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Mistress lori chastity, I am chastity guy who lori swede

About two years ago to the day tomorrow actually I made order from you for a 6 curved PA device and subsequently received it a few months later. Recently since then I have been locked up quite a bit by my Mistress, and have it installed for an as of yet to be disclosed amount of time.

Mistress Lori Chastity

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Copyright by Lori Lancer chastitytube. Well I see he got you over here to see this weband you are probably wondering what in the hell is chastity, or why in the hell would I want to chastise him?

Name: Sioux
What is my age: 30
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Chastity Mansion. Top Posters. Mistress Watchful Dont believe the hype ;oP. For those of you new to chastity, wishing to move away from the plastic devices into something of a more secure nature, Ms Lori is the expert. Ms Lori's Website She is extremely helpful, given how busy she must be, and is always prompt in responding to s concerning her products. We are currently waiting for a 9 Lori Tube with a tethering ring. Should be created any day soon! I'd like to second everything Mistress Watchfuls Post. It will take a while to get your device delivered mines taken about monthsbut everyone is really busy and I'd expect that Mistress Lori is no exception.

The custom-made stainless steel Lori tube is without a doubt the most practical, secure and effective chastity device I've ever worn - and I've worn a few chastity the years i. Lori's compact cylinder lock is far less vulnerable to cutting-off than an ordinary padlock. The Lori tube is also the mistress comfortable - most lori the time. Whenever I start to become sexually excited, the already snug-fitting tube squeezes my "long-clitty" behind the glans and the anchor pin pulls on my PA piercing.

While the resulting discomfort isn't unbearable, it is more than enough to discourage arousal.

For this reason the Lori is truly "masturbation- proof". I was able to orgasm in both my Goethals and my Steel Pleasures. MW, the site link you posted is correct but has been down all day you can get to it using the following though until its up. Thank you, I just tried the original link and it's working fine. Must have been one of those thing! I second chasity-r's post. The custom-made stainless steel Lori tube is without a doubt the most practical, secure and effective chastity device I've ever worn. And I havent found a way to cheat in it at all. Chastated Junior Member. Ours is Lori 7 and I'm currently locked up in it by my wife.

We love it and are very happy customers.

Thoughts to a better partnership by steered ones sexual excitement of the man

We changed to interlocked captive rings for our security because of my chastity shrinkage, so my wife holds onto the expander tool. Haven't orgasm at all in about 6 weeks. Barney Barney. I wear a Lori 7 and it is a good device, however I can have a ruined orgasm while wearing it. Having said that, I could mistress off the cylinder lock if i tried, but thats not the idea here. A recent blog post by "Edge of Vanilla" is worth reading, and points out that all CB devices are sold as "toys" and with a "dremel" and time lori be removed. I have gone through 3 variations of Lori's devices through I have moved on to Steelwerks Extreme.

I find Christopher to be much more easy to deal with than Ms. He is a business man first, whereas Ms. Lori seems to be a Mistrss first. The difference is no matter how I identify in my private life submissive I am a customer first and have certain expectations when paying a substantial amount of money for a custom product.

Loris chastity tube

Herandhers Hers. Are u telling me that Lori has stopped making or servicing her products?

ALife2BLived New member. Corsac, what was the issue with the Steelwerks device that made it unusable? I'm curious because I've hard mostly good things about them, but for your remarks, and may want one in the future. Easy to confuse Steelwerks and Steelworxx, the latter is in Germany, and workmanship and service is second to none.

I have never dealt with Steelwerks, and dont really like their devices. I appologise if this is not the reason for the confusion. Well that's a god damn shame, I've been eyeing off a Lori pa custom cage for BunnyAthalus. SmallRyan Member. I heard maybe on here once that a guy locked in one of Ms Lori's des by his wife sneakily ed Lori saying they needed another key delivered, so to send one to him.

Ms Lori was apparently not very convinced and ordered him to explain more.

The 3rd generation chastities from mistress lori

The way I was told, he lost his patience and crossly demanded she send him another key so he could unlock himself. Ms Lori firmly said no and said she would inform his wife. His wife got back to Ms Lori thanking her for rejecting hubby's desperate demands, and telling her that he did not have permission to do that, and his chastity would now be extended for a very long time.

Silly man to think he could outsmart such ladies!

JackStrap likes this. MissyB Active member. Sad she's not making them anymore. Isn't my thing, but having more options is usually a good thing. Not sure if inexpensive competition was part of decline, but in a niche business like this, i'm sure they operate on a slim success margin. Corsac, thanks for the insight.

I think I will be ordering the device, though have taken a great deal longer considering sizing issues. Hopefully it will go as intended. Show Ignored Content.

Thoughts to a better partnership by steered ones sexual excitement of the man

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Loris chastity tube

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