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Janeway 7 fanfiction, I am hunting fanfiction guy Janeway wants espanol

Decisions and Destiny Chapter 1.

Janeway 7 Fanfiction

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Some of my favorites… More for personal reference because I always seen to misplace links…. It Was Me: jehc Admiral Janeway story. Again: Lisa Countryman Seven is trapped in a temporal loop. BeachBum stories. Odyssey: Joan Post Endgame. Quando me'n vo: Anik LaChev Uber phantom of the opera.

Name: Sheree
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There are things that need to be said. There is something she wants to tell her. Instead, they finally succumb to the feelings between them and make love for the first time.

The mayor & her saviour — j7 fanfic list

When Did You Know? Meanwhile, Janeway and Seven finally admit their feelings for one another. And just what did happen to the Borg and the queen after Admiral Janeway's sacrifice? Seven, alone, try to find a place where she can belong.

Sevenofnine stories

Will she and Janeway meet again to face more challenges and to, finally, acknowledge their feelings? One small step for Kathryn, one giant leap for the Admiral The Great 'Something' that's not anything Santa Who? Did I miss something?

That's it. The Delta Quadrant is peaceful at the moment. A little bit of angst, nothing more.

Janeway and Seven's Homecoming. Someone gave me a title and said write a story. So here it is.

Janeway and Seven return from an away mission to find some things have changed on Voyager Weirdness Warning. No warnings but one: Darkness must feed too Based on cygirl1's Pulp Cover 'Water Witch'. The rest you gotta read!

Inanity Warning. Can Seven save them, and deal with the realization of her changing feelings for the Captain at the same time? A little of the military two-step And Janeway and Seven in an interesting position Will Janeway, Seven, B'Elanna and the doctor be able to set things right?

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After seven years in the Delta Quadrant, the Phantom brings with him a realization. Janeway, sauna, towel Seven enters the picture and, well, you know Set some time after "Hope and Fear. Go Inside! So it's all her fault, like we all didn't know that already. All Rights Reserved.

Glass Wishing Complete The Nature Of Complete The Great 'Something' that's not anything Complete Santa Who? Complete Huh? Complete Oink! Complete What Comes After Scripts E-books Audio-books. E-Mail RalSt.