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Nashville fan fiction, I fan pick Nashville that like tricks

A handful of similarly expositive one-liners set the scene: Shakespeare, the dramatist in twilight, returns from London to little old Stratford-upon-Avon after his Globe Theatre burns down.

Nashville Fan Fiction

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Story Author Community Forum. Three times Rayna and Deacon were caught in a delicate situation. Deacon discovers her journal and begins reading it. What will he find?

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David: That could be interesting.

Desktop wallpapers and fan fiction for tv fans

Scene: Offices of record label Highway 65 in Nashville, where the reigning queen of country music holds court. Rayna: That was alt country.

His lyrics are dramatic enough to warrant a country song or two. All he needs is a slightly different sound. If Will Lexington — a white, gay, country singer is having so much trouble getting airplay what makes you think Jamal will?

Cookie to her assistant Porsha, handing her the phone : What in the he-a-ll is a Rayna? Sounds like a redneck drag queen?

Rayna: Miss Lyon, I run a record label too and I think we have something in common and we should get together to talk about it. Rayna: Your son is estranged from his father and looking for a new label and my year-old daughter just emancipated herself and ed with a New York label.

Rayna jaymes

Now does that sound like an estranged child? Or someone in the position to be shopping around for a record label? Rayna: It sounds like a country song to me. And a good one. Rayna: She can sing.

She can write. Cut to: The actual Highway 65 as Cookie drives into Nashville in a black Escalade from a private aviation area.

All she wrote: fan fiction: ‘nashville’/’empire’ mash-up

She is wearing a full-length hot pink sable and a jumpsuit to rival Elvis in the s. Scene: Cookie and Rayna meeting face to face at Highway 65 Records. Rayna is wearing black leather pants and a black silk tank top covered in rhinestones and over the knee boots.

Rayna: Most of it. The humidity down here gives it most of the curl.

May I take your coat? It is July.

Cookie: Honey if I can take the heat for 17 years in jail, I can handle the South. Rayna: Please have a seat then. Cookie: I think that picture of that fiiiine Will Lexington helped seal the deal. Rayna: Boys will be boys.

Nashville predators fan fiction

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