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Panty trained husband, Panty trained searching husband for strangets

You may even be thinking that you would like to have it in your own relationship, but you have no idea where to start. Have no fear ladies, all is not lost. Your male submissive is easier to train than you thought it ever would be.

Panty Trained Husband

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Hubby lost a bet 11 sec. Mind Altering!!! Sissy girl You wear panties now 7 min. Husband fucks Asian wife with bbc dildo 12 min. Sissy Husband gets Fucked in Chastity 13 min.

Name: Min
Age: 18
Eyes: I’ve got clear gray-green eyes
What is the color of my hair: Honey-blond hair
Hobbies: I like drawing

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Not only does this take away his masculinity and totally humiliate him, but it has practical benefits as well. Panties are in my opinionthe best type of underwear a cuck should wear while locked in chastity. Panties are great because they are typically tighter than most male underwear - which means the cage or lock doesn't sway from side to side when walking or doing physical activity.

It also keeps the cock cage close to his body, reducing the "bulge" so it looks A LOT more discrete. Finally, panties come in all sorts of different colors, so you can make him dress in a different fun color every day! Now, most men aren't used to wearing panties, so it will take a little training and convincing on your part.

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One of the best ways to get your cuck used to wearing panties is to get him to associate wearing panties with pleasure. Here's what I want you to do - you are going to play a fun tease and denial game. Make him put on a pair of panties and get him super hard in them. One idea is to give him a "blowjob" through the panties. And once he gets hard, take another pair of panties ideally silk and stroke his cock with them.

Starting his sissy training

One thing that is super fun is to take the top of the silk panties and then glide them back and forth around the tip of his cock. And once he gets close to orgasm, he must beg you to stop Before people start showing up at your door, step, I want you to take your cuck aside and make him put on a pair of panties! Not only that, but I also want him to put in a remote control butt plug that you can control.

And throughout the party, tease him by smiling deviously at him or winking and turn on the butt plug knowing he'll be squirming in those panties! With this idea you're kind of killing two birds with one stone: getting him to wear panties and starting his anal training!

As soon as you arrive in the store, tell the sales person ideally a woman that you are BOTH there to find new, sexy panties. And really emphasize that HE is looking for panties too! The sales person might laugh at first or think you are joking, but be sure to show her you are dead serious! Then have the sales clerk accompany cuck and you back to the changing rooms while you try some panties on!

How to train a sissy husband

Take some pictures and videos of your cuckold sissy trying on these panties too in case you need to "ensure" his cooperation in the future haha! One of the best ways to get your husband used to wearing panties is to make him go to work in them. For example, on a Tuesday morning over coffee you can decide on a whim to make him wear panties to work. Alternatively, you can slip the panties into his lunch bag and leave him a sexy note instructing him to put them on.

And throughout the day you will obviously ask for proof that he is wearing those panties by asking for spot checks. He must drop whatever it is he is doing and send a picture within 2 minutes of receiving the text otherwise he will be punished.

I want you to go out to a bar or club with your cuck. The idea here is that you will be looking for a new bull to play around with. One thing to really humiliate your cuck and get him used to the idea of panties is to desensitize him.

I wanted to see if i could turn my hubby into a sissy

What I mean by this is asking strangers preferably women about what they think about him wearing panties. For example, next time you are at a restaurant, you could ask your waitress something along the lines of:. My husband says he doesn't like wearing panties, but I think he looks great in them. Do you mind taking a look at these pictures and telling him what you think? In general, I would say girls are "breastaurants" like Hooters are a bit more receptive to this. As I mentioned before, it is a good idea to have your cuck associate wearing panties as pleasure.


Instruct him that he is NOT to smell them. Instead, he will be ordered to put them on over his chastity cage and kneel down to watch you get fucked by another man. Hearing your moans and watching you cum on another man's dick will help him associate all that with the pleasure of wearing panties! This is great because it's sort of like an inside joke and you can tease him about it while you are out together and he's buying you all drinks. When I was in second or third grade, one of my good friends was dressed up by his sisters on a regular basis.

They basically used him like a real life barbie doll. That's right, I want you to invite a girlfriend over and make him try on various sexy lingerie and panties for you girls.

Overall, learning how to panty train your cuckold husband is something super fun for your female led relationship. To start with my experience in the sissy cuckold life, yes my wife Carol caught me crossdressing which has my Mother in-law involved this has been a real game changer! A sissies dream Cum true… Her panties are so extremely feminine that I can never control my excitement, I can not get Her panties all the way on without, you know cumming!!!

Carol forgot something and sent Her Mother back into the house to fetch it,, Little did I know my mother in-Law was standing in the door way watching me and called for Her daughter Carol!!! Yes things have changed for this quivering sissy! Close search.

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Panty training is a great way to turn your cuckold husband into a good sissy. But don't worry, I have a bunch of fun ideas to get your cuckold ready to wear panties for you! Jerk him with the panties One of the best ways to get your cuck used to wearing panties is to get him to associate wearing panties with pleasure.

And I have just the game for this. It's super sensitive to a lot of friction like that!

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Panties and company Do you have friends and family coming over for a dinner party or a back yard BBQ? Go lingerie shopping! Who doesn't like to go shopping? I want you to go lingerie shopping at the mall with your cuck. Oh and be sure to get a pair of matching sets so you can look sexy together! Kylie Beeler September 7, Pink or black with a cute bow in front-a thong; and of course make him wear hose and heels.

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