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Meat sauce falen divorce, Falen girl hunting for Meat to divorces

Paul "Meatsauce" Lambert b. September 15, is a co-host of the PowerTrip Morning Show. He is the son of Jeff Lambertand older brother of David Lambert.

Meat Sauce Falen Divorce

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You're a creep. Why bother with this blog post? If you don't like him or the morning show, don't listen.

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Let's start with the announcement we made this morning, I'm pregnant. If you've listened to the show since I started, that's pretty surprising. I never wanted. I was very open about that. I am asked quite often what changed my mind, and to be honest, Jake did.

He didn't convince me to have a kid, being with him made me want to have a kid with him. Jake thought he was done too. His son is 11, and he didn't think he wanted any more children.

First of all, I will never be someone who tells others "you'll change your mind" or "that's what I said too". If you don't want kids, cool. So why was Jake different? I think I got a demo which most people don't.

I got to see how amazing he is as a father. I think Jake is a better person than me in every way, and all the areas where I fall short, he's strong. I just feel very comfortable in us as a team.

With all of that said, we decided we wanted to get married, and we wanted to try soon after. I have never been someone who even tracks my time of the month, but I got the glow app, and it told me when I was most likely to get pregnant.

As soon as I was pregnant, I pretty much knew, but we took a couple of tests, and it was confirmed. So how has it been? I have felt awful.

I won't sugar coat it. I have been nauseous not puking since my 5th week. I'm weeks now due in Septemberand I have felt sick the whole time.

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It was pretty bad for 8 weeks. Since then, I have been able to occasionally leave the couch. I am still sick most of the time, and it gets worse at night. I've tried everything from medication from my doctor to preggo pops, ginger, sea-bands, ginger ale I mean everything. I was told it would stop after the first trimester, but it hasn't yet.

Now I'm hoping it will at weeks? I haven't really had any cravings just things I don't want Since I'm pretty sick at night, dinner is hard for me to eat. I haven't really gained weight yet, but my boobs are huge, and everything has shifted, so I look like a blob. I did notice my "pooch" is pretty hard now, so I guess it's finally starting to show a bit. I have downloaded the Ovia app to track things, and I found out what we're having.

I took a non-invasive blood test to check the chromosomes, and that test tells you the sex also. First all, the baby is healthy with the chromosomes they are looking for, and we're having a girl! I'll be honest, I wanted a girl. I didn't even consider boy names because I wanted a girl! I didn't do a gender reveal I just had then tell me over the phone.

I haven't done a "we're expecting" post I honestly didn't know how or if I even wanted to. My mom wants to move here now, and Jake has been awesome. He's basically done everything around the house.

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Dillon really wanted a boy, but he's excited. I already mentally know what I want the baby's room to look like, and we ordered a crib.

Dave and Steve have been great and understanding when I talk about my tender boobs or being extra tired. Basically, I'm excited. Want to know more about Falen? Listen Now on iHeartRadio.

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