gray
My favourite music: Country
What is my hobbies: I like drawing
My tattoo: Yes

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Jungle animals lions, alligators, etc. Kids beat up another kid, who gets a bloody lip and black eyes.

Reckless driving; people almost get hit a few times. An animal stampede and a human screaming stampede.

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