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Kane and lita fanfiction, Fanfiction like lita and female that loves Kane

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Kane And Lita Fanfiction

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Disclaimer: The following characters belong to WWE and all the people and companies who deal with all that legal stuff. I am simply using the characters for my own twisted enjoyment.

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E-mail: KrazyKora aol. Disclaimer: The following characters belong to WWE and all the people and companies who deal with all that legal stuff. I am simply using the characters for my own twisted enjoyment. When I started watching WWE, neither of these people were on screen - both off with injury. The idea of them always intrigued me. And now lookie-lookie, what do I see? They're doing a story line with them - Karma or what, I say to myself. You won't like this fic - plain and simple.

I don't really knock their relationship per say - I don't say anything crazy like Matt hits Lita or is a jerk or any such nonsense but, I still don't think you'd like this - I say this for your benefit as well as mine - you avoid wasting you time on a story you won't like and I avoid flames. Go to the fic now! Lita couldn't believe she had agreed to this.

She shivered as she walked down to Kane's motel room. The night was dreary; not a star in the sky and the wind kept blowing carelessly. It wasn't really cold at all, it was actually kind of muggy, but she had still worn a thigh length black knit hoodie over her normal spaghetti strap top and cargo pants, her sneakers squeaking on the wet pavement of the sidewalk.

It had been raining terribly earlier and by the rolling sound she heard far off, she knew it was going to again. Every now and then there was lazy flashes of heat lightening between clouds. How fittingher thoughts muttered miserably as orange motel door after orange motel door flashed out of the corner of her right eye.

She quickened her pace, head down, hearing the constant hum of electric bulbs above her head. She chewed on her lower lip, thinking of what she was agreeing to.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But she had to do it - for Matt. She loved him so much…she could still see the steel chair around his neck, she could still remember the insane look in Kane's eyes…if she hadn't come out and agreed when she had, she knew Kane would have killed Matt. He would have killed him!

She couldn't allow that to happen, she just couldn't…so she'd given in. For his sake, to save his life. Her skin kept pricking in revulsion as her mind rolled the motel room over and over in her mind.

The man behind the mask (1/1)

She finally directed her vision to one of the orange doors. Tacked to the center of it were grimy gold s and letters. Room B12 - nope, not there yet. He was in room B6. Againher thoughts glowered, fitting.

How well do i know lita?

Add two more sixes on top of the first and the room suits him to a 'T'. She continued her walk, arms folded tightly around herself, as if trying to offer a comforting hug.

She kept trying to prepare herself for what was to come. It was going to be like a rape - she just knew it. He'd be a complete Neanderthal - he'd tug her hair, bite her, scratch her…she'd probably end up with bruises all over. But she knew she couldn't fight him - that would just make him angry.

She hoped he didn't expect her to reciprocate. She couldn't bear the thought of being a willing part to it. She was hoping he'd just let her lie there and he'd do his thing - she could let her mind float some else, to something more pleasant - flower filled fields, blue skies…maybe she could even pretend it was Matt, but that just made her feel worse. But she knew he probably would want her to be an active participant; he'd probably want her to say terrible, vulgar things.

Chris jericho

She could see it now - him above her, sweating and heavy, deep inside her body, burning her alive and that ugly mug looking her over - those terrible eyes and his voice, guttural, "Say it - say you want this. Tell me you're a dirty whore. Say you want it harder, deeper…". Lita's breath hitched and she fought off the urge to cry.

She couldn't cry, she knew that'd only make him angry too. She knew he wouldn't kill her - that would ruin his plans for the evening but he would hurt her…oh how he'd hurt her, humiliate her…. She tried to steel herself - it was just sex. It was just her body. She could handle this. She suddenly noticed that the lights above her were no longer humming and that it was somehow darker….

She looked up and saw that several light bulbs along this hallway had burned out. She turned her head and saw Room B5…just one to go. Her legs felt like lead as she tugged herself in front of his door.

Wwe - in the boiler room

The golden B6 looked absolutely hideous, old stains streaking the orange paint of the door. She swallowed, her entire being trembling. Her mind flashed to her own room, where Matt slept peacefully, completely blissful in dreams, unaware of where Lita had gone. He was a sound sleeper - she knew she could do this and be back in the room without him ever knowing she had left, without him knowing a thing.

She knew it would be better that way…. She raised up a hand to knock when suddenly the door squeaked open.

It was dim inside, only one lamp on as Kane's gruff voice sounded out, "Come on in. Lita closed her eyes shut tightly, fighting off hysteria as she made her feet work and went inside. Her entire body felt dead, her mind numb as she looked around. Surprisingly the room was normal - it wasn't all that messy.

Sure, the TV had been knocked over and smashed Kane it looked as if it had been tidied up since then. A few pieces of fanfiction were also broken but they were stacked - almost neatly - into one corner of the room. The bed - of course, was completely untouched. The covers and sheets had been turned down and the wooden headboard looked to be entirely intact. Her head turned slowly, feeling like a stone pestle grinding down into its mortar; he sat in the corner, next to a tiny table where a lamp rested. The corner was dark, making his face invisible, but she could almost swear she saw his one ice-cold blue eye glaring at her.

His hand rested on the table near lita lamp, the light illuminating it for her. She felt her eyes focus on that hand - it was big, muscular - the fingers thick and rough, there was no gentleness to his hand. She saw and move, turn over as he waved to the bed, "Have a seat. She couldn't stop a shudder from going through her but she made sure to end it quick as she sat upon the edge of the bed, her knees tight together, hands on either side, clutching to the material of the bed.

Her head was tipped down and she noted the rug's topography as his gruff voice, sounding as if it was emerging from the very depths of Hell, grunted, "Here, drink this. She raised her head, fear trickling through every vein in her body. Thankfully he was still shrouded in darkness but one of his hands had jutted forward, holding a tiny Styrofoam motel cup in his meaty grip. Knowing it would be unwise to refuse, she took the cup from him, peering inside. A brownish liquid met her gaze and she couldn't stop a questioning look from taking her features, eyebrows knotting together, a notch forming between her eyes.

Wrestling fiction.

She heard his coarse laughter and had to suppress another shudder, "It's not poison, if that's what you're thinking. It something to help you relax. Probably druggedLita thoughts whispered and oddly enough this comforted her. Maybe it was some strong, powerfully potent stuff. If she were going to have to have sex with him, if she was going to have to give her body away, it would certainly be more bearable under the influence of a date-rape like drug.

After all, for the most part this was rape - sure, she was allowing it to happen, but she didn't really want to do this, and therefore it was nonconsensual - it was rape…rape…. She raised the cup to her lips and took a tentative sip.