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I want to spank my wife, Ethiopians wife pick want for meeting

My wife and I are living in a trailer park until we have enough money saved to buy our first house. The trailers are very close together meaning there is little privacy.

I Want To Spank My Wife

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I have a healthy respect for the variety that exists in marital discipline. However, I want to warn about one aberrant practice that you find in some spanking homes.

Name: Gayleen
Years old: 30
What is my nationaly: I'm russian
My sex: I am woman
My Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius
Body type: My body type is athletic
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My first memory of having a sort of attraction to spanking was when I was in second or third grade. I was not spanked very often by my parents, so I was very fascinated by the idea of it.

Should you spank your partner? pros and cons plus tips!

I had a friend who told me about how her parents brutally spanked her and her siblings, and while I was sympathetic on the outside, on the inside I was imagining what it would be like to have that happen to me. As I got older, I developed more of an idea of what spanking was and how punishment was not something to be all that excited about so for a time my "interest" lay below the surface.

I still got hot between my legs when I saw a short spanking scene in I Love Lucy or in John Wayne movies I watched with my family, but I tried to act like I didn't notice. I was about 13 when I discovered a YouTube video with intense spanking scenes from various movies. This time I was really hooked. I watched that video over and over with a mix of horror and curiosity, my loins ablaze, and my heart racing. But I didn't understand it at all!

Why was I so attracted to the idea of someone getting their butt smacked to a pulp? Thinking there was something wrong with me, I shoved these desires again to the back of my mind until I was old enough and finally learned a thing or two about sex. Turns out, there are a lot of people who like spanking. In fact, there are people way sicker than me out there!

I remember reading an article once about husbands spanking their "unruly wives.

A discipline manual

Men and women are into this humiliating act, and find it to be just as enjoyable as I do! I want you to know, however, that I never tried it out myself until I was married.

First of all, I was never in a sexual relationship until marriage, and second of all, I didn't trust any guy not to laugh in my face at the request! I am lucky that my husband has always been willing to try new things with me. When I finally got up the courage to ask him for a spanking, he was a little shy about it, but he agreed.

It took him some time to get the hang of it, but he really likes it now. He likes turning me on, and to be completely honest, it helps him blow off steam. So should you and your partner try it out? Here are some pro's and con's to consider:. There are many different levels and types of spanking. If you and your partner talk about it and want to try it out, here are a few ideas:. Have your partner bend over a bed or the lap of the one giving the spanking.

Start with light smacks over clothes, then gradually add intensity while removing clothing layers. Bare bottom spankings are fun, but if you are new you don't want to hit the skin right at first because it will hurt your partner and not be nearly as sexy. If you want to spank with implements such as a paddle, a switch, or a wooden spoon, I would suggest starting out with clothes on as well.

My husband spanks me

Just have fun with it, and try to listen to each other as you try out this fun way of foreplay. I hope you enjoyed this article! For more articles on sex and all the things no one wants to talk about please read my other articles and be sure to donate so I can keep writing! Also please visit my website to get updates, chat with me, and participate in my forum!

I believe in healthy relationships and happy sex-lives. In the stars it is written that all Aries have an extreme tendency to sex, as simple and as direct as the stars tell us, we are sexual animals and some of us hide in masks of moral decency when deep down we are sexual animals, one of the most complex, we like sex at any time of the day, we the Aries we would make love from the moment we wake up until we go to bed, on the edge of a razor or in the clouds if possible, we would walk on fire through get to the bed of the beloved.

What are you doing here? It had creaked and clanged the entrance and exit of every pool-goer all afternoon and now, when she was sure she was alone, it had let in an interloper without a sound of warning.

The only work I could find was being a sugar baby to old greedy farts who found it entertaining to use young bodies for their own pleasure with no hint of remorse or shame. I rol l over and groan into my pillow as the doorbell rings. Today is my day off and the last thing I want to do is leave the comfort of my bed. Choosing to ignore it, I grab the blankets and pull them over my head, concealing myself in the stale warmth of my own body heat. Many times before, in fact she saw him nearly every night. Jeff was a maintenance man at the assisted living center where Nancy worked nights as a nurse.

He was generally there to be available in the building for any issues that came up at night. Usually just unclogging toilets or changing lightbulbs.

The people living in the center were filthy rich and demanded that someone be there at night so that their needs never went unmet. He was just under six feet tall. His arms and chest were muscular. His brown curly hair was a little longer than most men wore but it was combed back neatly.

His face was round and he wore a day old beard.

He was quiet but always pleasant with Nancy. Usually just a smile or a wave as they passed each other in the hallway. Orgasm problems are common.

In my job as an online sex coach and therapist, one of the most common queries people want help with, is their orgasm. Here are 3 of the most recurring difficulties and what you can do about them. Should You Spank Your Partner? Pros and Cons Plus Tips!

Should i spank her

Here are some pro's and con's to consider: Pro: Spanking done right can be very pleasurable. It jiggles all the good stuff in the right ways. Pro: Spanking can relieve stress for the spanker and the spankee. I have read countless people say sometimes they just need to be spanked to tears to feel better. I like it for sexual reasons, but whatever you need, right? Pro: It's a different thing to introduce to the bedroom routine.

How to spank your wife quietly?

Nothing like a new activity to get the fire going again. Con: This can become a form of abuse if you are not careful. Make sure you are both consenting adults! Use a safe word if things get out of hand.

Overall, be respectful. Con: Depending on the level of spanking intensity, you may not be able to sit down.

Not really ideal if you have to go to work in the morning. My advice is not to injure each other at all.

Con: Punishment Spankings can cause weird complexes. I would just reiterate respect all around.

If you and your partner talk about it and want to try it out, here are a few ideas: Have your partner bend over a bed or the lap of the one giving the spanking. Until next time! Kathryn C. Read next: Relationship Boundaries.

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