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Lois lane earth 3, Dancer earth hunting for guy lane for lois

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Lois Lane Earth 3

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Lois Lane's career spans more than eight decades—as the world's most celebrated journalist, the mother of Superboy and the wife of Superman. They say behind every great man is an equally great woman. From her earliest years as a love interest and damsel-in-distress for the Man of Steel through her evolution into a fearless social crusader, Lois has become synonymous with everything Superman himself stands for: truth, justice and the American way. Luckily, even before they were romantically involved, Superman has always been there to catch her when she falls.

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Other counterpart characters from DC Universe.

It first appeared in Justice League of America 29and the concept has been rebooted several times. Earth-Three's history is depicted as a mirror image to that of the Earth we know.

Crisis revealed that Lex Luthorhere called Alexander Luthor, is the only superhero on an Earth otherwise occupied entirely by villains, most of whom are reversed analogues of heroes on other DC Earths. DC used Crisis on Infinite Earths to simplify its complex continuity and multiverse into a single narrative set on a single universe, not counting the antimatter universe which was integral to the story of how the Green Lantern villain Sinestro acquired his powers.

Editorial mandate initially meant stories featuring the Crime Syndicate were entirely unavailable to writers, but DC later attempted to reintroduce the Crime Syndicate without the setting of Earth-Three in 's Justice League Quarterly 8, which featured a lois of aliens from the planet Qward the antimatter counterpart of Oa who functioned as "more powerful" Justice League analogues.

Morrison recast much of Earth-Three's history as that of the Antimatter Universe's own version of Earth, which is home to the Crime Syndicate of America. He makes notable departures to this formula however, by presenting this world as the product of an alternate history and by reimagining various Crime Syndicate members for example, by recasting Owlman as Batman's brother Thomas Wayne, and by recasting Ultraman not as the alien Kal-El but a human astronaut who acquires Kryptonian abilities.

The story supposedly takes place as the first time Superman and Batman figure out each other's identities, and matches Batman, Superman, and Deathstroke against their respective antimatter selves. The story is told by Mr. Mxyzptlk and may lane be completely untrue. In the final issue of the issue weekly series 52 ina new Multiverse is revealed, originally consisting of 52 parallel realities. Among the parallel realities shown is one deated "Earth-3". As a result of Mister Mind "eating" aspects of this reality, it takes on visual aspects of the pre-Crisis Earth-Three.

The name of the new Earth-3 team is revealed to be the Crime Society of America. The Crime Society are considered to be earth versions of the heroes of Earth-2, acting as a new Golden Age counterpart to the Antimatter Earth. The pre-established Crime Syndicate of Amerika from the Antimatter Universe were then featured heavily in TrinityDC's third year-long weekly series. DC again rebooted its continuity in as part of The New Inthe " Trinity War " crossover event reintroduces Earth It is mentioned as the home of true evil and of the Crime Syndicate and that it was destroyed by an unknown entity.

The Crime Syndicate is largely modeled after Morrison's, with the introduction of new characters, and by re-envisioning Ultraman once again as an alien with an origin story which more closely parallels Superman's.


Sea King also inhabited Earth-3, but quickly died after passing through the gateway to New Earth. At the end of Superman 8, it is revealed that Superman's son, Jon Kentarrived on Earth-3 where he is confronted by the Crime Syndicate after leaving his grandfather, Jor-El.

He was sent into a volcano where Ultraman kept him prisoner and described Jon's predicament to him, being stuck on another Earth. From what was shown, it appears that Ultraman kept Jon prisoner for years until Jon formulated a plan to escape and eventually did so. He sought out the heroes of this universe and found the Earth-3 version of the Hall of Justice. But, it turned out to be the headquarters of the Crime Syndicate, and Jon is confronted by Superwoman, who is apparently the wife of Ultraman. Later, Young Justice found themselves trapped on Earth-3 after traveling through several different Multiverse Earths.

They were soon attacked by their evil counterparts from that world. Following 52another version of the character appeared, apparently being killed by quantum energy unleashed from Monarch, in the Earth dimension, along with his entire team, the Crime Society.

The antimatter Ultraman was a human astronaut, whose ship was imploded into hyperspace and an unknown alien race reconstructed Kent in an attempt to repair the damaged astronaut, which ended up altering the human both mentally and physically, giving him ultrapowers. The process also twisted his mind. Ultraman's power relies on his proximity and exposure to a substance called Anti-Kryptonite; the longer and farther he is separated from it, the weaker he becomes.

Ultraman is unhappily married to his Crime Syndicate teammate Superwoman. He later died in Final Crisis. In The New 52Ultraman comes from a version of Krypton whose people worship strength and despise weakness. When he arrives on Earth, he decides to blend into society until he is ready to conquer the planet, and puts into slavery a young abusive couple of drug addicts. When he turns seven, he murders them and burns down their farm.

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As Clark Kent and later on Ultraman, he went on to found the Crime Syndicate and take over the world. This version of Ultraman is empowered by Kryptonite and even snorts it like a drug and is weakened by sunlight.

After being defeated by the Justice League, Ultraman is in the custody of the authorities. Following 52another version of the character appeared. A young new Owlman with a different costume and helmet later appears in the same book battling the Jokester. This Owlman appears again in Countdown 31, assisted by a team referred to as the Crime Society. He was apparently killed by quantum energy unleashed from Monarch, in the Earth dimension, along with the rest of his teammates.

In the antimatter universe, Thomas Wayne, Jr. Young Bruce is killed along with his mother by a policeman when Thomas, Sr. Thomas, Jr. While Ultraman is the leader of the Syndicate, Owlman is the brains behind the group. Further complicating issues is that Owlman has carried on a longtime affair with Ultraman's wife Superwoman. Ultraman is aware of the affair, but due to Owlman having undisclosed photographic blackmail material against the villain, he is unable to seek retribution against Owlman for the betrayal.

In The New 52Thomas, Jr. He grows up to become Owlman and s the Crime Syndicate. He had a secret affair with Ultraman's wife and teammate Superwoman.

Thomas takes Richard Grayson under his wing and trains him to become his sidekick, Talon. After being defeated by the Justice League, Owlman is mentioned to still be at large. He is also present at the birth of Superwoman's child, who is later used by Darkseid's daughter, Grail, to resurrect her father.

He then takes the Mobius Chair from Batman and downlo Grid into the chair, leaving the battle. In the epilogue, he is seen conversing with Metron on the Moon.

As he is about to ask the chair the secrets of the Universe, himself and Metron are obliterated by an unknown entity. Following 52another version of the character appeared as a member of the Crime Society.

This Superwoman is Lois Lane and Ultraman's wife, like her antimatter counterpart. She is apparently killed by quantum energy unleashed from Monarch, in the Earth dimension, along with the rest of her teammates. Her true past and identity are still a mystery. She carries the lasso of submission, which compels the tied individual to obey and love the wielder. She is pregnant and engaging in a secret affair with Owlman, while being married to Ultraman. It is revealed that Superwoman is also in a relationship with the crazed Alexander Luthor, who is the father of her. She betrays Ultraman and the Syndicate, revealing her child is prophesied to bring the world to an end.

After being defeated by the Justice League, she is placed in captivity. Immune to Wonder Woman's lasso of truth, she does not reveal any information. Following 52another version of the character appeared, as a member of the Crime Society. He is apparently killed by quantum energy unleashed from Monarch, in the Earth dimension, along with the rest of his teammates. In the antimatter universe, Johnny Wally West 's counterpart receives his powers by injecting himself with a drug called "Speed Juice".


He is addicted to it and goes into massive physical withdrawal without it. As part of the Tribute the world's leaders pay the Crime Syndicate, they supply Quick with this drug. His real name is unknown. Johnny had a predecessor Barry Allen 's counterpartwhom he killed and whose blood was used to create the drug.

In Justice League of America 51, Jesse Chambers says "This Johnny Quick has my father's face", implying that the name is more than coincidence and that her father and the former Antimatter Johnny Quick Barry Allen's counterpart are genetically the same person. He is a high-profile criminal, on the run with his equally criminal girlfriend, Rhonda Pineda. Together they have committed several crimes, many of them against police officers like Detective MardonSergeant Scudder and Officer Walker.


Labs during a storm, after being chased by two police officers, Snart and Rory. Lightning hit a satellite, electrocuting Johnny, causing him to gain his powers. Captain Cold uses his freeze gun to freeze Johnny Quick's leg and break it off. He wis apparently killed by quantum energy unleashed from Monarch, in the Earth dimension, along with the rest of his teammates.

In the antimatter universe, original Power Ring Joseph Harrolds tricks an unnamed, cowardly slave marine Kyle Rayner 's counterpart into accepting the ring and the power lamp that contains the mad god Volthoom. The unnamed individual are changed, and the second Power Ring's physical appearance is changed from a white blonde man to an African-American bald man.