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Knock her up tumblr, Tumblr baby look up friend her knock

To unload deep inside someone or To have someone unload deep inside Who wants to be a parent for Christmas. My husband just pumped me so full with his cum, I hope that it was enough to impregnate me. I rub my belly and await the nine months of filling and stretching.

Knock Her Up Tumblr

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His hands gripped my hips like vices, holding me in place as he leaned in, driving himself into me so much harder. My moans grew louder as I rocked back into him until our hips met, filling the room with soft smacks. It just slipped out! Pulling almost all the way out, he slammed right back in, railing me so hard! He shoved my face against my pillow, as I squealed ecstatically!

Name: Stesha
Age: 46
Eyes: I’ve got cold gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
I speak: I understand English and Japanese
I like to drink: Lager
Hobbies: Driving a car
My tattoo: None

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I was surprised the first time my stepmom got me to knock her up.

The next time, we had sex. Three weeks later, just after I shot another load into her unprotected womb, she told me she was pregnant. It was hot as fuck seeing her swell up with my child while Dad was none the wiser. I liked to suck on her huge, lactating tits as I fucked her.

I think my marks might have suffered, though, as she had a habit of fucking me while I was studying. That was some years ago. But I have yet to find someone willing to knock me up to make the above happen.

I kept waking up in the night, my pussy begging to be touched. I need a strong, thick cock to fill me with fertile seed.

I need to experience an insemination like no-one has ever had before. My womb is craving big, strong babies to make my belly stretch and my breasts swell. In eight months time I want to be huge, waddling, with my tits leaking as I bounce on your cock. I want my belly to be so swollen I can barely stand up without your help. Breed me, please! All I want is bounce on your lap and feel you cum inside of me over and over again until I collapse, unable to hold myself up, with streams of your seed pouring out of my hole.

My womb stuffed to the brim. Even the five year old? They just pull down my shirt and try to latch on. Their late mother used to always let them do that. A smirk filled my lips.

They look so enticing. I leaned down getting close to your ear. You bite on your lower lip as you try to hold in a low moan.

I know your breasts are very sensitive. Nursing always gets you on edge. You always tries to hold in your desire in and hide it. It never takes much to break that facade though. I move between your legs as you still in the reclining chair. I push up the hem of your skirt revealing your panties. The thin cotton is completely soaked. I guess I should give you some relief. You know nursing always turns me on. The pleasure of my touch across her clothed pussy overrode any ability for her to think clearly.

I pull down my pants releasing my hard cock. I push the wet underwear to the side exposing your glistening pussy lips. The moisture of her slit coat the broad head of my cock as they touched. Mommy and daddy are going to do some adult only things here. Stay right there.

It makes her feel very good. Suck as hard as you want. You want to make your mother feel good, right?

The two year old just keeps sucking. Her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock like a second skin. The feeling was incredible. Every time I started to pull out, it felt like her pussy was trying to suck him back in, which he gladly did. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed though her body as I pumped my cock in and out of her.

Anything she tried to say just came out as a moan or squeal. With her body so turned on, her nipples felt like two clits being played with by her two stepchildren as they nursed. Everything fell away and her whole world became only about her breasts and her pussy.

I could feel her pussy already start to tighten.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I knew she was about to cum. So was I. Oh God. Bad t-time. Then her orgasm crashed down on her. Her whole body quivered as her orgasm wracked her body. Her pussy clenched down on my cock, milking it for it was worth. There was no way I was going to be able to resist her milking pussy. Nor did I want to.

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I grabbed her hips and slammed my dick as deep as I could. I could feel the tip of my cock pressing against her cervix. My cock throbbed within her pussy as I shot salvo after salvo of my potent seed into her unprotected womb. I knew her cunt was sucking my seed deep into her fertile womb. All she could do was just lay and spasm as her body worked on impregnating herself. Finally she came down from her orgasm. You came in me again. The last thing we need is another baby right now.

A dribble of my whitish seed dripped from her taken womanhood.

I knew there was a lot more still inside from the amount I came in her. It was exactly where it was supposed to be.

You made me cum in you. I gently stroked the the two nursing he. It makes mommy feel good.

I drew my finger along her pussy lips and brushed against her still erect clit. As I walked away, all I could think of was a baby is exactly what she needed.

A pregnancy of her own to to get her hormones going and show what a breeder slut she really is;to make her already big breasts even bigger; and to give her a another mouth to latch on to her breasts. I want to feel your cock throbbing inside my tight little cunt, feel it twitch after you fill me with rope after rope of potent sperm.

I intend to use my tight little cunt to milk you of every single drop.

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They still need consoling over their late mother. You are not wearing a condom and my tight little body is unprotected. Impregnate me then fuck me through my pregnancy.