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Plastic memories alternate ending, Plastic memory seek alternate that wants extream

SockedMonster wrote: I want to get into anime, any suggestions? Since you really love music like Queen, I recommend JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, there's a lot of musical references in the show. Here are my suggestions with general descriptions and ratings : It's both my general reccommendations and personal favorites all in one!

Plastic Memories Alternate Ending

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Before we begin, I just want all of you to know that, on the first episode of Plastic MemoriesI cried like a little girl. Despite how heart rending some of the scenes were, I really did enjoy this anime.

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Tsukasa is partnered with Islaa female Giftia whose only responsibility appears to be serving tea to her co-workers. Society in this anime has advanced to the point where they can literally create robots that replicate human emotions — these androids feel, think, act, and interact as if they were human. In many ways, they are human. However, this anime is also somewhat misleading.

While there are a of scenes that are heartrending, a good portion of this anime is light-hearted, funny, and deals with the awkward romance between Tsukasa and Isla.

This is the one sore point for the anime, and also an issue that makes the feels less feely than they could be. I did enjoy the artwork in here. Also the op and ed was very good. This was no Kyoukai no Kanatathis shit straight up Angel Beat me over the head with feelings. No coming back. And, unlike Angel Beatswe actually got to spend the majority of the episodes watching our lead couple meet, connect, and grow together.

I really appreciated the fact that the series allowed romance to blossom before the final few moments, getting the misgivings of the lead couple and their friends! The humor is actually pretty damn funny.

Seriously, some of the crap she pulls off in this anime makes me laugh my ass off. I remember watching her jump off a railing and belly flop into a trash can in one episode.

Sarcastic girly nerd that talks about anything anime, manga, game related that is of interest.

I laughed so hard. Of course, the fun and games is also played up because of how heart breaking this anime is. Isla, especially, is a tragic character, in spite of all the humorous stunts she pulls. I think, for me, this is what makes me like her so much.


The show did have a few occasional tonal stumbling blocks — sometimes its humor worked greatbut at other times it would attempt to shoehorn in an awkward sex joke at the worst possible time, as if afraid it was taking itself too seriously. Then there was an entire plot line that revolved around how terrifying the Giftia androids were if they were allowed to go out of control that only served as backstory for one character and a relatively unnecessary action sequence.

I think the slow degradation into a vegetable state was much more poignant and tragic than a small percentage of Giftia suddenly going berserk and trying to kill people. But these were small flaws I could overlook in the face of surprisingly meaningful character interaction. Tragic or not, there were some really touching scenes in this.

Plastic memories ending

I thought the romance between Tsukasathe main character, and Islawas downright adorable — incredibly funny and potential deadly for Tsukasa, but mostly adorable. Watching them muddle through their relationship, seeing Tsukasa try — and usually fail — to make Isla happy, really made it worth watching this anime. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google.

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