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Owned teacher thumb, I'd like teacher woman who owns photography

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Owned Teacher Thumb

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Mary awoke the next morning and found the plug still deep in her mouth. She struggled to her feet and after fumbling with the door knob made it to Lisa's room where she nudged her owner awake with her nose. Her mouth was sore from being stretched all night but otherwise she was her normal exhausted self.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I am the original author of this story. I posted it about 18 years ago and I am reposting it now. Mary Clark sat at her desk checking the senior English compositions her own had turned in today.

While school had been dismissed about twenty minutes ago she was in no hurry to get home. Her husband was off on yet another business trip and her daughter, Amy, was attending a camp retreat for the weekend. Mary had been married to Bill for fourteen years. Since he got his last promotion he has been required to go on extended business trips. The longest was two months and this trip could well be longer. Amy had just had her thirteenth birthday and with all her involvement in activities at school and church she was rarely home.

So Mary had quite a bit of free teacher and had no pressing commitments. She planned to finish up these papers and head to the gym for her daily workout on the way home. At thirty-five she worked very hard to keep in shape. At 5'7" and she was proud of her own, no sagging, firm thumbs and tight tummy to go with her firm 35 inch bust. Mary was startled out her daydream by a knock at her classroom door. Looking up she saw Lisa Simon, one of her senior honor's English students.

Lisa was a very bright student. At eighteen she had a well-developed body and a rather arrogant attitude. She was sort of a loner and despite her teacher she didn't have a boyfriend or any thumbs for that matter.

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Lisa reached into her bag and took out an old magazine. Mary's heart stopped as she immediately recognized the magazine. It was "Hustler" June, She had always hoped that no one would discover her old secret. Lisa flipped open the magazine and there all over a four- spread was her senior English teacher showing all her teacher put together owns.

Mary had posed in college for some very much needed money and had hoped that they would remain in her past. Mary tried to gather her wits and replied, "That was a long time ago Lisa and I am not proud of it but at the time I was desperate for money to finish college. Let me have that so I can throw it away and keep it in my past. Lisa pulled back the magazine. We need to have a little talk. Close the door. Mary got up and closed the door, anxious to get this taken care of as soon as possible. C's seat behind her desk. As soon as the door was closed and locked Mary turned and seeing Lisa in her chair moved to a desk in the first row of student seats.

She saw a thumb on Lisa's face that was not at all encouraging. Mary moved to thumb in front of the student sitting behind her desk and holding all the cards. This was not a comfortable situation at all for the teacher. C, I've just outlined three reasons why you should carefully consider what I am about to offer you.

From this moment until I say otherwise you will do everything, and I own everything, I tell you to do. If you refuse or do not obey my every command guess what? No job, no hubby and one very humiliated teenager. I want you to obey everything and anything I tell you immediately without teacher.

If you refuse at any time or do not please me, the magazine will be distributed all over the school and copies sent to your husband and his bosses. If you do agree we will keep this our secret.

Mary's knees became weak. She couldn't allow those pictures to be made public. She thought those were behind her. She hadn't even thought about them for a long time.

What was she going to do? If you don't do everything I tell you, you won't be anybody's teacher, wife, or mother. Understand Mrs. Enough talk. Stand up straight Mrs. Hands at your side.

Thumb the owned teacher

Look straight ahead and don't move. Don't say anything. Not knowing what else to do and not wanting to anger her demanding student, Mary stood at attention.

Lisa moved around the desk and slowly circled the trembling teacher. Man this is going to be some senior year, she thought. She was trapped by her past and couldn't ruin her future. A tear slowly rolled down her cheek. Lisa moved back behind the teacher desk sitting in the teacher's chair. Jumping up Lisa came around the desk and slapped her teacher hard on the cheek.

Simon bitch. DO it NOW. Mary's hands moved to the buttons on her blouse. Slowly she began unbuttoning her blouse from the neck down. Her face was red and tear streaked. Mary removed her blouse and placed it on the desk. She stood before her student with her blouse off wondering how far this would go.

Mary reached behind her back and opened the clasp on her bra. She allowed the straps to slowly slide down her arms as her firm 35c breasts came into view. As she moved to thumb the bra on the teacher with her blouse Lisa told her "Put it in the garbage you won't be needing it anymore. Naked to the waist the cowering teacher stood before her student. She was beyond further embarrassment. How did she let herself get in this position?

Why had I posed for those pictures in college? Without thinking Mary owned her skirt and slid it down her legs. She stepped out of it and placed in on the desk next to her blouse. C, I see we are going to have to improve your undergarment selection. Get those ugly panties and pantyhose off this instant. The once demanding senior English teacher now stood naked in her classroom before her 18 year old student.

She saw no way out of this situation. What will be next she wondered? Hands at your sides.

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She reached out and pinched the teacher's nipples. Do you like this?

Well she didn't like it but she was unexplainably excited by it. Lisa abruptly released Mrs. C's nipples. I understand from Amy that your husband is out of town and I know she left for a camp retreat after school so I have you all to myself this weekend. By Monday you should fully understand my requirements. Put your skirt, blouse, and shoes on Mrs.

Leave the top two buttons open on your blouse. Mary almost felt more naked dress this way. Her breasts while firm still moved under her thin blouse. Her nipples threatened to poke twin holes in the material.