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This of IGN's Mass Effect wiki guide is all about the Quarantine Mission on Noveriaincluding how to get through all combat encounters, where to find every source of loot, and pick the right dialogue choices for your playthrough. This Mission offers the most peaceful and least disruptive way to enter the Secure Lab, which is where Matriarch Benezia and the conclusion of the Noveria level is.

Mass Effect Ventralis

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Exit the tram and head left. Follow path until you get to two doors. Only one is unlocked.

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This of IGN's Mass Effect wiki guide is all about the Rift Station Mission on Noveriaincluding how to get through all combat encounters, where to find every source of loot, and pick the right dialogue choices for your playthrough.

Rift Station is the initial Mission for when you arrive in the titular part of Peak From the Tram, you can head forward, but not too far. You'll run into a locked door, and as the map above will show you, but there's other places to explore the parts of the map inaccessible because of the locked door can be accessed via other means later on, so worry not.

From the locked door, head leftward to a series of elevators. One is locked down, but the other isn't.

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Take the elevator that isn't locked down, and it'll bring you up to the Rift Station 's Main Level. Go forward once on the next floor, and you'll run headlong into a character named Captain Ventralis. Either way, Ventralis will also give you a card that will let you enter the Hot Labs yourself. This is VERY important, so be sure to read the warning box below.

Your initial conversation with Captain Ventralis will end, and some action will follow it up shortly. The Rachni that Captain Ventralis and the remnants of his men have been fending off will make an appearance via an easily-accessible air duct. The enemies appear in close proximity to you, so fall back and take shots at them or bug out if you're Renegade. However if you decided to run and let Ventralis and his men deal with the Rachni, he'll be rather annoyed with you.

In this situation, answer either "You're welcome" or "You couldn't handle it? With the above advice in mind, proceed into Rift Station where the majority of survivors are located.

Make sure to talk to everyone you can here like Alestia Iallis, and Dr. You may also want to consider selling unwanted loot to Petozi, as your inventory will be pretty full by now! If you head through the doorway in the North-West corner of the main room, you'll find a Door Control with Easy Decryption that's guarded by two drones.

The winding hallway behind it is the most direct route forward, but while there's no Morality Points associated with it, hacking it will turn all the guards against you and you'll be forced to kill them.

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It will also lock you out of all conversations with civilians and thus out of XP and Morality Points, so if you must, save this for later. Another location you can visit is the downstairs Med Bay, where you can meet Doctor Zev Cohen who has a Side Quest that rewards you with access through an icy backdoor maintenance area to the Secure Lab. This is located in the Scientist Barracks in the lower level. Notably, in the right order all three of these can be done!

As such, that's what we'll guide you through doing. To start, head to the Quarantine to complete the first step. Mass Effect Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 22 Jun am. With the Rachni slain, you'll now have an important choice to make.

You can either explore the rest of Rift Station, or go to the Hot Labs first. If you do, everyone in Rift Station will be missing and you'll be unable to do one of the big Missions here! Force your way through the Door Control.

This will turn all the Guards against you and you'll be forced to kill them, but there's no Renegade Points for doing this and it's the fastest way through. Go back to the Tram Station and enter the Hot Labs. Completing this optional area will clear everyone out of Rift Station, letting you waltz on into the Secure Lab unimpeded.

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