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My teacher spanked me, Filipina spanked looking up men especially for teacher

When I was in Jr High in my 30's now, and straight btw I was whipped by my gym teacher almost a dozen times. My first experience was when I was on the basketball court and I was throwing this metal bolt into the glass backing of the basketball goal. My gym teacher caught me and a friend and made us go back into his office for punishment.

My Teacher Spanked Me

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Name: Loretta
How old am I: 27
Where am I from: Finnish
Meeting with: Gentleman
My body features: My figure features is quite slim
I like to drink: Lager
I like: Listening to music

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Famous Story. Published 9 years ago. As far as I can remember, I had a very ordinary time at school until that is, I went to College. Almost unique in my year! So off I went, to a tiny room in the halls of residence, which became my new home.

She was just fabulous, word had it she was twenty nine but who was counting? She was perfectly formed, long blonde hair and short flared skirts, showing off her shapely legs, beautifully toned by high spiked heels. Every boy in the class ogled her every move, looking for a glimpse up her skirt when she sat down, stood up or stooped to pick something up. All of us, with the possible exception of Dopey, had wanked ourselves silly over this vision of loveliness.

Ever since then I have fantasised about spanking women, older women in particular; and Miss Gregg was my latest fixation!

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She had been over my knee more times than I could remember! I had spanked her over her skirts, the seat of her panties and across her pert little bare bottom, until she squealed with pleasure, all in my dreams of course! Still, I had my bi-monthly spanking mags to satisfy my cravings, but one day, hopefully, I would get to spank a pretty little bum for real.

My lovely Miss Gregg drives a metallic purple convertible, very distinctive, perfectly emphasising her pretty personality and there it was pulled up at the side of the road, in a discreet side street, near the College. Maybe she was just giving him a lift somewhere; completely innocent perhaps, but there was something odd about it.

They sped off, leaving me completely bewildered at this turn of events. I had found a little known footpath through a disused quarry so off I went for a long walk, not expecting to see them again. There it was, parked in a small clearing on the edge of the quarry when I stumbled upon them by accident.

I had a terrific vantage point from halfway up the heavily wooded hillside, looking down into the convertible. My dream woman was still sitting in the driving seat with Derek next to her, only now she was bending over into his lap, unbelievably giving him a blowjob, her blonde head bobbing up and down on his shaft. Within seconds, she had stopped and was hand massaging his cock, before getting out of the car and walking round to his side and opening the windowless door. Derek got out and incredibly, she bent herself over her car door and lifted her skirt up at the back, spreading her legs wide.

I had craned forward so far for a better look when I lost my balance and slid down the slope, trying to cling to something to stabilise me but it was no use. It was hard to tell which one of us was the most surprised, as I slithered to a stop, almost at the side of the car.

Almost immediately, Miss Gregg gave him a kiss and jumped back into her car, leaving Derek standing there in the clearing with his cock still sticking out and me with my tongue hanging out. He adjusted himself and set off towards his Hall of Residence, leaving me open mouthed and mystified by what I had witnessed. I tried to discuss the event with Derek as we made our way through the quarry but as usual he was of few words and the conversation quickly dried up. I replayed what I had seen, over and over again in my mind and shot my load twice, in quick succession, still seeing with full clarity the lovely Lauren sucking on his cock.

It took two days before I was instructed to stay behind after class; Miss Gregg sat behind her desk as I waited for her to speak, feeling both excited by what she might say and a little worried she would accuse me of being a 'peeping Tom'. I was stunned and once again found myself completely dumbfounded. I looked down at her, sitting crossed legged with her hands clasped in her lap.

She was wearing a lilac jacket and matching short flared skirt, which had ridden up her thighs showing a good portion of her long shapely legs. They were finished off with a pair of delicate high heels made up mostly of slender strips of leather holding them to her small feet, displaying matching nail polished spanks. Her words had caused a huge bulge in the front of my trousers impossible to hide.

She looked at my crotch and added, "I thought so. I like young men," her voice was drooling with excitement. She told me to meet her in twenty minutes at the same spot she had picked up Derek. I freshened up quickly and probably overdid the aftershave and made sure I was early! As we sped away from the pick up point, I marvelled at her figure, her long blonde hair streaking behind her in the slipstream with the car roof down, dark glasses adding to her sexy look and her little skirt right up her legs.

My cock was rock teacher and bursting to get out of my trousers, when she reached her slim hand across and stroked it for me. Watching her long slender fingers caressing the outline of my manhood through my trousers was almost too much and luckily she needed both hands on the wheel to guide us into the quarry.

The engine had hardly stopped when she was unzipping me and sliding her hand inside to fish me out, her head leaning into my lap. Her lips slowly enveloped the end of my shaft, before swallowing me almost whole; I was blown away by this new experience and not able to fully appreciate her efforts.

It was the first time a woman had touched me there and teacher a blowjob from the most gorgeous teacher I had ever had, was awesome. I stared down at the back of her blonde head as she bobbed up and down in my lap, then my attention was drawn to her bottom, sticking up on her seat as she was almost in a kneeling position. Her cute lilac skirt barely covered her fabulous assets and my cock hardened inside her mouth. Cool air surrounded my shaft as she released me and got out of the car coming around to my side, just as she had done for Derek. I got out and waited for her to take up her position bending over the low door of her car.

This time her skirt couldn't hide her beautiful twin peaks but to make sure, Lauren's manicured hands appeared behind her and hoisted the little skirt way up over her back fully exposing a pair of crisp, pure white panties with a tiny frilled edge up each side of the vee, tightly stretched across her gorgeous bottom. Before I knew it my hand was smoothing across those panties and instinctively I gave her a good spank across her right cheek. Her bum was firm but warm and slightly bouncy beneath my palm and I couldn't believe what I just did. I had dreamt about it for years and now I had finally spanked my hand across a girl's bottom.

Lauren gave me a backward glance that had a mixed expression of surprise, pain and, dare I even teacher it, anticipation! She turned back with her head down so I gave her another whack on the other cheek bringing her up onto the tips of her toes and raising her fabulous rear end towards me. I thought that would be it, but she hooked her fingers into the elastic waistband and tugged her panties down to just below her rounded cheeks. My eyes were on stalks as I ogled her derriere, now a pinkish-red from my hand, the entrance to her 'secret' pouting from the top of her long legs, still snug against the crotch of her inside-out panties.

Her pretty orbs wiggled from side to side slightly. She was willing me on! I set about her with renewed confidence and raised her to a husky squeal after each spank. My cock was at bursting as she danced beneath the flat of my hand and I knew what I had to do next. It was as if she sensed it, her spank reaching from behind her to guide my rod into her spank opening.

This was my first time fucking a woman and it felt out of this world. My virgin cock slid deep into her and I felt her pussy muscles tighten around it but didn't last long enough and I pumped my load deep into her in three or four trembling jerks. She stood up and turned to face me, she was only shoulder height on me. I looked at her quizzically. Again I felt embarrassed, "Sorry," was all I could muster.

Her hand encircled my spent shaft as she spoke bringing me back to full attention. My cock was as hard as iron again. It had been almost a week since that encounter and she just behaved as normal, not even the slightest acknowledgement of that glorious session in the quarry. As the class filed out of the room she suddenly beckoned me to her desk and gave me a slip of paper.

It was a little before eight when I arrived. My mind was in overdrive, imagining every possible scenario, hands trembling at the thought of my teacher allowing me to master her. Even so, I wasn't prepared for the sight that met me as she answered the door! Lauren was in full school uniform and looking every inch like a real schoolgirl. This woman had become fourteen again wearing a maroon blazer with white blouse outside her short grey pleated skirt and loosely knotted school tie.

Her legs were bare, except for white knee high socks and black buckled shoes; her long blonde hair had been done in bunches topped off with a straw boater with a maroon ribbon around it.

I was both bemused and aroused at her addressing me as 'Sir' in a very little girl voice. The long thin rattan lay on the dining table. My cock throbbed with excitement and I was eager to get into the part. I picked up the cane and swished it through the air.

I couldn't believe she wanted me to stroke her eighteen times with it. Surely she wouldn't be able to stand it, would she? How hard do I give it to her? I was unsure of my situation. She must have read my mind. I know I deserve it," she added, giving her hips a slight swing with her hands contritely behind her back, her little skirt swayed from side to side.

She was so sexy. Her school skirt rode up a little at the back but it was much longer than the ones she wore normally and still covered her panties.