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Neighbor Jerks Me Off

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The inner city neighborhood I grew up in was very typical of most in the mid west. The houses are packed in tight and the yards are small, everyone monitors everyone.

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From the eyes of a 18 year old boy, soon to graduate from high school that was meour next door neighbors on the south side of our house were elderly. How old? That is hard for a young man to judge. However, they had young grandchildren. So to me they were old.

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I would greet both as I came and went. They were always friendly to me in a polite way. My parents also greeted them, but never any interaction beyond that. My mother constantly complained about both at the kitchen table.

Both of these criticisms were true but I was in no position to be opinionated. To me they appeared to be responsible folk, their lawn always trimmed, their house always with a fresh coat of paint. Like most kids my age, my household rights and access to the car were dependent on accomplishing household chores. It was a day when my parents had gone out, probably shopping.

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I was trimming the bushes in the back yard. As with most of my outdoor activities in warm weather, my shirt was off. Out through the back door comes my neighbor. She is taking out the trash. I say hello and receive the expected response. However in an unexpected manner, instead of quickly returning to her house she comes over to chat.

This chat was a bit out of the ordinary.

She asked if my parents were home? She asked if I was almost finished with my chores? She complemented my physique. Then she quickly went back to her house. A few minutes later she reemerged standing right in front of me. She had changed clothes. The clean the house clothes had now shifted over to party clothes, tight and flashy.

I found myself staring at her. It was obvious she was aware of the looks I was giving her. She leaned forward, obviously to display her cleavage.

I was a bit shy and somewhat embarrassed as I quickly looked away. Young boys can be easily intimidated. She drew my attention back by inviting me into her kitchen for a cool drink. I hesitated.

I knew what was going on but teenage insecurities were winning over. She made her way to the gate that aded our yards, coxing me to come on over. I took a deep breadth and followed her. Sitting in the kitchen, I was hyperventilating while watching her move around the kitchen.

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It was again obvious she was enticing me as she bent over to pull something out of the refrigerator. It was like she was sticking her butt right in my face. And what a fine ass it was. We sat at the table and she asked me questions about having a girl friend, and have I every been alone with a girl before.

This produced a smile that I will remember till the day I die.

Reaching up to the counter she threw some magazines on the table. I glanced down, it was pornography. She asked me if I had every seen a magazine like this before.

She laughed and invited me to check this out. Now the magazines I had seen up to this point were largely only naked women in lingerie. This was different. This material had pictures of folk actually doing the wild thing. I d through it quickly with a compulsive glare.

Neighbor jerks me off

A few minutes into this I noticed she had slipped behind me and was now looking at the magazine over my shoulder while rubbing my chest. She asked if I had a hard on. Again, my answer was the obvious. She asked if she could see it. I started working on undoing my belt, but my shaky hands were not doing a good job.

She asked if she could help asking me to stand up.

Neighbor jerks me off porn videos

Before I knew what had happened and how to respond, she had unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. My dick was rock hard and standing straight up. She asked if she could touch it. Unable to talk I just shook my head.

She stroked by dick slowly but firmly.

She then asked if she could kiss it. Again, a quick nod was all that was needed.

But a kiss did not come. Instead she was sucking. My stomach was tied in a knot.

My god, she was older then my own mother. And in a predictable young boy manner, I blew my load right in her mouth within the first minute. She ate it all up never missing a stroke.

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Indeed, she just kept on honking with determination and rhythm. I just stood and moaned. At some point the excitement was just too much, I was having a hard time catching my breath. I had to pull her off me. Again, I felt embarrassed and quickly recouped myself to a point where I could gracefully, but quickly, excuse myself. Out the back door I flew and ran into my house. Sitting in my living room recounting the events that had just occurred, I pulled out my dick and masturbated till my parent returned.

I was exhausted. I had just had my first real sexual experience. For the next week or so I experience behavioral issues. Obsession-Compulsion; I was jerking off at least 3 times a day.

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An intimidating paranoia; I modified by schedule and always checked around before entering or leaving the house. I did not want to confront her again. After all, I would not know what to say or how to act. I was losing sleep and the ability to concentrate on any thing, but the image of my neighbor sucking my dick. I could not tell anyone about what had happened, My friends would laugh at the idea of letting an older women suck my dick, at least that is what I thought. This was my secret an I had to internalize my emotions.

It was my last quarter of school and academic demands provided little emotional relief. I found myself walking around with a hard-on as I glared at all the young girls around me imagining them sucking my dick with the determination and rhythm I had just experienced a few weeks before. I left my shirt hang out to hide my erections. I always came home from school a few hours before my parents, And like any other day, I usually went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

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Standing there munching I glanced out the window to see my neighbor pruning her flower bed. She was dressed appropriately for the hot day. Her tight short-shorts and low cut T-shirt was providing me with lots of views as I pulled out my dick and started to masturbate while staring at her through the window. Then for some unknown reason ,that many would consider fate, she stood straight up and immediately looked at me in the window.