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Jason and sam fanfiction, I fanfiction searching and who sam laweekly

Address. Many moons ago, I posted about Sonny and discussed the way I approach writing his character.

Jason And Sam Fanfiction

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The moment he had waited five years for was finally here. Making eye contact with Sam, Jason could sense something was wrong.

She was a shell of her former self. Wondering if it was the night before events or something more, Jason slowly moves into the room. Last night was real.

She recalls the events from the night before in her mind. To him, she looked so different, yet the same; she was the same woman he fell in love with, he could see that in her eyes, but there was something else there. Trying to understand what her life is now, how this was Jason when Jason just left; Sam cries harder. Connecting with each other, Jason realizes Carly was right. He needed to see Sam; she needed to see him. The man that just left her room was not Jason.

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Connected in a place with no words, their eyes tell each other everything that is needed to be known; Everything 5 years took from them. Shifting his gaze, Jason makes eye contact with Danny. With his son. Taking one look at Danny, Jason knows. He knows that is his son.

That is his Daniel Edward. Danny was everything Jason has imagine his son with Sam would be; down to the curly blond hair and his big doughy brown eye. Staring in disbelief, Sam marvels at her two men, finally together as father and son. Wiping tears away, Sam beams at Jason and Danny.

He wanted to be closer to him, to be closer to them both. Remembering their last encounter together as a family, Jason smiles; his heart feels with happiness, and he yearns for that feeling again. He wants home again. Sam stares at them both unsure of what comes next. I remember your uncle that she named you after.'s message board

Not knowing what Sam believes or what she wants, Jason looks to a silent Sam. Unable to speak a word since Jason touched her, Sam stares. Flabbergasted, Jason steps back and watches. Jason recognizes his son. His son with Sam. This big boy, who is, talking, walking and standing right in front of him. Everything he ever wanted was in that room.

His heart told him everything he needed to know. Unable to deny Danny his rightful father any longer, Sam fights through the tears to find her voice. Just like his father Danny hated seeing his mom cry. Squeezing her hand tighter, Danny finds his mother through tear-stained eyes.

This is your son. Nodding his head, Jason turns his attention to Danny.

Chapter two

Jason looks at Sam in disbelief. Slowly bending down, Jason picks Danny up, taking his time; remembering every moment.

Replacing old Danny memories with this new one, Jason recalls his last moments with Danny. Pulling Danny closer, Jason loses his balance, overwhelmed, Jason, thinks about touching Sam for the first time. Catching himself, Jason resists the urge to hug his son; he resists the urge to sync their heartbeats. Suppressing his angry in the back of his throat, Drew balls his fist. Knowing what Jason is capable of, Drew prepares for battle. Hoping to prepare Sam before she encountered Jason, Drew readies himself for whatever Jason brings.

Placing Danny back down and stepping aside, Jason carefully watches Drew.

Jason knows something is wrong with her, he can see it in her face; He can feel it in the air. Where confusion once was, now lies fear. Her facial expression switched from joy to pain. Going with his first instincts, Jason moves towards the bed. Tension filling every inch of the room, caused everyone to forget Danny was still around. Knowing his son is present, Jason backs down and moves towards the door. This bad man was leaving.

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Drew takes this opportunity to get the upper hand on Jason. Drew knows he has everything Jason holds dear to his heart, and Drew knows Jason would do anything to keep them safe. Perceptive like his parent, Danny can see the hate between the two men. Drawn to the strange man, Danny wants to hear more about his uncle. Right mommy? The room stands still, no one moves, no one talks.

Everyone stares at Danny wondering how they were going to explain this to a five-year-old. Everyone except Carly. Were your tears really because you were happy to see me? Go, have fun!

I love you. This is all too much for her to handle, Jason and Danny.

Jason and Jason. Jason, Danny, and the other guy. Jason, the other guy, and Sam. The weight of this reality is crippling, cause her heart and mind to split in two. The word escaping Danny, makes Jason want to be shot.

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Anything would be better than hearing his son call someone else daddy. It was never supposed to be like this. Tuning back in, Jason turns his attention to a fragile, confused Sam. He knows there is no stopping Jason from taking what is rightfully his, now that Danny has left the room. Drew knows the fight he has been preparing fives years for, starts now.

Chapter one

You never answered before. Nothing else matters. I said leave NOW. Everything he has worked for the past two years will be for nothing if Sam chooses Jason. Pumping his chest, balling his fist, Drew stares Jason down.

You show up here, upsetting my wife, my son. Sensing the shift in her soul, Jason fights the urge to fight. Her mind on a never-ending loop, Sam replays the last five years; fractured by the two Jason.

Bracing for more yelling, Sam heart races. Her mind, disagreeing with her heart cause Sam to cry uncontrollably. Are you the cause of all of this? I want you both out. Judging by the look, she got from Sam when she first enters the room; Epiphany can tell Sam wants them out too.

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Looking from Drew to Jason, Sam becomes mesmerized by Jason. Lost in his presence, Sam ignores Drew. The love Sam described in the beginning, was threatened to take over everything; threatened to suffocate Drew where he stood. You both can wait quietly in the hall.

Sam needs rest! Unsure of the situation, Epiphany knows she needs to watch Drew more so than she needs to watch Jason.